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Mortal God lyrics

Album: Letting Moonlight Into You [1996]

 01  Within the Gates of Eternity
 02  The Circus Came to Town
 03  Creed
 04  A Prayer
 05  The Strangest Life
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Within the Gates of Eternity
Death - Human Being
Fading away - Dying bleeding
Seeing the light - This strange feeling
Growing inside - Misunderstand the meaning

I can see
I can feel
Feeling real

Believing others' believes, Your fate eternally
What your mind can?t see, Within the gates of eternity

Decide - Slave to misery
Just die - Ability
Hate - Dirty deed
What - Seems to be

Let the world
Ramble on
At the dawn
You will mourn

You can hear the call of mine, I tell you when to die
You obey lord knows why, You live under christian lie

Ch:"Are you saved or enslaved
Trapped by the need to hate
Waiting for your life to be
Believing the others believes - Can?t die with dignity..."

In grave - With smile on your face
Thinking - He will take you away
But knowing - When rotting in your grave
Still lying - On fourth day

No resurrection
No completion
He?s mandacious

Believing the........

Ch:back to top
The Circus Came to Town
Have you seen the clowns, conjurer and his hat?
The circus came to town,join the fun won?t everlast

The balloons, the laughs, The living bullet flying through the air
Shadow will last, Animal magnetism everywhere
Introductor?s grinning, Welcome everybody
You can see the tightropewalker - And the clowns (Tonight)
You can see the tightropewalker - And the clowns (Everybody)

Forget the pain, forget the sorrow
Enjoy today, die tomorrow
Look in the mirror of life - See your fate
Look deep into your eyes - Go through gate
Image altering - Those eyes gruesome
See everything - Your soul, damned

Have you.......

You can step to the other side - The mirror won?t obstruct you
Isn?t it so nice - To reach your destiny, too
Roll your dice of life - Strenghten your certitude
And walk to eternal night - Everything?s done, can?t undo
And walk to the eternal night - See no light...
...See no light!back to top
I?m not the one - You?re waiting for
I?m not the one - You?re dreaming of
I?m not the one - To save your soul
I?m not your - Your saviour

...but still you can take my hand
I can take you to wonderland
There you?ll see the silent man
I can take you to

Tribal belief ruins your mind
I can take you through the life
The ancient rites, the modernday life
In never-neverland you don?t have to die.....die

Don?t don't believe
What you see
What you hear
What you feel

But now your time is coming to an end
I must leave now, but you can?t escape
You?ll fear soon, can?t explain the burning inside
The flame burns inside of you, but you can?t die
Let it out! Let it out! Let it out! Let it out!

I?m not...............back to top
A Prayer
From the depths I call you my master
Master hear my cry
Hear with your ears the sound of my prayers
If you master keep in mind....the sins, then who can take it?

My saviour make me deliverer of your peace
So, that there..........
Where is hate, I would bring love
Where is contempt, I would bring forgiveness
Where is discord, I would bring harmony
Where is mistake, I would show the truth

Where is unbelief, I would help them to believe
Where is despair, I would bring the confidence
Where is dark, I would create your light
Where is sorrow, I would bring laugh and fun

Because when you give you get
When you lose you find
When you forget you?re forgiven
When you die you?ll rise above....To the endless life

So that, oh master, I wouldn?t try so hard
To seek for confort than console others
Seek for undrestandment than to understand
Ask for love than to loveback to top
The Strangest Life
Last breath sets me free
Life?s something but a dream
Day after day I dream the same dream
Oh my God, Could you set me free?

(Dream flying free)

The bitterman I hate
Avoiding the places he lives
Working hard today, himself to life he gives
Killing himself to live - to live?

I don?t want to be torn away from this state of mind
Don?t want to ruin my day with being so kind - to you
I don?t want to be locked inside - this man made cell
I?m just about to lose my mind going through hell - Inside my head

I don?t mind - I know what I?ll find
I have always known this is a lie
Wonder why, what was ment to be
I?m grieving, don?t you see

"Like Jack the clown in my box alone waiting someone to set me free
This is the strangest life I have ever lived"back to top
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