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Mithotyn lyrics

 1997 In The Sign Of The Ravens
 1998 King Of The distant Forest
 1999 Gathered Around The Oaken Table

· Chariot Of Power
· Embraced By Frost
· Freezing Storms Of Snow
· From The Frozen Plains
· Guided By History
· Hail Me
· Hearts Of Stone
· Imprisoned
· In The Clash Of Arms
· In The Forest Of Moonlight
· In The Sign Of The Ravens
· King Of The Distant Forest
· Lord Of Ironhead
· Masters Of Wilderness
· Nocturnal Riders
· On Misty Pathways
· Shadows Of The Past
· Stories Carved In Stone
· The Guardian
· The Legacy
· The Old Rover
· The Vengeance
· The Well Of Mimir
· Tills Dagen Gryr
· Trollvisa
· Under The Banner
· Upon Raging Waves
· Watchmen Of The Wild
· We March
· Where My Spirit Forever Shall Be

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