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Megadeth lyrics

Album: Cryptic Writings [1997]

 01  Trust
 02  Almost Honest
 03  Use the Man
 04  Mastermind
 05  The Disintegrators
 06  I'll Get Even
 07  Sin
 08  A Secret Place
 09  Have Cool, Will Travel
 10  She-wolf
 11  Vortex
 12  FFF (Fight for Freedom)
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Lost in a dream
Nothing's what it seems
Searching my head
For the words that you said

Tears filled my eyes
As we said our last goodbyes
This sad scene replays
Of you walking away

My body aches from mistakes
Betrayed by lust
We lied to each other so much
That in nothing we trust

Time and again
She repeats, "Let's be friends."
I smile and say, "Yes."
Another truth bends,
I must confess

I try to let go, but I know
We'll never end 'til we're dust
We lied to each other again
But I wish I could trust

My body aches from mistakes
Betrayed by lust
We lied to each other so much
That in nothing we trust

God, help me please, on my knees
Betrayed by lust
We lied to each other so much
Now there's nothing we trust

How could this be happening to me?
I'm lying when I say, "Trust me."
I can't believe this is true.
Trust hurts.
Why does trust equal suffering?

Absolutely nothing we trust.back to top
Almost Honest
I lied just a little
When I said I need you
You stretched the truth
When you said that you knew
Just can't believe it
There's nothing to say
I was almost honest, almost

Living alone, can't stand this place
It's four in the morning, and I still see your face

I was nearly pure
When I said I loved you
You were semi-sincere
You said I'd bleed for you
We were kind of candid
Now you've gone away
You were almost honest, almost

Living alone, falling from grace
I want to atone, but there's just empty space
I can't face tomorrow, now you're not coming back
Walked off in the night, and just left me the tracks

I question your call by the tone of your voice
I know I shoud hang up, but I don't have a choice
It happened that night when you told me to go
Don't ask who's to blame, I don't know

Almost, almost honest
Almost, I was almost honestback to top
Use the Man
I heard somebody fixed today
There was no last goodbyes to say
His will to live ran out
I heard somebody turned to dust

Looking back at what he left
A list of plans and photographs
Songs that never will be sung
These are the things he won't get done
The things he won't get done

I've seen the man use the needle, seen the needle use the man
I've seen them crawl from the cradle to the coffin on their hands
They fight a war, but it's fatal; it's so hard to understand
I've seen the man use the needle, seen the needle use the man

Just one shot to say "goodbye"
One last taste to mourn and cry, cry
Scores and shoots, the lights go dim
Just one shot to do him in

He hangs his head and wonders why
Why the monkey only lies, lies
But pay the pauper, he did choose
He hung his head inside the noose

I've seen the man use the needle, seen the needle use the man
I've seen them crawl from the cradle to the gutter on their hands
They fight a war, but it's fatal; it's so hard to understand
I've seen the man use the needle, seen the needle in his hand
Cryptic writing on the wall, the beginning of the end
I've seen myself use the needle, seen the needle in my handback to top
Anonymous existence, rendered useless to mankind
Destroy the logic volume in the confines of the mind
Enmassed and purposeless, marching in a perfect line
Neo-nuero torture, mental meltdown, a heinous crime

Mastermind, I tell you what to think
I tell you what you need
I tell you what to feel

Invade the core of souls to wipe the lives away
Design vacant beings, welcome the inhuman race
Encrypted horror codes, directive psyche overwrite
Processing brains to pabulum
Delete and format living drives

I tell you what's real

Hail to the power agem lest the viral hour comes
Raise the flag of voltage, bow to circuitry unknown
Kneel before the processor, lords of static laugh
Electrons in submission, you must know who I am

I tell you what to think
I don't care what you thought
I tell you what to get
I don't care what you got

Subjectback to top
The Disintegrators
The salyer's arrived
On a black horse of steel
Trouble is coming
Hell on two wheels

Hide in the shadows
Awaiting defeat
Or live by the sword
And choose to be free

We say retribution
We say vengeance is bliss
We say revolution
With a cast iron fist

Coming down the road
Watching every move
Kicking in the doors
Taking what we choose

Anarchy's coming to town
A fiery invader
Burning it down to the ground
The Disintegrators

Anarchy's coming
Here it comes
Burning it down to the ground
The Disintegratorsback to top
I'll Get Even
I'm lonely and abandonned
Washed up, left for dead
I'm lost inside the desert
Of every word you said

Like a nuclear reactor
I'm thinking about the times
When you lied to me

All the innuendo
Caught up on your hook
I was just a name
In your little black book
In you little black book

Ah, I'll get even with you

I'm bitter and I'm twisted
I haven't slept in days
I'm lonely and I'm angry
I can't make it go away

I'm like a bomb that's ticking
I got voices in my head
I got a doll with needles in
Wishing you were dead

I'll get you back somehow
That's what I'm gonna do
I'll get you back somehow
Your nightmare coming true

Ah, I'll get even with you
Ah, that's what I'm gonna do
Gonna get even with you

You better look behind you
'Cause there I'm gonna be
I'll be standing in the shadows
With who I used to be

He's slightly schizophrenic
Me and me and me and me agree
That you are gonna pay
For what you did to me

Ah, I'll get even with you
Gonna get even with you
Ah, that's what I'm gonna do
I'm gonna...
Ah, I'll get even with youback to top
He had an unfamiliar face
Complete life in disarray
A simple man, power drunk
No worries of living, no more anything

Deep inside, I've seen it rise
Actions progress to no end
Mirror, mirror, please look inside
Do you see the reasons that we sin?

Not one to be forgot
Spoiled rotten, or so they say
Once burned, forever marked
Hurt by just a few, but so many have to pay

Pressure coming down
Down on me, gonna break
Broken fingernails
Digging in, scratch my face

Nervous, like a cat
Gonna jump through my skin
Shadows on the wall
Stretching out, grope for me

Resons, deep in me
Let me be
Let me bleed
Set me free
The reasons that we sinback to top
A Secret Place
There's a secret place I like to go
Everyone is there, but their face don't show
If you get inside, you can't get out
There's no coming back, I hear them shout

Welcome to my hide away, my secret place
How I arrived I can't explain
You're welcome to, if you wanna stay
But everyone just runs away

Let me in, get me out
Can't do more than twist and shout
Lost my soul without a trace
Found it again in my seret place
In disgrace

I hide from those that try to find me
Scary things that's right behind me
I lost myself, I must confess
I can't explain how I got in this messback to top
Have Cool, Will Travel
Mamas pack their lunches, kiddies pack their guns
Wishing it will go away, but nothing's getting done
A shot heard 'round the world, when a mother's baby dies
We the people, point our fingers, blame and wonder why

Face it and fight, or turn high tail and run
'Til it comes back again just like the rising sun
Say they do all they can, it's just another lie
The answer's plain to see, nobody wants to try

There's no recess and no rules in the school of life
If you listen very closely, you'll see what it's like
Have cool, will travel

Tell myself it ain't true, they just cannot see
Grown up or sewn up, the medicine's worse than the disease
I have cool, will travel
Here we go
Have cool will travelback to top
The mother of all that is evil
Her lips are poisonous venom
Wicked temptress, knows how to please
The priestess roars, "Get down on your knees"

The rite of the praying mantis
Kiss the bones of the enchantress
Spellbound, searching through the night
A howling man surrenders the fight

One look in her lusting eyes
Savage fear in you will rise
Teeth of terror sinking in
The bite of the she-wolf

My desires of flesh obey me
The lioness will enslave me
Another heart beat than my own
The sound of claws on cobblestone, I'm stoned

Beware what stalks you in the night
Beware the she-wolf and her bite
Her mystic lips tell only lies
Her hidden will to kill in disguiseback to top
Internal combustion
Multiple personalities
Terror inside of me
A mask of silent agonies

Curse the falling rain
The vortex of pain

As medieval as Merlin
A pact for power remains
Lucifer in transition
It's time, time the price was paid

Scorching the domain
the vortex of pain

A telestic message
Written in torment
Howl out dirges
Like the hors of Jericho
Distorted faces
Writhing in rage
Walls of purgatory
Tumble down
Endless death
The jewels of a crownback to top
FFF (Fight for Freedom)
Looking for a cure within the human race
Eliminate the poor, how much longer will it take?
Burning up the tents of the rank and file
Exterminate their lives, crack a demon smile

Crushing down, caving in our will to live
Getting rid of man's mistakes
To take a lost life, lock it up break it down
How much more can we take?

Fight for freedom, fight authority
Fight for anything, my country 'tis of me

Cry for absolution, it's not the end for me
A last minute pardon, one final reprive
Resist the war machine, don't get in it's path
Fight to die a free man, and reap the aftermath

I don't know how much more I can take

Fight! It's my countryback to top
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