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Mortal lyrics

Album: Fathom [1993]

 01  Alive And Awake
 02  Neplusultra
 03  Rift
 04  Jill Sent Me
 05  Ex-Nihilo
 06  Above And Beyond
 07  Rainlight
 08  Bright Wings
 09  Promulgate
 10  Electrify
 11  Godspeed
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Alive And Awake
We walk the walls in this freak of flesh
Along the twists of our visceral mesh
Against the powerflow of motionless flood
It's an experience of flesh and blood

I face the wave of this gravity
I face the Beauty in the things I can't see
I face the Weakness that has rendered me strong
I face the fate of my existence head on

Ready to Bleed
Ready to Feel
Ready to Love
Without fear

I, I'm alive, am Alive, I'm alive and Awake!

I pray for wisdom in the days of my Youth
I pray for courage in the presence of Truth
I pray for Grace at each approach of the sun
I pray for peace and for the Kingdom to come

I walk the world in this vessel of flesh
Inside the twists of this viceral mesh
Caught in the powerflow of motionless flood
It's an experience of the flesh and the blood

For all that lives and dies
Entails a sacrifice of love
Though the earth, the surf, the skies
Are gilded with good-byes
Be sure - God is in Control

And when the dead leaves fall

For time will fail us all
Never fail to remember
The One in whom we move and breathe
And have our being
Is the God who's in Control!

How do we die?
How do we sleep?
When we're ready to be human
- without fearback to top
Above The Falling Sky
Beyond The Mystic Haze
Across The World So Wild
In Bluish Fever

I Wait For The Sky To Fall
I Wait For The Haze To

I Wait For The Wild To Call
My Wait Is Here

Fear - The Killer
Hate - The Enemy
Love - The Power
The Limit

Outside The Edge Of Sight
Beneath The Shifting

Behind A Trick Of Light
I Glimpse Forever

I Pray For The Sight To See
I Pray For The Earth To

I Pray For The Light To Be
I Pray My Saviour

Under The Aegis Of The

Living God
(We) I Trust And Love With

Under The Aegis Of A Lov-
Ing God
(We) I Live And Breathe

Love The Killer
Love The Enemy
God The Power
The Limitback to top
You say you'll lift me up
You say you'll cover me
You say you'll fill my cup
Before it empties

You say you're never far
You say not far from me
You say that where you are i'll
Always be
And I believe you

You say that when you love
You love with all your might
You say you trust by faith and
Not by sight
And I believe... you

I believe you, I believed you

You said you'd lift me up
You said you'd cover me
You said you'd nurse my cuts
You stare and watch me bleed

Your eyes have seen The Glory
But your body's on hold
Your lips have kissed The Story
But your story's leaving me Cold

Sometimes our lives depend
On that which we place faith in
And sometimes faith relies
In Whom we are depending

Sometimes our broken hearts
Are healed the moment we
Believe Againback to top
Jill Sent Me
Dreams, soundlessly rise then turn and fall Like hope
Longing for time to end it all
These broken hands - trembling towards a Shape Of promise
Broken light passing before my eyes

Now, motionless in its every move
My Faith dies with every living proof
My trembling hands - fighting to grasp the shape Of promise
Holding on with Everything I am

Against the slate-green cross Jil sent me
Above the beating of my heart
Beneath the Weight I cannot carry
Unspeakable grace has whispered love

If, Fearlessly I should face it all
And if, shamelessly I should turn and fall
Upon these Hands - weathered and stained with Hope and promise
I will stand Healed before your eyes

...beneath the weight I Cannot carry
Ineffable grace has spoken Lifeback to top
How fierce the fear
How thick the blood
How dim the glass
I look into and through

How sweet the fall
How swift the blow
How slow the rush
I catch perpetual limbo

How deep the cut
How dark the rift
How wide the wake
I weave I sink I drown in

How black the day
How red the moon
How pale the stars
That burn in pallid splendor

Vision so strange
A welcome change

How true the Word
How tried the soul
How tired the wait
Poised to kill the will the sacrifice

How dim the sky
How thick the blood
How fierce the love
That embraced the Death
To free the life

Those Words tore at my soul
I feigned surrender now I've lost Control
Moved by the Spirit of the mighty God
He spoke - I'm shaken

My Pride, fallen away
Steep was the Cross and the Price to pay
Struck down in the presence of
The living God
Made Alive from nothing

Blessed, I'm Blessed
Possessed by the One the Spirit
That moved me
Healed without Scars
Made alive from nothing

Saved, I'm saved
By grace I'm Shaped
Formed into being from the Earth Of my life
By the Hand of God
I'm made aliveback to top
Above And Beyond
I Searched for wisdom in the stars
To Kill decisions from afar
I looked for truth in desperate Skies
A twilight screaming empty lies

I asked for Life from mother earth
But she refused to give me birth
I Breathed the powers of the air
And dared to taste my own despair

My hope is above and beyond the Temporal
My hope is above and beyond the trees
I Believe in this reality
But it doesn't answer what it Means to Me
My Hope is Above and beyond

We revel and bath in eerie light

To Face the chill of darkest night
Traversing life should make one wise
When staring Death in the eyes (I despise!)

Our hope is above and beyond the Ephemeral
Our hope is above and beyond the Trees
True Meaning lies in ultimacy
"..Our souls are Restless 'till we're Found in Thee"
Our hope is
Our faith is
Our Love is...
Above and Beyondback to top
By which I write these words
And my heart leaps awkwardly
At the sound of it
At the thought of it
At the approach of it
Smells of childhood
And tastes of walking home
And sounds of squeaky shoes
Here's that photograph of us
It's funny, but I see...
Two old friends life will make of us someday
How that stirs my heart absurdly
As I write these words
By rainlightback to top
Bright Wings
The world is charged with the Grandeur of God
The world is charged with beauty

It will flame out, like shining from Shook foil;
It gathers to a greatness, like the Ooze of oil

Because the Holy Ghost over the bend World
Broods with warm breast and with Ah!
Bright Wings

And for all this, nature is never Spent;
There lives the dearest freshness
Deep down things;

And though the last lights
Off the black West went
Oh, morning, at the brown brink east-Ward, springs

Because the Holy Ghost over the bend World
Broods with warm breast and with Ah!
Bright Wings

(adapted from "God's Grandeur" by Gerard Manley Hopkins)back to top
Blood red tape disaster
Slow swimming black Disease
Seasons strangled stifled strained
Belief sold for diplomacy

Who will Heal the
Wounded skies
Politics terrify
Tear down the
Compromise and live For love
Who will hear the silent Cry
Our passions Crucify
There has to come a
Time when life will prove Enough

Painted warning signs of Life
Media Sinister selling Spite
Deep runs the lies
Breaking Us down
Belief Sells security

Noble ends dubious Means
Elude the Sleeper
Swift the gap closing Between
The fool and the Believer!back to top
All things dark and beautiful
Steal my Heart away
But every day and every night I wrestle
My Decay

All things stark and bountiful
Sunlight and the Rain
But every hate and every love
Staggers from the strain

Why do we fight
For Meaning, for truth
For questions to answers
In our Bones?

The Ocean stirring
The thunder
Ready to Roll

God on high

All things bright and wonderful
Wisdom for the wise
But every death and every life
Battles our Demise

Why do we Fear
The meaning, the truth
The Questions, the answers
In our bones?

The Waves are rising
Let lightning
Flash through my Soul

If Life impending is living
Everyone gets out Alive

Mortal life
Set on Fireback to top
My faith my grief my fear my blood
My trust my flesh my hate my love

These bones my skill this skin my pity
My time - it shells the fate upon me

Your turn your twist foresight and acumen
Your will your wish your primacy

My valor my virtue my perils my regrets
Remain inviolate - perforce
Through Your power

I fathom grace at fathom speed

My prayer my plea request repleat
Receive reply reveal ! Reveal !

Godspeed in motion and force
Godspeed the power and source
Godspeed God's grace God's love

No more no less no fear no need
No height no depth too great
Godspeedback to top
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