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Mortiis lyrics

Album: The Writings of Mortiis [1997]

 01  The silver Sea
 02  The voice of the labyrinth, and...
 03  Thoughts of the old Tower
 04  One thousand sparkling Stars
 05  An old and raped Village
 06  The vampire Planet
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The silver Sea
Oft I wonder..
As my mind's eye fly its own course..
Into those places,
that I cannot wander..

Where are they, those dark and hidden places..
That I cannot wander to?
Where is the place..
A place my mind often travel to..
That place I fear and hate,
but still so long to go..

For I see my freedom there..
The freedom of my my mind and body..
I see great walls of stone..
And I see beyond that silvery sea..

I see...Alas! I see...That silvery sea,
by the end of the walls..
Flowing into ever black infinity..
Becomming the spirits of the twillight..
Those free spirits,
I see them and I wonder..
Mayhaps I am the only who have seen..
The spirits, the stars, flowing into the darkness..
I wonder..May that there bright star whirling about..
Be my spirit of old?
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The voice of the labyrinth, and...
Aah..How beautifully old you are..
Labyrinthine earth-world, old already as the tower rose, when the dust and
stone rested heavy upon you..No sound echoed within your silent halls and
long, empty corridors in the darkness..
For your walls have not been touched or seen since your downfall at the end
of the age of illusion..So they say.
Aah..The destruction, the woe we wrenched down upon them and their unsuspecting
kings and queens..Mighty as they saw themselves.
We made them..made them grow and prosper..Ba;thing in their won greed and
empty pride..
For how many years did we not see the, feel their happiness, smelling their kingly
And how we ached for their downfall
Laughed we did, and not seldom, for what did these puppets know of our labyrinthine
dungeons far below their jewelled palaces?
How could they know that their fates lurked deep under, in chambers as dark and cold
as their deepest fears could never dream of fathom..

For I, I created these cities, as much as I hate them.
I created them and their rulers so that I could destroy them.
I made them ever prosper, so that the flow of energy would make me powerful on
arrival to my workd, my mind world made earth..

The labyrinth once held hordes of warrior spirits, the spirits of the kind that roamed the
world at that time..
Having been summoned into the earth..They made the labyrinth, most ancient of all
structures..They took the powers of stone and soil..And powerful warriors they became.

Aah..Ye cities fell and burnt..The nights were alive with cries of war and death echoed
the surrounding mountains..
I felt the energy pour into my every vein and nerve..And it filled my heart..
And when all was over, he pointeth his finger towards the south

Four cities fell..Four kings lost their power..
Yet a fifth and different kind of king was still to be sent away - for ever.
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Thoughts of the old Tower
Here standeth I.
Mighty and unbreakable.
My shadow is the darkness,
of this land.
All folk fear me..
My windows are few..
Shining with the power,
of uncountable ages..
Within me happen all..
Magic spells are cast.
All power dwelleth in me.
I am the doom of all.
For I hosteth him,
that created,
destiny and reality.
He that travel,
in time and space.
Walking the paths,
of life and death's twillight.
He that once,
left his heart,
in this land,
He that once,
entered the iron gates,
of me.
He leaves never but seldom,
his chambers within..
Perhaps now,
his mind broods and plotts,
unsaid dark thoughts.
Or perchance he is only sad?

Early '96
1997 Mortiis/Dark Dungeon Musicback to top
One thousand sparkling Stars
I saw the constellation of the spider..
One thousand sparkling stars.
I felt the darkness sink upon me, into me..
As a cloud of everlasting sleep.

And I know that nothing last forever,
and that death soon would take me by my hand.

For I, had a dream of death and glory..
For I, lost my soul that night..
Now I wander amoungst the stars,
and cry sad for death to set me free.

My journeys brought me to the valley..
Forgotten even in tale and song.
From whence the kingly spiders left..
To build their nests high above..

And I know, that I shall last forever..
And that my spirit died so long ago..

Please, I beg you, bitter destiny..
Show me a way herefrom...

Song sung by the wandering link.
1997 Mortiis/Dark Dungeon Musicback to top
An old and raped Village
Through boughs and leaves and stone on ground.
I feel a prescence of evil, a silent sound..

A village old, pillaged and raped, houses rotten or burnt..
Here are signs of battles of old..Raided for their virgins and gold..
From cometh this evil air? This pressing warning of danger?

Mayhaps the folk whom once lived here are now cursing this place,
and all who behold?

And evil place once lovely and fair..
Its garden are grey now, and sad voices haunt the village..
Houses rotten, fallen roofs..Winds gushing through..

I wonder who raped and pillaged here..
And what meaneth the signs painted on those doors that have yet not fallen to the ground..
Where did the fair virgins go, and what are of them today?

Mystic this place is and I fear my questions will stay unanswered,
untill my dying day..

Written christmas eve '95
1997 Mortiis/Dark Dungeon Musicback to top
The vampire Planet
In the east, where the not-living, wandering grey shapes are..
Those who hate life, and sucks the life and sould out of every living mortal..
There where the vampires dwell..
Rules a planet, it standeth above the eternal fog in the eternal night, and create the vampire
A light that detroy all the living..Living life cannot live underneath the red vampire planet..Its
light is a foe and will burn the flesh and all plants rot in its red terrible light..
The eastern lands in my innermost empire are but stone upon soil, and some mountains
spread about the land.
The red planet is out there, it is meant for the not-living and never changes it's position on the
sphere, its phase is only one..
Its substance unleash a red light, a red light dimmed by the fog..And the smoke that comes
from cracks in the ground..A smoke that allways fills the landscapes of the east..
The light is not a friendly light to him that is alive, it blinds the seeing eye and burns the flesh
and turn bones to dust..
The red planet is an evil minded planet that was created by the one's will..
It is a vampire's companion in many ways, its light make their ideal atmosphere, immense
coldness (and still it burns!) and the perfect light for their vision..
And the light holds all life away..And destroys the ones that are bewildered and come into
these parts of the world..Unless the bats allready have eyed them from afar and their lords
allready have devoured them lest they should be burnt asunder..
How far away the planet is, and its greatness, is a mystery to all..No one see the vampire
planet before they are in its power and are being burnt alive..
The planet is indeed mystic and terrible..It is a vampires life source and guide in more ways
than one..
1997 Mortiis/Dark Dungeon Musicback to top
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