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Moody Blues lyrics

Album: In Search of the Lost Chord [1968]

 01  Departure
 02  Ride My See-Saw
 03  Dr. Livingston, I Presume
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(Graeme Edge)

Be it sight, sound, smell, or touch,
There's something inside, that we need so much.
The sight of a touch, or the scent of a sound,
Or the strength of an oak, with roots, deep in the ground.
The wonder of flowers, to be covered, and then to burst up,
Through tarmac, to the sun again, or to fly to the sun,
Without burning a wing, to lie in a meadow,
And hear the grass sing. To have all these things,
In our memories hoard, and to use them,
To help us, to find the lost chord...back to top
Ride My See-Saw
(John Lodge)

Ride, ride my see-saw,
Take this place, on this trip, just for me.
Ride, take a free ride,
Take my place, have my seat, it's for free.

I worked like a slave for years,
Sweat so hard just to end my fears,
Not to end my life a poor man,
But by now, I know I should have run.

Run, run my last race,
Take my place, have this number of mine.
Run, run like a fire,
But don't you run in, in the lanes, run for time.

Left school with a first-class pass,
Started work but as second class,
School taught one and one is two,
But by now, that answer just ain't true.

My world is spinning around,
Everything is lost that I found,
People run, come ride with me,
Let's find another place that's free.

Ride my see-saw.back to top
Dr. Livingston, I Presume
(Ray Thomas)

Dr. Livingston, I presume,
Stepping out of the jungle gloom,
Into the midday sun.

What did you find there,
Did you stand a while and stare,
Did you meet anyone?

I've seen butterflies galore,
I've seen people big and small,
I've still not found what I'm looking for.
We're all looking for someone.

Captain Scott, you were so bold,
Now you're looking rather cold,
Out there in the snow.

I've seen polar bears and seals,
I've seen giant antarctic eels,
I've still not found what I'm looking for.

Columbus, where are you bound,
So you think the world is round,
Sail off in the blue.

There are Indians by the score,
In many places that I saw,
I've still not found what I'm looking for.
We're all looking for someone.

House Of Four Doors
(John Lodge)

Mystery spread it's cloak across the sky, we'd lost our way.
Shadows fell from trees, they knew why.
Then through the leaves a light broke through,
A path lost for years led us through.

House of four doors, I could live there forever.
House of four doors, would it be there forever.

Loneliness, the face of pilgrim's eyes looked on,
As the door opened wide.

Beauty, they had found before my eyes to see,
And to the next door we came.

Love of music, showed in everything we heard,
Through the third door where are we?

Enter in, all ye who seek to find within,
As the plaque said on the last door.

Legend Of A Mind
(Ray Thomas)

Timothy Leary's dead.
No, no no no, he's outside, looking in.

He'll fly his astral plane,
Takes you trips around the Bay,
Brings you back the same day, Timothy Leary.

Along the coast you'll hear them boast,
About a light they say that shines so clear.
So raise your glass we'll drink a toast,
To the little man who sells you thrills along the pier.

He'll take you up, he'll take you down,
He'll plant your feet back firmly on the ground.
He flies so high, he swoops so low,
He knows exactly which way he's gonna go.
Timothy Leary.

House Of Four Doors (Part 2)
(John Lodge)

Walking through that door,
Outside we came, nowhere at all.
Perhaps the answer's here, not there anymore?

Then in our hearts the light broke through,
A path lost for years is there in view.

House of four doors, you'll be lost now forever.
House of four doors, pass up life, lives forever.

Voices In The Sky
(Justin Hayward)

Bluebird flying high, tell me what you sing.
If you could talk to me, what news would you bring
Of voices in the sky?

Nightengale hovering high, harmonize the wind.
Darkness your symphony, I can hear you sing
Of voices in the sky.
Just what is happening to me?
I lie awake with the sound of the sea,
Calling to me.

Old man passing by, tell me what you sing.
Though your voice be faint, I am listening.
Voices in the sky.

Children with a skipping rope, tell me what you sing.
Playtime is nearly gone, bell's about to ring.
Voices in the sky.

The Best Way To Travel
(Michael Pinder)

And you can fly, high as a kite if you want to.
Faster than light if you want to.

Speeding through the universe,
Thinking is the best way to travel.

It's all a dream, light passing by on a screen.
And there's you and I on a beam.

We ride the waves,
Distance is gone will we find out?
How life began will we find out?

Visions Of Paradise
(Justin Hayward, Ray Thomas)
The sounds in my mind just come to me, come see.
And the call of her eyes makes waterfalls, of me.
In the garden of her love I'll stay a while, to be.
What the seeds of my thoughts wants me to be, come see.

Visions of paradise, cloudless skies I see.
Rainbows on the hill, blue onyx on the sea.
Come see.

The Actor
(Justin Hayward)

The curtain rises on the scene,
With someone chanting to be free.
The play unfolds before my eyes,
Descends the actor who is me.

The sleeping hours take us far,
>From traffic, telephones, and fear.
Put out your problems with a cat,
Escape until a bell you hear.

Our reasons are the same,
But there's no one we can blame,
For there's no where we need go,
And the only truth we know, comes so easily.

The sound I have heard in your hello,
Oh darling, you're almost part of me.
Oh darling, you're all I'll ever see.

It's such a rainy afternoon,
No point in going anywhere.
The sounds just drift across my room,
I wish this feeling I could share.

It's such a rainy afternoon,
She sits and gazes from her window.
Her mind tries to recall his face,
A feeling deep inside her grows.

The Word
(Graeme Edge)
This garden universe vibrates complete,
Some, we get a sound so sweet.
Vibrations, reach on up to become light,
And then through gamma, out of sight.
Between the eyes and ears there lie,
The sounds of color and the light of a sigh.
And to hear the sun, what a thing to believe,
But it's all around if we could but perceive.
To know ultra-violet, infra-red, and x-rays,
Beauty to find in so may ways.
Two notes of the chord, that's our poor scope,
And to reach the chord is our life's hope.
And to name the chord is important to some,
So they give it a word, and the word is OM.

(Michael Pinder)

The rain is on the roof,
Hurry high, a butterfly.
As clouds roll past my head,
I know why the skies all cry,

Om. Om. Heaven. Om.

The Earth turns slowly round,
Far away, the distant sound.
Is with us everyday,
Can you hear, what it says,

Om. Om. Heaven. Om.back to top
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