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Memento Mori lyrics

Album: Life, Death And Other Morbid Tales [1994]

 01  To travel within
 02  The Passage...
 03  A Passenger on Psycho's Path
 04  I am
 05  Misery Song
 06  Just Another Morbid Tune
 07  My Secret Garden
 08  Crown of Thorns
 09  Heathendom
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To travel within
I've sailed on crimson seas
I've wandered endless planes
I've seen beyond the stars
I've there but still I'm here.
Free your imagination
and all secrets within
use your imagination
and you'll travel within.
I've chased the rainbow's end
I've touched its hidden gold
I've tasted the serpents kiss
it's sour but still so sweet.
Free your imagination
and all secrets within
use your imagination
and you'll travel within.
Open up your mind
see what lies within
close your eyes and fly
our journey will begin.
You fly above the clouds
you grace an angel's wing
you fly like peter pan
like a bird but still a man.
Free your imagination
and all secrets within
use your imagination
and you'll travel within.back to top
The Passage...
Lost in labyrinths
trapped on threshold to reality
an invisible twin
a short-cut to insanity.
The loyal best friend that I dreamed up
took advantage of vastness of weak spots
I had nobody and neither did he
so I let him share my body-weird idea
dethroned its master with a cloth of confusion
this disembodied thing has grown out of proportion
we've come to far to stop now,
I got everything to gain
and some say that insane is sane.back to top
A Passenger on Psycho's Path
Is this for real
what is this thing that I feel?
I'm so confused
control I lose
I'm being abused.
Save me from myself.
Upon the psycho's path
upon the psycho's path.
Some say insane is sane
it may damage your brain
I say nothingness reign
am I myself, if not who am I?
behold I change
before your eyes,
I'm changing shape.
Did you hear that voice that whispered?
as I elbowed through the crowd
that's my disembodied spirit
even silence is too loud...
I realize I'm stuck on Psycho's Path.back to top
I am
Lost and lonely, fed on fears
silent crying, no one hears
I'm abandoned, lost my faith
a bitter taste of my tears.
I am lost, forever lost
can't you heal me?
I am burning, cannot hide
I am nothing, lost my pride
stumbling further on the path
where my last hope slowly died.
I have struggled for too long
now I'm weaker, not so strong
give me guidance, give me strength
take my hand cause we belong
am I lost, forever lost?
You can heal me.back to top
Misery Song
Look in my eyes
tell me what you see
a glimpse of life's misery
left in the dark
like a little boy
no more mom and dad's pride and joy.
Don't ley me live in solitude
don't let me die in solitude.
Listen to me; as I sing my song
tell me what I have done wrong
left in the sandpit a broken toy
no more anyone's pride and joy.
Wayward and cold
there's no place for me
no one to grant me my plea
left in despair
I'm a little boy
no more will I feel pride or joy.back to top
Just Another Morbid Tune
A rainy morning, another day
the shadows dancing their weird ballet
their waltz surrounds, they're closing in
my thoughts are drifting, delivering...
another morbid tune.
Their fast cadenza bewitches me
my world is fading how can this be?
I hear myself it's a strange ordeal
the tune I play what can it conceal?...
another morbid tune.
Sweetly whispering it takes control of my body and my soul
trying so hard to entice my mind to leave my sanity behind
drifting deeper into depths unknown
I work my fingers to the bone
I try to play with passion, grace and style
to hit the note that I will beguile.
The veils of conscience will fade to grey
enchanting notes, they lead me astray
the room is spinning its turning fast
the demons of my mind, free at last...back to top
My Secret Garden
There's a place in my heart
you will never see
a cold and lifeless garden the graveyard of my soul
black clouds kill the light
a twisted soul's delight.
Eternal darkness
my secret garden.
The seasons they might change
but cold winds blowing still nursing seeds of hatred
the only thing that spring black clouds kill the sun
the twisted soul has won.
A bible black deceiver
the judas of our time
blinded eyes can't see
the twisted soul in me.back to top
Crown of Thorns
(instrumental)back to top
Dawn of darkness' unbroken beams
blinds their eyes and steal their dreams
torch-lit figures against the black
runs bezerk, the way they've planned the attack.
Close your eyes so you can't see-heathendom,
only sinners bleed
brace yourselves, embrace your sense-heathendom, be no infidels
shield your ears so you can hear-heathendom, armageddon's near.
They are many, but they are weak
we are few but we are strong
dark decievers by lightning struck
spineless creatures runs amock
odin's punishment when betrayed
I can see in darkness, I'm not afraid.
My kinsmen were no sinners until they began to follow someone elses will
who are those who know what is best for us
evangels or angels, spreading their gospel...
from heaven sent by the king of kings to save us from our selves and mortal sins
god knows forgiveness
it's humans who fail in life death and other morbid tales of wonders and walks upon water
nothing but sorrow is what they've brought here
whether with or against the new messiah
foes shall be cleansed in the lake of fire!!
Grant me strength to carry its weight
a pagan's yoke of bondage
inherited faith in unison with hate
hear my heathen prayer.
If magic mist shall vanish it must be over my dead body
faithful breath, the breath that I breathe
must go on from father to son-I'll bequeath.back to top
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