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Mental Home lyrics

Album: Vale [1996]

 01  Stranger Dove
 02  Southern Calm Waters
 03  Aevin's Cage
 04  The Euphoria
 05  The Vale
 06  My Necklace
 07  Christmas Mercy
 08  Their Finest Voyage
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Stranger Dove
My remembrance comes,
And I'm watching stars by empty eyes.
Like a priest with fate in hands,
Think of something what he's lost.
Maze of boring dreams
Tearing silence of the nightmares.
I will hide you in my heart,
But something bleeds I cannot carry on.
Looking deep into this smoke,
Yesterday I've burnt the Angel's wings.
I breathe my memories,
Can no longer keep my pain inside.
Raise the ancient golden cage,
Take in hand the bird, and let out in the sky.
Lonely in starlight,
Stranger dove begins his last flight.

Please, please forget what I've missed,
Even stones blame me,
Leave me with my pain,
It makes me blind.
Cold, I feel my heart so cold,
The flowers are dying in my world.
I call you in the night,
But you're led astray...back to top
Southern Calm Waters
Look from the sky,
I hold you in my hands.
When the sun drowns in the sea,
It seems like a dream.
Shaking fingers let you breath,
When I get you out of pack.
Under light of southern stars,
You may rest in peace.

Lonely in the night,
I will blow you from my palms,
Ashes fall like dust into the sea,
Filled with your tears.
Leaves of tropic trees
Will be hidin' you from your sight,
Taste the water and begin
Long way home.back to top
Aevin's Cage
Tell me if you dare, why pain became your bride.
Breed in unshared tears as troubles get your mind.
Look into my eye, it makes you hypnotized.
I'll drag you through my sight let's see your Aevin die.

Just feel your eyes,
See your love, see your lies.
Your passion's false,
The flowers fade behind the locks.
Life drops in sand,
And Aevin cries in dying land.
I raise your suffer,
Trust me fool, I'm the clairvoyant.

You're lookin' on your dream, that you want to belong to.
Skybridge above the stream, but something holds you strong.
That iron cage in soul, you cannot mesmerize.
The burden gripin' hard serenity is lies.

Colors of your dreams are like the autumn sky.
I see your rusted wings, the cause you cannot fly.
This life is so small for you, it's one you comprehend.
Wake up, I'll help you find the key to Aevin's cage.back to top
The Euphoria
Streams of mist and thoughts
Suddenly passed away.
Misgivings of fortunes.
I'll show you the sealed gate,
Heaven circles spins you free.
You feel like a pilgrim,
Kneeling before the saints,
And holding Earth in hands.

You've been deep and deeper in the woods,
The woods, I know, with filth and madness.
Look the area, emptiness and despair,
Try to seal your path away.

Just a moment living my life,
I gave you a piece of my dream.
I showed you just waterfall,
Where you live as you fall.

Look the mirror's backside.
Maybe you'll find your countenance,
And I bet you will be crying
Begging me to drag you again.

Just a moment living my life,
I gave you a piece of my dream.
I showed you just waterfall,
Where you live as you fall.back to top
The Vale
As I'm drawing autumn rain,
Drops like tears're falling down.
Window with dried rose,
I am back to my remains.
With a candle unseen in my hand,
I have passed through the wall.
Do you feel waves of wind?
I am here my little Queen.

Call me now, I'm in your air.
Take me down, I wish you there.
Pick the stars and wash your face.
Touch my soul in last embrace.

So I'm reading in your eyes,
Suffer drowns in painful love.
I remember morning calm,
As I climb to shimmering stars.
Maybe you feel the same
In a deep of subconscious mind.
Dream together in mental,
I am here tonight to vale with you.

As the angels make the call,
Clouds dissolve in universe.
I will bleed and climb up high,
But I send you my last dream.
It comes with morning breeze,
Blowing slowly, embrace your lips.
As I'm choosing my own fate,
Sleep alive, while not so late...back to top
My Necklace
I saw life that's fading out,
Steams of souls I breathe.
Eyes of beauty staring rigid,
Tell me all I want to know.

Stars reflect in my gem stones,
Shaking fingers touch your skin.
I bring you my necklace,
Make it trip on your neck.

I read the suffer
In the eyes of the dead.
I feel the cold wind,
Of your last breath.

Two months're gone and I stay,
Kneeling here before your grave.
I take what you were wearing.
I can see my destiny.

In flames of troubles,
I lock in my world.
I've found my paradise,
But I lost my soul.back to top
Christmas Mercy
Taste the sky, grip the snow in your hands,
Suffering comes again... again...
So alone, like leaf on the wind in little world.
Ask yourself "Where is my God?"
Still alive, your skin on face's like a stone,
No one stands near your bed, you lay unmove.
Darkness closes and dried lips feel the heat,
Oh, my God, how much I repent...

Sun goes down, and never rised for seven years.
Mist of night embraced your wheel chair.
Think of past, and bitter piece seals your throat,
Comprehend, it's greatest sin you've made.
Samael!... Show me path, I feel my wings,
Break the spell, in gasping snow I feel my love.
Take my soul, I wanna return in this dirty world,
But give me back... My heart...back to top
Their Finest Voyage
Autumn leaves cooled by morning rime
Their trip ends.
Streams of pain close my bitter eyes
In daylight.
Let me take all your souls in one
I'll keep it
Till the day I'm gonna make you free
On heaven.

But I'm sad feel my hands,
They're filled with snow, oh! I cannot move.
If you see, if you feel,
If you ever know, how I'm here alone.
Bleed my soul, drop my love,
Fill my heart with ice,
Please accept my warm.
Once again, when I'll need,
Hope you'll help me,
Oh! I must believe...back to top
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