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Modest Mouse lyrics

 1996 This Is a Long Drive for Someone With Nothing to Think About
 1997 The Fruit That Ate Itself
 1997 Lonesome Crowded West
 2000 The Moon & Antarctica
 2001 Sad Sappy Sucker
 2004 Good News for People Who Love Bad News

· 3rd Planet
· 5-4-3-2-1 Lipsoff
· A Different City
· Alone Down There
· Austral Opithecus
· Bankrupt on Selling
· Beach Side Property
· Black Cadillacs
· Blame It on the Tetons
· Breakthrough
· Bukowski
· Bury Me With It
· Classy Plastic Lumber
· Convenient Parking
· Cowboy Dan
· Custom Concern
· Dance Hall
· Dark Center of the Universe
· Dig Your Grave
· Dirty Fingernails
· Dog Paddle
· Doin' the Cockroach
· Dramamine
· Dukes Up
· Exit Does Not Exist
· Float On
· Four Fingered Fisherman
· From Point a to Point B
· Gravity Rides Everything
· Head South
· Heart Cooks Brain
· I Came as a Rat
· It Always Rains on a Picnic
· Jesus Christ Was an Only Child
· Karma's Payment
· Life Like Weeds
· Lives
· Long Distance Drunk
· Lounge
· Lounge (Closing Time)
· Make Everyone Happy/Mechanical Birds
· Mice Eat Cheese
· Might
· Novocain Stain
· Ocean Breathes Salty
· Ohio
· One Chance
· Out of Gas
· Paper Thin Walls
· Path of Least Resistance
· Polar Opposites
· Satin in a Coffin
· Secret Angent X-9
· Shit Luck
· Space Travel Is Boring
· Styrofoam Boots/It's All Nice on Ice, Alright
· Summer
· Sunspots in the House of the Late Scapegoat
· Swy
· Talking Shit About a Pretty Sunset
· Teeth Like God's Shoeshine
· The Cold Part
· The Fruit That Ate Itself
· The Good Times Are Killing Me
· The Stars Are Projectors
· The View
· The Waydown
· The World at Large
· Think Long
· This Devil's Workday
· Tiny Cities Made of Ashes
· Trailer Trash
· Truckers Atlas
· Tundra/Desert
· Wagon Ride Return
· What People Are Made Of

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