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Misery Loves Co. lyrics

Album: Misery Loves Co. [1995]

 01  My Mind Still Speaks
 02  Need Another One
 03  Happy?
 04  I Swallow
 05  The Only Way
 06  2 Seconds
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My Mind Still Speaks
Silence, instead of confrontation. New lies, to cover up the
old. I want chaos, destroy in order to create. Release me, I'm
trying to move. Don't hold me back. No one's seen what I have
seen. No one's been where I have been. No, I wasn't born to
follow. You can't train me. Can't touch me, can't hurt me,
can't frame me, cut off my tongue, my mind still speaks.back to top
Need Another One
Need another one, gimme another one. Got to have another one.
The last one didn't do me no good. Need another one, need to
be justified. How come we never play russian roulette? An eye
for an eye, the ultimate high. We might as well play some
russian roulette! Don't want to hold it back. Or think it
through.back to top
Always want what I haven't got. Trying to be what I am not.
Killing things with this razor blade, makin' sure a price gets
paid. I'm happy with my misery. Please leave me be. There's
nothing wrong with me, you see. I'm happy with my misery.back to top
I Swallow
Push it apart, tear it apart... Abuse me, amuse me. Pull my
strings as you always do, a flick of your switch and I'm
yours. Still I follow. Feed I swallow.back to top
The Only Way
You've got to save, say those who've always had it better. We
watched 'em play, they lost, now were the ones to pay. The
only way is the way they've chosen, for us all so sacrifice
yourself to make sure the bloodsuckers don't fall. Bring it
down!back to top
2 Seconds
The body of a junkie two seconds before the needle reaches
it's target. More! More! Whatever I get I need twice as much,
something that makes my heart explode... Anything. On weekends
I send sick photographs to the ladies in my residential
neighbourhood, that's my way of expressing something. The
bullet from your weapon, watch me explode. Closer, closer...
Now I'm staring at you. Two seconds... A lifetime.back to top
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