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Merciless lyrics

Album: The Treasures Within [1992]

 01  The Treasures Within
 02  Mind Possession
 03  Darkened Clouds
 04  The Book Of Lies
 05  Perish ...
 06  Shadows Of Fire
 07  Lifeflame
 08  Branded By Sunlight
 09  Dying World
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The Treasures Within
Let Them Run And Hide, The Sun Is Falling
Coming Out Of Nowhere, The Dark Is Calling
Faster Than The Eye Can See, The Aggression Sets In
An Outsider In The Light, Let The Night Begin
Crying Tears Of Blood, Ride The Wings Of Hate
We'll Always Be The Same, The Night We Dominate

Your Wish Is Your Death
In This World Of Oppression
You Can't Change Our Minds
Our Drug Is Aggression
The Clouds Are Passing By
And The Night Slowly Dies
Still The Fire Is Burning
Burning In My Eyes

When The Night Has Come To An End
And We See The Light Again
End Of This Night Of Horror
Living Through Hell And Terror ...

Not For The First Time I Watch The Sky
Still I Wonder Why
I Can't Be Someone Else
My Soul I Will Never Sell

Your Wish Is Your Death .... [See Above]back to top
Mind Possession
Emotions Thoughts And Memories
It's Hard To Understand
Birth, Life And Death
It's Written In My Hand
I Have Seen The Darkness
Try To Seek The Truth
All Those Foolish Memories
I Don't Want To Do
At Sea I've Never Been
The Sun I've Never Seen
Understand What I Feel
Oh No This Can't Be Real

Born To Live A Normal Life
I Try To Go On As Before
There's Something In My Past
I Can't Stand This Sights Anymore
My Deathwish Is Real
My Body Is A Bleeding Sore
And My Endless Dreams
They Are Full Of Dreadful Gore

Someone Inside
Mind Possession

Invisible People Disturbing My Sleep
Out For My Soul, But I'll Fight
As You Know Destiny Is Cruel
Maybe It's Time For Me To Die

Someone Inside
Mind Possession

Born To Live ... [See Above]

They Took My Life Or What Is Left
Internal Illusions My Mind Possessedback to top
Darkened Clouds
Brutal Way Of Life, That's What I Want
Dirty Whore, Your Life I Will Hunt
She's The Second One, Soon I Must Wake Up
This Need To Kill, Will It Ever Stop

Tonight Work Is Done, Her Eyes Are Wide Open
Nothing Can Bring Her Back, 'Cause Her Neck Is Broken
What Is Happening To Me, Don't Know What To Believe
Is It A Vicious Circle, Or Am I Lost In A Dream

Chase The Darkened Clouds, Face The Human Slaughter
The Land Is Covered With Blood, People Drink It Like Water

Can't You See I'm Not Like The Rest
I Live In A World Of Emptiness
To Me There Is One Real Thing
It Is To Live In Eternal Sin

There Will Be Nothing Left
So Open Up And Let Me In
The Human Race Is Useless
Staring At The Gates Of Sin ... Darkened Clouds

The Goodness In My Heart Is Gone, They Say I Am Satan's Son
I Laugh When You Start To Bleed, Your Life Is All I Need

There Will Be Nothing Left ... [See Above]

Darkened Clouds!back to top
The Book Of Lies
Death Is Not Very Tragic
If You Enter The World Of Magic
Separate Body From Soul
And You'll Never Grow Old

Lord Of Fire Make Us Clean
Light A Fire For Us To See

Primitive Feelings From Our Hearts
Endless Fear Of The Black Arts

Something Evil Coming Soon
The Arrival Of Our Doom
Do You Believe Or Do You Fear
Do You Think The Ending Is Near

I Hope You Don't Have A Master
That Is The Only Way
But If You Are Among Those Fools
You're Gonna Die In Hell Anyway

You Cannot Accept My Disbelief
Your Mind Is A Awful Mess
You Think You Will Enter Heaven
You're Fooled Into Nothingness
In My World
There Is No Place For You
You're Living In A Dream
So Don't Tell Me What To Doback to top
Perish ...
See What The Gods Have Sent, An Evil Terminator
They Slept For A Thousand Years, The Ancient Tormentor
Strange Tunnel Of Light, A Living In Misery
Damned Is The Creator, Blackened Reality

Useless Circle Of Sadness, A Dream From The Past
Sadistic Mindless Gods, Free At Last
Die In The Wars Of Madness, This Will Never End
Only Silence, Armageddon Descends

Echoes From A World Far Beyond
No Man Will Ever Walk This Land
Silence Is Spread Over An Endless Desert
The Skull Of A Child Is Lying In The Sand

See What The Gods Have Sent ... [See Above]

Heavenly Angels Fell
Forever Lost In Hell
The World Wasn't Meant To Be Saved

Wrath Of The Gods
Death To The Gods
Hungry Vultures From The Graveback to top
Shadows Of Fire
Our Instincts Are Inhuman But It's Not Our Will
Walking Through The Ash Our Mission Is To Kill
As We Keep Walking The Earth Turning Black
With Sword In Hand We Await The Attack

Horror Vision Flames Growing Higher
No Way Back Lost In The Fire
Lightning Strikes There's No Return
Final Terror Now We Burn

This Is Not Our Wish But Hate Is So Strong
Nothing Seems To Change As The Battle Goes On
Shadows Of Fire They Make Me Scream
Changing My Mind Creating Bizarre Dreams

Out Of Control, Running For Safety
Branded Eyes Death Or Glory
Forgotten Pleasures Let There Be Silence
The Disease Is Brutal Violence

Memories Hidden Behind A Wall Of Lies
Bodies Abnormally Rotten
Holocaust! We Never Learn
And Life Shall Be Forgotten
Screaming Children They'll Come For Revenge
The Air Is Poisoned By An Awful Stench

Children Of Tomorrow Used To Be So Strong
Warriors! Now They Are All Gone
Fight For Your Freedom Go Out And Slay
And To Their Graves They All Went Awayback to top
Crystal Eyes Drowned In Hate
Forget The Past A Heathens Fate
On The Floor A Naked Whore
She's Been Waiting Her Body Is Cold

Skin Is White, Eyes So Black
Always Hungry
She's Been Waiting So Long
Now She's Angry
Fullmoon, Tonights The Night
Master Has Come
Demon Love Beautiful Pain
Reality Is Gone

Just Listen To My Voice
You Have Your Own Choice
For Those Who Live By Crime
You Must Pay The Price

Darkness Shall Always Be
Forever Is Pain
Hide In The Light
Or In Christ's Domain

Do You Really Know What She Wants
Maybe She Needs Sexual Pain
Dominate Make Up Your Mind
Forever Trapped In Humanity's Game

Skin Is White ... [See Above]

Suffering Since Birth
Lifeflame Burns Fast
When Lifecircle Has Broken
Life Ends At Last


Skin Is White ... [See Above]

Not Far From Death
Everyhing Feels So Strange
The Things You Should Have Done
It's All Too Late To Change

Suffering ... [See Above]

Lifeflame!back to top
Branded By Sunlight
Sins Of Life Seeking For Something
Tired Soul End Up In Nothing

Try To Feel But I Will Never
Circle Of Life Lost There Forever

As I Leave This Earthly Life Your Belief Is Denied
Eternal Solitude I Seek Peace Of Mind
Heaven's No Place For Me Not Even Hell
Don't Wanna Walk The Earth Just Find A Place To Dwell

Try To Find The Black Hole The Gates Made Of Gold
The Fool Can Never Enter He'll Be Left In The Cold
Home Of The Shadows The Dark And The Grey
Branded By Sunlight Eyes Blown Away

As The Mortals Await The Dawn
I Build My Creation Of Scorn
Horror Of Unknown Art
Make The Soul Fall Apart

Sins Of Life ... [See Above]

In The Seas Of Bitterness
On The Ground Of Emptiness
In Disgust I Watch The Sun
My Life Is Done

Try To Feel ... [See Above]

As I Leave ... [See Above]

Branded By Sunlight

I Close My Eyes Have To Be Clean
Enter The Black Now I Am Freeback to top
Dying World
Bells Of Damnation Ring For Me
I Can See The Clouds Of Misery
The Endless Search For Immortality
This Dying World Is All I Can See

Curse Of Loneliness And Pain
Inside My Head The Past Appear
Remember The Day's Of Happiness
All That Is Left Is Fear
The Light Is Slowly Fading Away
No Reason For Me To Stay
See The Light Again I Must
Can't See Nothing I Walk Through The Dust
No Fear Of Tomorrow
Because There Is None
End Of All Life
Dark Is The Sun

The Smell In The Air Is So Strange
But There's Nothing I Can Change
How Long Will I Stand The Pain
Will I Die Before I Go Insane

I Wonder If There's Anything Beyond
Is There Any Hope For Me At All
Now It's Time For Me To Pass Away
I Can Hear The Bells Of Death Call!

Curse Of Loneliness And Pain ... [See Above]back to top
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