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Mercenary lyrics

Album: Domicile [1999]

 01  Ignorance (Intro)
 02  Premature Burial
 03  Battle Thy Demons
 04  Obscurity
 05  Induration Of Sorrow
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Ignorance (Intro)
Were We All Just Innocent Takers
Ignoring The Signs Of The Flame
That Now Burns In The Skies
Never Breathe Scream Or See Again
Only Remembering The Meaningless Lives
We Once Had
So Now
Let Your Soul Fly Away
Cause It All
Turns To Hateback to top
Premature Burial
Premature Burial
Premature Burial

I'd Rather Be Dying
Ten Times A Day
Than Going Through
This Bloody Misery

The Eternal Flame
In The Garden Of The Gods
I Now See Before Me
Never Breathe, Never Scream
Never See Again
Cannot Someone Hear Me?
I Can't Believe I'm Six Feet Under
Still Alive And Well...Well I Wonder
Hear My Heartbeat Decreasing In Time
Apart From That I'm Doing Fine...Fine!!!

Dragged Away In A Casket I Am
A Nightmare Worse Than Vietnam
I Now Lie In My Domicile
Another Name Erased From The File

Screaming My Lungs To Blood
Dreaming Away To Far Out Places
Revenge Is Certain
In My Forthcoming Life
Compulsion Is My Motive Power
Never Breathe, Never Scream
Never See Again
Or Feel My Soul Devoured
Blessed Be The Man
Who Spares His Stones
And Curst Be He
Who Moves My Bones
Can't Use My Eyes Only Just My Mind
Now I Know That I'm Going Blind...Blind!!!

They Try To Kill Me
But I'll Never Die!!!back to top
Battle Thy Demons
Dont Be Afraid
Of The Price We Paid
It Seemed Such A Loss
What They Did To Us

To Live With Hate
Is To Die Without Pain
The Hounds Are Here
To Seek Their Prey

You Can Reduce Your Loss
But You Cannot Win
Battle Thy Demons
Descending From Hell
Open Your Mind
To The World Outside
Battle Thy Demons
The Prayer That You Tell
You Tell!!!

The Battle With The Demons
Seems To Never End
There Is A New Solution
Encounting With The Damned

Now It's Time
To Follow The Signs
Into The Past
The Future Will Last

Cursing The Kings O'time
Peace Within My Mind
Longing For A Place
Far Beyond The Demons Maze

As We Start To Fight
We Have To Realize
They'll Lay You Down To Rest
Damnation Of The Questback to top
At Nightfall
In Pitch Darkness
A Dark Complexion
Act Of Conscience
I Am Here

Too Late To Live
Too Late To Give
Your Life Away

You're Not Content
With The Way We Live
We Live It Today

They'll Track You Down
Haunt You Night And Day
And Then You'll Pay

They'll Always Tell
Your Mind To Prey
But Who The Hell
Are They To Say
To Say



Just One More Thing
You'll Have To Know
Before I Go
Is When You Die
Your Place Will Be
Deep Down Below
In The Flames Of Hell
You'll Burn Like...Well
You Don't Wanna Know

They'll Never Tell
Your Soul To Go
But It's Your Mind
That Doesn't Follow

Let Your Soul Fly Away
To The Unknown
Turning Torture To Pleasure
And Pleasure To Painback to top
Induration Of Sorrow
Look Into Yourself Like Some Enemy
You Are The Object To Unknown Secrecy
Kill All Your Feelings
Just Don't Ask Me Why?
Then You're Pure Like Air
Right Above The Sky

Innocent Taker
Strange And Hollow
Face The Maker
Induraton Of Sorrow

Look Into The Future
Forget About The Past
Explain To Yourself
It Wouldn't Be The Last
Chafe The Skin
By The Irony Of Fate
Annoyed By Sarcasm
It All Turns To Hate

Hate Hate Hate
It All Turns To Hate

Think Of Your Needs
Take Everything You Can
Even If You Bleed
You Bleed From Your Hand

Think About Yourself
Like A One World Man
Forget All Around You
None Shall Understand

Now Look At You
Youre The Devil Himself
Clear All Minds
And Fill The Dusty Shelf
Try Remembering The Life
You Once Had
This Is Our World
Just Don't Forget That

Hate Hate Hate
It All Turns To Hateback to top
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