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Memento Mori lyrics

Album: La Danse Macabre [1996]

 01  Endlessly
 02  Lost Words
 03  Crown of Thorns
 04  Morpheus (my deadly friend)
 05  The Loser's Trail
 06  The Beggar's Waltz
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Bloodshot staring at tainted walls
awareness is brutal and obscene
light, light fades to grey
time, time slips away.
graced by the veils of my mind
Clandestine thoughts, internal war
conscious life sucks
life, life found a way
dreams, dreams came to stay.
Free, free from my pain,
Flee, flee the mundaneback to top
Lost Words
Lost tales of pain and sorrow
obscured by time
unseen the tearshed fellow
rhyme after rhyme.
Tales of misery
words of misery
lost for evermore
lost in nevermore.
Lost words by sad and hollowed
voices decline
untold but still enticing
thoughts to entwine.
Somewhere in blackened eons
memories will stray
unheard in timeless silence
shrouded they'll stay.back to top
Crown of Thorns
You don't know what you've done
you're heartless
like a serpent with virtuous eyes
you're a crawling lie
just a fool's disguise.
Crown of thorns
perpetuate your lies today
to make my dignity decay
like a G-point of your hate
I am the scapegoat you create
I'll never wear your Crown of Thorns.
I don't care what you've done
you're spineless
words so blameful are shameless false
tell me, what are you when your conscience calls?
Crown of Thorns
you don't know where I have been
and you don't know what I have seen
you can't feel what I have felt
and you can't go where I have dwelt
I'll never wear your Crown of Thorns.back to top
Morpheus (my deadly friend)
Oh god, I wish the morning came
I still hear them (behind my door)
they're singing in the dark
a creation infernal, unholy overture.
In the shadows of my attic
Morpheus, my deadly friend
I'm begging thee, please leave me be.
Oh god, I wish the morning came
I still hear them
the twisted shapes I dread
concealed yet so present
in timeless hours drowned in fear for the sandman
I'm waiting in the dark
I'm giggling and laughing
a libretto of the damned.
Oh god, I wish the morning came I still hear them
from every angle burning eyes
godless hatred, a gathering grotesque.
Beyond my mind, a frightful kind
giggling, squirming, twisting, turning
I'm begging thee. . .back to top
The Loser's Trail
Life's a painful stride
shameful tears I'll hide
step by step- a limping gait
mile after mile- a faithless state.
Stumbling on through thick and thin
through the shadows and within
the longest race cannot be won
the loser's trail, I walk upon.
I'm a wayward child
pure but yet defiled
day by day- a friendless age
year after year- an ageless race.back to top
The Beggar's Waltz
A simple boy of common strain
a low bread without class
soil his name and spit at him
just laugh and turn away
a little boy who's lost his pride
a little boy who's dignity died.
No fairy tales can cheer him up
as life just fed him lies
no summer sun can bring him warmth
nor light to wilted eyes
he is a puppet upon a string
he will dance if you will sing.
Painful yearning...
relentless turning...
in the beggar's waltzback to top
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