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Mortuary lyrics

Album: Blackened Images [1992]

 01  Abyss Angel
 02  Sickish Disease
 03  Sacrilegious
 04  Asphyxiation
 05  Reign Of Dead
 06  Blood Storm
 07  Rites Of Death
 08  Blackened Images
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Abyss Angel
Dwon below the gates of hell
The apocalypse has begun
From open abyss they are here
Tormenting souls, injecting fear

You want to run - there is no hope
You want to escape - your evil fate
You want your death - it's all you need
Desperate - death is not here

Deformed faces by endless horror
Your heart tries to change you soul is sealed
Torture in your bare flesh
Suffering while you seek death - no way to die!

Images around of you
The last day comes this is the truth
Horror, torture
Undeceived is your mind
Five angels passed
Abyss angel Is reigning

Down below the gates of hell
The apocalypse has begun
Torture in your bare flesh
Suffering while you seek death
Await the worst!!!back to top
Sickish Disease
Screams and cries I hear
From the rancid world
The virgin is infested
By pollution and twisted thoughts
While the wises seek below
Religion fall no slow
Suffering the pain
As your blood is turned to shit

Sickish disease

Babies born with the sword inside
Their infested fathers now they must die
Bastard Pope he lies in his world
He loves the gay, lesbian and whore
Walk with care cause you can die
Satan's whore is free for your soul
You fuck her body the virus inside
Soon your life decays and dies

Insanity beget insanity
As evil beget evil
As pain beget pain
As pest beget pest
As sickish beget death
As your death beget pleasure!

Quest for sanity
Insanity beget insanity
Infamous game of death
They must die again
While the wises seek below
Religion fall no slow
Must suffer the pain
As your blood is turned to shitback to top
Death was made by me
But in life I'll kill the priest
The name of darkness bless me
In this kingdom reign the beast

I profane the tombs of dead
I don't leave'em rest in peace
I believe in death
'Cause soon comes to you with ease


I'll never believe in church
Her lie makes me feel like dog
Spit and burned by hell
In which she will burn in spell
Falsity inculcated in you
I'll show you the truth
You need learn to hate the false
First see through all your life

Sacrilegious in war with God
Hungry of perversity
Can do what you want
Ignore the weak imageback to top
Inhalation of insanity
The bastard now must die
Infect by blood
Asphyxia in my brain

Suffering my mind
Tortured is my brain
How long can I resist?
Gasping diseased

Days will pass, I'm here inhaling bastardity
This is the meaning of kill, if I survive my mind
Will decline

My mind is trapped
Into a sea of toxic blood
N live to pain
No pray to save me of hell
This is real
No bastard images vomiting my brain
War between
To live and die!

Suffering my mind
Tortured is my brain
Suffocated thoughts
Asphyxiation!back to top
Reign Of Dead
The night is black
A fanatic comes with fear
Will be say
By his mind and his fear
The blood will flow into the flames of hell
This will be
A bloody and hellish nightmare
Reign of dead
After die you must go there
Sadistic demons
Massacring your rot soul
Your twisted mind and your senses
And with pain
You will go to his reign
Demons crucifix you in your mind in a cross
Feel the knofe lacerating your intestines
And the pricking needle injecting acid in your veins
Your blood flowing like blood's spring

The red and black fire
Insensibiling your mind
Your internal storm
Make you feel fear of your pyre
Holding swords
And killing Christians
Total massacre await you
In the reign of dead

Angels kill
That's the cause of your fear
Forever you'll die
Tormenting your mind it's weak
Black star of the night
Will curse the false Christianity
And after you'll die
To live eternally

Demons crucifix you in your mind in a cross
Feel death comes when a spoon pulls your eyes
Experiment the pain as a sword crossing your rot soul
Ready to depart to lake of fire, tortures without end.back to top
Blood Storm
As I see the sky
His face is turning black
The volatile life is dead
And dropping blood from the air
The blue veins blast and destroy
The sacred nature will die
In hands of fire and blood
Your life will come to your end

Bleeding your soul
Your sins are paid
Soon you'll be carbonized
Tormented fury
Your ass is contracted
In your eyes I see the fear
Boiling the blood
In which you'll die
In your inside you've putrilage
The blue veins
Around of you
A bloodbath will be your end

Your heart is trembling
While you pray
In your veins flows the pain
Who are you praying to?
Your God is a lie
It's an image with the figure of a whore

Running through
The laws of hell
Thunder of fire
Shattered in your head
Trying to revive your self
Growing hope, you are dead

Explode - inside your head
Explode - inside your head
Explode - inside your head
Explode - inside your head
Blood stormback to top
Rites Of Death
Awaiting the call
Now you're prepared to die
Now death takes your soul
The mourning rites so fool

No sorrow, no pain, no grief
Prepared to face the reality
No sorrow, no pain, no grief
The mourning is not fatality
Useless rites that finish in your death

Nine days the dead is rot
The prayers and masses continued
Squandered days he's not with God
He's in his tomb he lives in hell
He's not preoccupied for your faith
And you guard respect for his death

The meeting is presided by Satan
You want to hear dead's voice and cry
Demons answer your question and live
In your rotten mind by a false faith
Originated in your turbulent infancy
In which you loved an image - passionately
Rites of deah
Feel the pain
Die in second death
Bastard servant of the whore
Are you prepared to die?

Useless days that finish in your death
Useless days that finish in your death!back to top
Blackened Images
I'll say this with all
The hate of my heart
The images of this world
Are blackened as hell

Take a look in
Into the church
People like zombies
Hearing and answering as clones

Thousands of saints deified
Thousands of dungy cults
From a shallow culture
Approaching the feeble minds

Images not feels, not hears
Virgins are there many as they say?
I don't adore none image
Death forever it's all you'll see!back to top
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