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Mortician lyrics

Album: Domain of Death [2001]

 01  Brood of Evil
 02  Maimed and Mutilated
 03  Bone Crusher
 04  The Hatchet Murders
 05  Extinction of Mankind
 06  Domain of Death
 07  Cannibalized
 08 Pulsasting Protoplasm
 09  Martin (The Vampire)
 10  Telepathic Terror
 11  Mutilation of the Human Race
 12  Wasteland of Death
 13  Dr. Gore
 14  Extra Uterine Pregnancy
 15  Tenebrae
 16  Devastation
 17  Necronomicon Ex Mortis
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Brood of Evil
Psychopathic inner conflict
Mannifesting inner demons
Beat to death and mutilated
Unremorseful brutal killing
Malevolence brings morbid birth
Brood of evil, mission to kill
Deformed creatures sent to murder
Bash your brains out with a hammer
Mutilating helpless victims
Deadly mutants coming for youback to top
Maimed and Mutilated
Knife cuts through internal organs
Axe ambedded in your sternum
Ice pick puncturing your eyeballs
Hammer cracking open your skull
Skin is peeled and stripped off the bone
Vocal cords are torn from your throat
Arms and legs are broken and shattered
Skull is popped and brains are splattered
Teeth bashed in and mouth is broken
Blood is spraying all directions
Mangled, mauled and mutilated
Broken body lying in deathback to top
Bone Crusher
Sledgehammer, bash your skull
Head explodes, brains and bone
Swinging mace, cracks your face
Nose smashed in, teeth kicked in
Baseball bat, breaks your back
Cracked rib cage, shattered legsback to top
The Hatchet Murders
Psychic vision, foreseen murder
Psychopathic, brutal killer
Hatchet cutting, into your flesh, mutilating
Knife embedded, into your skull, face is bashed in
Unseen killer, striking swiftly
Hatchet swinging, death comes quickly
Decapitated, blood is spraying
Carved and slaughteredback to top
Extinction of Mankind
Blood raining from the skies
Storms raging in the night
Death foretold billions to die
Fires burning roasting flesh
Rats feeding on the dead
World dying it's the endback to top
Domain of Death
Entering the morbid domain of death
Torn off limbs severed heads and rotting flesh
Endless screams suffering and cries of pain
Iron spikes pierce the skin and blood is drained
Torture degradationv and butchery
Maniac inflicts the pain happily
Tongue is ripped from the root out of your mouth
Gurgling blood choking filling up your throat
Laid out upon the rack your limbs are stretched
Turning wheel bringing you a painful death
Sadistic lust for blood and agony
Instruments of torture to make you bleed
Accusations, forced confessions
Death is ordered, slowly tortured
Dismemberment, tortured flesh
Hanging bodies, burning aliveback to top
Prepared for a flesh feast
Lusting fresh human meat
Cornered helpless victim
Spear penetrates the skin
Mutilating the carcass
Munching on the organs
Stripping skin off the bones
Feast of flesh, the blood flowsback to top
Martin (The Vampire)
Confused helpless mind
Depressed lonely nights
Vampiric thoughts control
Morbid taste for blood
Roaming through the night
Need to take a life
Blood and death tonight
Control the appetite
Razor cutting through the skin
Blood is flowing from the veins
Drink blood from the corpse
Satisfy the lust
Deranged psychopath
Leaves a trail of death
Trail of victims grows
Careless in the kill
Evidence of death
Time for vampire's end
Enter vampire's lair
Stake, hammer in hand
Stake placed hammer swings
Heart is pierced blood sprays
Need for blood unfilled
Will rise again to killback to top
Telepathic Terror
Superhuman mental scanners
Brought into the earth with powers
Experiments gone wrong at birth
A war for control of the death
Inner conflict, anger building
War is coming, powers surging
The power to kill with the mind
Plan to form a scanner army
To kill and maim and mutilate
Control the earth and human slaves
Showdown coming, brainwaves
Battling good vs. evil, winner must kill
Veins are bursting
Eyeballs melting
Heads exploding
Bodies burningback to top
Mutilation of the Human Race
Mass destruction
Dead and dying
Painful screaming
Blood is flowing
Napalm falling
War is raging
Cities burning
Earth is crumbling
Mangled bodies
Flesh is rotting
Life is decaying
World stops turningback to top
Wasteland of Death
World in rotting ruins
Piles of mangled bodies
Bands of roaming mutants
Robbing, raping, killing
Radiation sickness
Stench of burning dead flesh
Horrifying visions
Mass extermination
Rabid beats attacking
Hunting human victims
Buzzards over flying
Ready for flesh eating
New world filled with horror
Death and violent torture
Humanity decaying
Grim future of the earthback to top
Dr. Gore
Tormented by his lover's death
Need to recreate the flesh
Seeking perfect body parts
Experiments about to start
Dismember to bring back the dead
Bloody torso complete with head
Need to sever fresh arms and legs
Eyeballs taken out of the head
Hacking off pieces off the head
Creation of the perfect flesh
Completion of the body parts
Remains thrown into acid vat
Bizzare creation of new life
Creation a new perfect wife
Five victims dismembered in death
Contributing in blood and fleshback to top
Extra Uterine Pregnancy
[Originally recorded by Disastrous Murmur]back to top
Brutal killer bringing death
Stabbing hacking cutting flesh
Methods copied from the book
Leaving trails of bloody photos
Enetering a world of death
Unsane killer's morbid death lair
Hatched swinging, crucks the head
Taking over killer's death spree
Razor cutting through the soft flesh
Brutal slashing hacking 'till death
Axe swings crashing through the window
Severed arm sprays blood from the stump
Spraying walls a bloody deep red
Hacked up bodies lying in death
Revenge for a past degrading
Killer takes his own life laughingback to top
Bombs are falling
Death is calling
Skies turn blood red
Life comes to end
Fires are raging
Mass cremation
Burnt dead bodies
Flesh is rotting
Maimed and bleeding
Rats are feeding
Stench of dead skin
Drifts in the windback to top
Necronomicon Ex Mortis
Darkness falls in the forest of the dead
Evil forces lie dormant in the earth
Waiting for the summoning to arise
To terrorize and claim fresh mortal lives
Necronomicon Exmortis
Passages invoke the demons
Reciting from the pages in the book
Summoning evil creatures from the wood
Unleashing evil forces on the earth
Demons possess your soul and bring you death
Evil dead hunt human victims
Horrifying gruesome killings
Ghastly demons coming for you
Take your body, possess your soul
Unseen forces of deadly evil killing
All who enter the woods
Chainsaw cutting, blood is spraying
Limbs are flying, guts are spilling
Ghouls attacking, blood is spewing
Hell's dominions butchering
No escape evil forces sent off to eternal darknessback to top
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