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Mithotyn lyrics

Album: King Of The distant Forest [1998]

 01  King Of The Distant Forest
 02  Hail Me
 03  From The Frozen Plains
 04  On Misty Pathways
 05  The Legacy
 06  Trollvisa
 07  Under The Banner
 08  We March
 09  The Vengeance
 10  Masters Of Wilderness
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King Of The Distant Forest
The mountains and forests is his fortress
The primeval starfilled nightsky his roof.
He is the king of the forgotten realm
Ruling with a power unknown.

The mightiest of elvenkings
Who dwells in the lands far away.
Far away where the rainbow ends
And ancient gods still are hailed.

A face torn by time
His cloak old and grey.
Leading his people with the greatest wisdom.
Learned from the old days until today.

He is the king of the distant forest.
He is the king of the distant forest.

The tales we are told
Is their only known reality.
They have lived in solitude and will do so
For all of eternityback to top
Hail Me
Troops at attention in shining armour
They stand before me in total loyalty.
Raising their fists into the air
And swearing their allegiance to me.

Upon a stallion of finest blood
I sit with the greatest of pride.
As I behold my vast empire
I hold the royal standard high.
It dances in the roaring wind
As the salutes are heard in the sky.

The foretold master I am.
My future is already revealed
In the scrolls of the prophecy:
"...And he shall conquer the world
And rule it with great majesty."

Hail me as the man of steel.
Hail me as the son of gods.
Hail me as the king of yours.
I am the chosen one.

We are the undefeatable
So be proud of what you are.
Against the threats of the world
We stand united today.
Let's not take their mocking,
Let's invade and make them obey.back to top
From The Frozen Plains
The harsch biting winternight
Embrace everything in this silent land.
A lonely man is wandering through the snow
With a wooden staff in his hand.

Dressed in old torn grey rags
He tries to keep himself warm.
The icy white long beard
Dances in the hard winterstorm.

His hands which once wielded the steel
Can now barely raise his horn.
Patiently he's searching from house to house
For a meal and a roof over his head.

From the frozen plains he comes
On a journey without destination.
Once a hero- now forgotten
On the edge of death by chill and starvation.
From the frozen plains he comes.
And to the frozen plains he goes.

He gained his pride throughout the wars.
Of the knights he was the best.
He risked his life for his king and queen.
Of all the heroes he was the bravest.
From the frozen plains he comes.
And to the frozen plains he goes.back to top
On Misty Pathways
I walk on misty pathways.
Where my journey leads I do not know.
I just follow my inner voice.
Longer and longer on misty pathways I go.

I travel into an unknown vale.
Through forests over hills and far away.

the chilly breezes of night surrounds me
With their smooth gentle touches.
the fog hides the path
Which I walk upon.

Voices I hear from inside the dark
And dusky the night have laid.
Observed by the forgotten shadowpeople I am
As I wander through their realm.

The silvery cold moon looks upon me.
As I strive through these spellbound forests.back to top
The Legacy
In this realm of the old spirits
There is neither day nor night.
Mighty powers of the past shall soon
Be woken from their dormancy in the land
Of lurking twilight.

The legacy of the elders.
Waiting for the chosen one.
The legacy of the elders.
Waiting, waiting, waiting.

The lost secrets lies hidden deep into
The guarding primeval stone.
It holds the science of magic protected
Where the shadows of he gods walk alone.

The knowledge of the forgotten parts
Of our dimension
Shall soon at last be revealed.
The powers shall rise again so the destiny
Can be sealed.back to top
I fullmånens sken hetsjakten går
Medans möns gälla stämma i skogen skär.
Groteska skratt ur trollkäft hörs
Ty färden mot helvetets hålor bär.back to top
Under The Banner
Under the banner of our gods
We ravage this land of heresy.
In the name of the Aesirs we are chosed
To fight this invading christianity.

Under the banner of might
We mock their religion of submission.
They may pray to their selfish god
But we'll never give them remission.

Under the banner of the elders
We march towards them in despise.
We are the sons of Midgaard
Bound to defy their glorious lies.back to top
We March
We the kingdom's best men
Proudly walk the fields,
The forests and the mountains
Ready to defend it with our steel.

We march towards the battlefield,
With hate in our eyes we march.

Knighted men we all are.
Let the enemies fall for my hand.
We shall crush all resistance
And once honour our land.

We are the royal force
Dubbed with the power of steel.
Protected by the wizard's spell
Forcing every enemy to kneel.

When our swords has sung
The battle's last tone,
Only one side shall stand.
On the bloody battlefield we'll stand alone.back to top
The Vengeance
The peace has been broken.
My brothers has all fallen
By treacherous mens betrayal.
Their blood painted the plains red.
I swear this act will be their last
I'll see that the wolf will be fed.

On a mission
Behind enemy lines I am.
My heart pounds
With anger and with hate,
As I ride with their souls at my side.
Heading towards my glorious fate.

Back to you domains I return
With bloodshed in my mind.
Come forth you treacherous foe,
Test my steel and death you'll find.

I've carved runes into my horn
And painted them with my blood.
I raised up to the sky
And proposed a toast to my brothers
Who now fight on the vast plains
Outside of Valhalla.back to top
Masters Of Wilderness
Howling at the fullmoon
in this intense midwinternight.
Behold the masters of wilderness,
Hearken to how they hold the woods in fright.

See the silhouettes in the moon,
On the mountaincrest they stand proud.
Stormwinds and pouring rain
Hardens the fur grey.
Picking up the scent
To hunt the fleeing prey.

Masters of Wilderness
Masters of Wilderness

The mighty wolfpack hunts the land
For flesh and satisfaction.
Feasting on raw meat with bloody jaws,
Tearing the prey open in total desperation.back to top
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