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Memento Mori lyrics

Album: Rhymes Of Lunacy [1993]

 01  The Seeds Of Hatred
 02  Morbid Fear
 03  Caravan Of Souls
 04  Lost Horizons
 05  When Nothing Remain
 06  Little Anne's Not An Angel
 07  Fear Of God
 08  The Monolith
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The Seeds Of Hatred
I fear the shadows upon the wall
reaching for me, they touch my soul
I hear their voices shisper in the wind
oppressing my mind, make me lose control.

Black blood runs through my heart
the stream of hatred, the never-ending tide
black blood runs through my heart
the seeds of hatred grow so deep inside.

Falling apart, this can't be true
still there is time, I'm telling you
falling apart, embraced by hate
go while you can, it's not too late.

Their voices are calling out my name
strong is the urge, too much to tame
inviting me to share my mind
leave all my senses way behind.

I hear their singing thier symphony
a blaphemous concerto out of key
I will join their choir, I will sing the lead
though my soul is dying and my heart will bleed.back to top
Morbid Fear
In your dreams
the sights they submit
these shadows will constantly glow.

Deeper you fall
into the pit
where madness will constantly flow.

Twisting your mind
a vision obscure
the islands will silently crawl
(silently crawl)
Into the unknown
sleep my child
sail the seas of neverland
deep within your soul
wayward child
morbid fears are close at hand.

Close your eyes
the moment is here
it's time to face what you fear.

Something weird, evil it senses
unseen but strong is its presence
drowning in fear of things to come
time is short, the threshold is near.

Insanity reigns
in dark hidden what's left
reality the outcome is clear
(the outcome is clear)
they are closing in.

Fade away - into the unknown.
Fade away - sail the seas of neverland.
Fade away - deep within your soul.
Fade away - morbid fears are close at hand.back to top
Caravan Of Souls
I stand alone on this cold, stormy shoreline
no one can tell the secrets in keep
out from the seeming real
rise silent scry (?)
trying to find nothing but peace.

Marching on
the caravan of souls
they're marching on;
the caravan of souls.

Soul's caravan
seems to walk upon water
shapeless in make
beyond descriptions reach
friends taking you
what is this that I feel
joy and relief, I'm eagar to join.

I'm not alone on this cold, drowning shoreline
alive without end; far from my domine
I can't believe my eyes as I turn around,
leaving behind the footprints in the sand.

Marching in the caravan of souls.
It's the breath taking you
it's the caravan of souls.back to top
Lost Horizons
I've stood in time, wind and rain
I had no feelings or name
But I can see, I can hear
the voice of death is shouting in my ear.

Making war, making love
you know what I'm thinking of
how many times the traps are set
ou can't remember and I can't forget.

Can you see me now?
Can you feel the pain?
Can you heal the scars on me?

Light within my heart
hope within my soul, is dying.

I bid farewell to words of myth
when cries of anger sound again
my tears of shame cut like a knife
how can I justify this life?

My mind is searching for reasons why
a time to live, of die
if we had now, what we had then
lost horizons might return again.

Lost horizons.back to top
When Nothing Remain
Do you believe that all is lost,
when we close our eyes, to die?
The thoughts we thought, the words we spoke
tell me - is there a reason why?

When all is done
our moment in time is done
when all is done
when nothing remains.

Do you believe our souls survive
to live on lucky clouds above?
Or do you fear, when our time is up,
something evil awaits below?

And you better believe it...
I do believe that all is lost when we close our eyes and die
the songs we sang, the deeds we've done
don't say - there's no reason why.back to top
Little Anne's Not An Angel
Little Anne was not an angel
she was not even close
spread her legs for any stranger
little anne didn't care for much.

Little Anne was not a nice girl
did it al for a thrill
just think she'll go all the way
little Anne had no back up trade
(I'm not a bad girl).

Deep in her mind a vision of fortune
but sin after sin, won't bring her to heaven
she closes her eyes; don't think of tomorrow
the life she despise; the tension just follows.

Little Anne's not an angel
she's lost, forever gone
took the path of least resistance
Little Anne was a decrepit (?)

Little Anne's not among us
she went to meet her saviour
no heavenly feast awaits her
Little Anne had no behavior.

Will she ever guess the way?
She's to be free; oh Little Anne.
Little Anne's not freezing
though the season is turning colder
no more will she freeze again

Little Anne won't get any older.
Little Anne's not in heaven
she will never be blessed
slit her wrists left it all behind her
Little Anne couldn't carry on.back to top
Fear Of God
Trapped in the dawn
and the air is bitter cold
the clouds don't feel the sun, behold.

Fear of God
and the angels sing no more
a dying (?) will submit
with hope.(...)

They learn the truth
unholy tears won't save their breed
forever damned, let the sinners flee.

Fallen from grace
the evil in your heart
had made you face the... unfold.

Infedels, enchanted from above
just send you straight to hell, foretold.

As the shadows pass the moon (?)
Unholy tears won't save your breed
forever damned, say your prayers in pleaback to top
The Monolith
They sat beneath the moon-lit sky about the night
...appeared, then vanished; wrapped in the woolskin from chill and (?)
the ones whose proudest lost thier will to live.

What on Earth, make these for your...
struggling onward through the freezing wind.
A time of storm swept means
awoke their hearts of inherited hatred
so for evermore these words of old
its meaning would soon unfold
trapped in that winter world of waiting.

Of what were the questions?
What were they waiting for?
This... at the monolith.

The mystic days of doom
foretold in tales
as hammered by some runes
from father to son
forfathers were in tune
at the gallows gate
enchanted by the moon
and a thousand questions
about the monolith's make

Eternal moments, endless...
its... were seldom spoken
therefore the oath was never broken.

At the first sight of peoples he's gone...
its meaning,... into the air/earth (?)
From father to son.back to top
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