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Mortician lyrics

Album: Hacked Up For Barbecue [1997]

 01  Bloodcraving
 02  Embalmed Alive
 03  Cremated
 04  Three On A Meathook
 05  Brutally Mutilated
 06  Deranged Insanity
 07  Cannibal Feast
 08  Blown To Pieces
 09  Fog Of Death
 10  Brutal Disfigurement
 11  Apocalyptic Devastation
 12  Inquisition
 13  Hacked Up For Barbecue
 14  Abolition
 15  Necrocannibal
 16  Ripped In Half
 17  Morbid Butchery
 18  Decapitated
 19  Drilling For Brains
 20  Eaten Alive By Maggots
 21  Witches' Coven
 22  Worms
 23  Annihilation
 24  Mortician
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Awakened from the damp cold grave
Centuries undead the coffin's slave
Hungering for taste of mortal blood
Hands breaking through the rotted wood
Tearing through the dirt
Rising from the earth
Ripping through the flesh, breaking limbs and bones
Blood pours from the neck, bodies torn and thrown
Feasting on the heart, gouging out the eyes
Organs torn apart, mortals scream and die
Zombie living dead
Forever to roam the earthback to top
Embalmed Alive
Embalming room, body lies
Lying stiff, still alive
Filled with formaldehyde
Fluid slowly takes the life
Stomach punctured, torn apart
Chemical injections start
Internal organs melt inside
Pressure bursts out the eyes
Fluid flowing through the veins
Can't escape the deathly pain
Rigor mortis takes your life
You're fucking EMBALMED ALIVE!back to top
Cooked brains
Melted flesh
Sizzling eyes
Burning death
Boiling blood
Stench of death
Charred bones
Ashes leftback to top
Three On A Meathook
Morbid thoughts of gruesome killings
Death and hatred for all women
Shotgun blast, decapitations
Pick axe slammed into the sternum
Bodies in the shed on meathooks
Fresh corpses to be skinned and cooked
Human bodies are chopped and grilled
More flesh to feed the cannibalback to top
Brutally Mutilated
Dismembered limbs
Severed spine
On your flesh
Maggots dine
Cut off head
Ripped out eyes
A bloody corpse
Torn apart
Mangled flesh
You are left
A bloody messback to top
Deranged Insanity
Life behind walls
Demented voices call
Strapped in your rage
Medicine's your cage
Blood's all you crave
Mentally insane
Deranged Insanity!
Ripping flesh, gouging eyes, tearing limbs
Drinking blood, crunching bones, lust fulfilled
Deranged Insanity!back to top
Cannibal Feast
Caught by natives
Sentenced to death
No one survives
Devoured alive
Gut munching
Brain eating
Tit tearing
Eye gouging
Limbs chopped and hacked
Torn to pieces
Cannibal feast!back to top
Blown To Pieces
Eyeballs burst out
Intestines strewn about
Your brains splattered
All teeth shattered
Your head explodes
All blood and bones
A splattered mess
You're blown to deathback to top
Fog Of Death
Rotting ghosts of death
Century old curse
Rising from the sea
Horrid leprosy
Murder in their eyes
Come to claim six lives
Violent brutal deaths
Sword stuck through the chest
Hooks rip out the eyes
Six chosen to die
Fog rolls in you die
Chopped your head will lieback to top
Brutal Disfigurement
Torn out throats
Pulled out guts
Hacked off limbs
Peeled off skin
Cut off heads
Mangled flesh
Smashed in face
Splattered brainsback to top
Apocalyptic Devastation
Burning cities
Rotting bodies
Random killing
Corpses burning
Sickening plagues
Living decay
Charcoaled bodies
Flesh is rotting
Baron wastelands
Millions are dead
Unseen sunrise
Mankind will dieback to top
Burned at the stake
Drowned in the lake
Stretched on the rack
Condemned to death
Nipples pulled off
Burned and gutted
Torn by horsesback to top
Hacked Up For Barbecue
Isolated house of death
Cannibals rip the flesh
Bodies hang from meathooks
Human flesh peeled and cooked
Tables made of human bones
Rotting bodies fill their home
Roasted organs, shredded skin
Human meat, sliced up thin
Demented sadist family
Barbaric killing spree
Cannibals you can't escape
Leatherface seals your fate
Chainsaw rips through the flesh
Cut apart, dismembered death
Organs, guts torn and thrown
Stripping skin to the bone
Hammer smashes in your head
Gutted corpse lying dead
Body parts in the stew
Hacked up for barbecueback to top
Rotting corpses
Rats feeding on dead flesh
Crumbling buildings
Aftermath of the earthback to top
Enter to the graveyard
Walk among the tombstones
Smell the putrid stench of
Rotting flesh, decayed bones
Unearthing a fresh grave
Open up the coffin
Hunger for flesh you crave
A feast you will begin
Show the dead no remorse
Rip out all the brains
Mortify the helpless corpse
Eat all the fucking remains
Hunger not satisfied
Still you crave for more flesh
Torn apart the corpse lies
Maggots will eat the restback to top
Ripped In Half
Ripped in half
Left to die
Blood pours out
From both sidesback to top
Morbid Butchery
Deranged visions
Morbid nightmares
Voices of death
Brutal slashings
Graphic scalpings
Shotgun blastings
Roaming killing
Lust fulfilling
Maniac strikes
You die tonightback to top
Blade comes down
Severed head
Hits the ground
Blood sprays
From the veins
Cracked head
Splattered brainsback to top
Drilling For Brains
Sadist straps her in the chair
Pulls out her teeth, cuts her hair
Toothless bitch gives bloody head
The fucking whore will soon be dead
Drill into the cranium
Open hole is spewing blood
Insert the straw into the brain
Every drop of blood is drained
Drilling for brains!back to top
Eaten Alive By Maggots
Buried - alive - in the - coffin
Maggots - pour in - eating - your flesh
Larvae in your eyes
No one hears your cries
Eats all you insides
Devours you alive
Swarming - through your - body - feasting
On guts - all that's - left are - your bonesback to top
Witches' Coven
Unseen death force
Witches curse sent
Violent deaths
Throats are torn out
Knife in the heart
Glass bisection
Bloody hangings
Bodies rotting
Maggots swarming
Can't escape them
Witches' covenback to top
Boring through the skin
Eating from within
Feasting on the guts
Drinking bile and pusback to top
Death unleashed
World explodes
Cause unknown
Blood red sky
Humans fry
Boiling earth
No rebirth
Brutal deaths
Melting flesh
Billions dieback to top
Morbid - bringer of death
Descends - unto the earth
Exhumes - the fresh graves
Corpses - are turned to slaves
He drains your blood and embalms you alive
Steals your soul as your body rots and dies
Mortuary - his morbid home
Cemetery - his creatures roam
Enter - your life will end
Creeping - spheres descend
The spheres drill the blood and the brains from your head
Your body twists and jerks until your finally dead
Funeral's over the casket's closed
Your body starts to decompose
Remains are to be destroyed
Brought into the crematory
Enters - into your home
He comes - to take your soul
Mortician - you can't escape
Dead - you're in the hearseback to top
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