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Messiah lyrics

 1991 Choir Of Horrors
 1992 Rotten Perish
 1994 Underground

· Akasha - Chronicle
· Alzheimer's Disease
· Anorexia Nervosa
· Ascension of a Divine Ordinance
· Battle in the Ancient North
· Cautio Criminalis
· Choir of Horrors
· Condemned Cell
· Contrition
· Dark Lust
· Deformed Creatures
· Dreams of Eschaton
· Epitaph
· For Those Who Will Fail
· Lines of Thought of a Convicted Man
· Living in a Lie
· Living with a confidence
· Lycantropus Erectus
· Muchhausen Syndrom
· Northern Command
· One Thousand Pallid Deaths
· Prelude: Act of Faith
· Raped Bodies
· Revelation of Fire
· Screams of Frustration
· The Ballad of Jesus
· The Way of the Strong
· Underground
· Weena
· Weeping Willow

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