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Motorhead lyrics

Album: 1916 [1991]

 01  The One To Sing The Blues
 02  I'm So Bad (Baby I Don't Care)
 03  No Voices In The Sky
 04  Going To Brazil
 05  Nightmare/The Dreamtime
 06  Love Me Forever
 07  Angel City
 08  Make My Day
 09  Ramones
 10  Shut You Down
 11  1916
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The One To Sing The Blues
Don't know what I did
To make you feel that way
I can't always say
Just what I want to say
I'm out of place again,
You're on my case again
Bringing up the past
And sling it in my face again
Put me in the frame,
So even if I win I lose,
Going down slow
Ain't the only way to go,
Listen to me honey,
Gonna tell ya something funny,
Miss me when I'm gone
You'll be the one to sing the blues,
Seems to me the good times
Ended way too soon,
Seems like faded echoes
In an empty room,
Strangers in the night,
Strangers in the light,
Seems like every word we say
Just makes us scratch and bite,
Thought we had the answers,
Sure we couldn't lose,
What you want from me,
Is all the things that I can't be
Listen to me baby,
I'm beginning to go crazy,
Miss me when I'm gone
You'll be the one to sing the blues,
More I think about it,
It's a goddamn shame,
Opposites attract
'Till they become the same,
Daggers in our eyes,
Time to say goodbye,
Time to stop pretending,
Time to stop the endless lies,
I wish you luck,babe,
I hope you find a dream
And it comes true,
What my eyes can't see
Don't make no difference to me,
Listen to me faking,
Even though my heart is breaking,
Miss you now you're gone,
Now I'm the one to sing the blues.back to top
I'm So Bad (Baby I Don't Care)
I make love to mountain lions,
Sleep on red-hot branding irons,
When I walk the roadway shakes,
Bed's a mess of rattlesnakes,
Voodoo child, black cat bone,
Scratch your back,hear you moan,
I get up, you go down,
Tall building, single bound,
War and peace and love,
Say it if you dare,
Iron fist,velvet glove,
I'm so bad, baby I don't care,
Black-hearted to the bone,
Older than The Rolling Stones,
Been to heaven, been to hell,
Bought the farm, and I won't sell,
Give and take, rise and fall,
Rise up and take it all,
Secret love, I won't tell,
Knock you up and ring your bell,
Kiss the whip, eat the gun,
Tell me it ain't fair,
Midnight victim, hit and run,
I'm so bad, baby I don't care,
I make the blind to see,
Shoot 'em full of R and B,
I make the lame to walk,
Come round and pop your cork,
Wham, bam,thank you ma'am,
Thought I heard the back door slam,
Overkill, walk the line,
Kill the lights, It's lampshade time,
On the road,on the lam,
People running scared,
I'm everything they say
I'm,I'm so bad, baby I don't care.back to top
No Voices In The Sky
Nobody gives a damn about anybody else,
Think everyone should feel
The way they feel themselves,
Rich men think that happiness
Is a million dollar bills,
So how come most of them O.D.
On sleeping pills,
Eye for eye,tooth for tooth,
You all know what I mean,
What's the use of a cry for help,
If no one hears the scream,
No one hears the scream,
No voices in the sky,
Confusion blinds the eye,
Can't take it with you when you die,
No voices in the sky
The ones dedicate the flags
To make you brave,
They also consecrate
The headstone on your grave,
Ritual remembrance
When no one knows your name,
Don't help a single widow
Learn to fight the pain,
Politicians kissing babies
For a good luck,
T.V.Preachers sell salvation
For a buck,
You don't need no going cross,
To tell you wrong from right,
The world's worst murderers
Were those who saw the light.back to top
Going To Brazil
Here we go again, on a 747,
Looking at the clouds
From the other side of heaven,
Smoking & drinking, never gonna stop,
Reading magazines,
Stop me looking at the clock,
Wanna watch the movie,can't keep still,
Flying down to Rio, going to Brazil,
Watching all the roadcrew
Attacking little girls,
Joined the mile high club,
Goin' round the world,
All the booze is free,
Airline going broke,
Here come the lady
With another jack and coke,
Wanna watch the movie,
Can't keep still,
Flying down to Rio, going to Brazil,
Steve, Clem,Hobbsy,
John,Crazy Dil and Pappy,
Had to travel second class,
They ain't too fucking happy,
Elevator music, butter in my ears,
Think we're gonna die,
Just the pilot changing gear,
Wanna watch the movie, can't sit still,
Flying down to RIO, going to Brazil.back to top
Nightmare/The Dreamtime
Lie back and dream of me,
Red death to set you free,
We turn the screws to make you die,
Soft flesh and razor blades,
Golgotha,ace of spades,
Steel needles kiss your pretty eyes,
All mine,all mine,
Nightmare, the dreamtime,
Black terror stalks the night,
Claws to clutch and fangs to bite,
A dark and faceless crawling fear,
Despair,you can't resist,
And now the lizard's kiss,
The reptile hisses in your ear,
All mine, all mine,
Nightmare, the dreatime,
Dead voices speak through me,
Of all the things they see,
The prince of wounds,the lord of flies,
Evil within ourselves,
We need nobody else,
We tell ourselves the best of lies,
All mine, all mine,
Night mare, the dreamtimeback to top
Love Me Forever
Love me forever,or not at all,
End of our tether, backs to the wall,
Give me your hand,
Don't you ever ask why,
Promise me nothing, live 'till we die,
** Everything changes,
Live all stays the same,
Everyone guilty, no one to blame,
Every way out,
Brings you back to the start,
Everyone dies
To break somebody's heart,
We are the system, we are the law,
We are corruption,worm in the core,
One of another, laugh'til you cry,
Faith unto death or knife in the eye.
** Repeat
Love me or leave me, tell me no lies,
Ask me no questions, send me no spies,
You know love's a thief,
Steal your heart in the night,
Slip through your fingers,
You best hold on tight.
** Repeatback to top
Angel City
I wanna grow my hair, live in Bel Air,
Lose my head,keep live snake in my bed,
I wanna backstage pass,
Drink Bon Jovi's booze for free,
I wanna be a star
And buy a hundred guitars,
Eat everything I can bite,
I wanna feel a little danger,
Feel a little stranger,
Angel City tonight,
I got a buncha boys,
We make a lot of noise,
Little bit crazy,
Playing with chemical toys,
We're such bad ass dudes,
Almost can't stand it myself,
I wanna get the crabs
In my elegant rags,
Make my mom & daddy uptight,
I wanna be an intellectual,
Heterosexual, Angel City tonight,
I'm gonna live in L.A. drinkin' all day,
Lay by the pool
And let the record company pay,
Talking to the devil on the batphone
All of the time,
I'm gonna kick ass,
I'm gonna spit broken glass,
I'm gonna shoot out all of your lights,
I wanna eat dirt,
I'm gonna eat my own shirt,
Angel City tonight,
Angel City (2)
The way I'm used is a shame and a pity
Angel City (2) rock'n'roll alright,
Angel City (2)
The women here ain't got no pity,
Angel City (2) shape up and fly right.back to top
Make My Day
Listen up babe,you're no foot,
I wish L walked you home from school,
Dream lover, head tall,
Could put a lot of boys in Jail,
Tell you what, you're red hot
Let's go do it in the parking lot'
I mean every word a say,
I wish you'd stay,
Stay mean, stay clean,
Don't ever ask me where I've been,
** Shine a light on me,
Come on babe, set me free,
Don't go 'way please please stay,
Roll over and make day (2)
You're so bad honey, you're so tough,
Skin so smooth,
But your tongue's so rough,
Crazy mama, turn me down,
Watch out cuz I'll be 'round
You're so bad, I'm so glad,
Best woman that I ever had,
I mean every single word
And I hope you heard,
I'm the one, to turn you on,
Stick with me and you can't go wrong,
Repeat **
Be the one you want it be,
Don't go anyplace far from me,
Touch me there, show you care,
Can't scare you if you can't be scared,
Know you, Know it's true,
Be alright if you know me too,
I mean every word I hear
And I hope it's clear,
Cuz if you go, hope you know,
You ain't gonna see the sun no more,
Repeat **back to top
New York City, N.Y.C.,
Pretty mean when it wants to be,
Black leather,knee-hole pants,
Can't play no high school dance,
Fuzz tone,hear 'em go,
Hear 'em on the radio,
** Misfits, twilight zone,
Bad boy rock,bad boy roll,
Gabba gabba,see them go,
C,Jay now hit the gas,
Hear Marky kick some ass,
Go Johnny,go, go, go Tommy o-way-o,
** Repeat
Bad boys then, bad boys now,
Good buddies,mau (3),keep it up,
Rock'n'roll,good music save your soul,
Dee Dee, he left home,
Joey call me the phone.
** Repeatback to top
Shut You Down
Pack my bags and leave today,
You read this I'll be far away,
Ain't gonna give ya no moon in June,
Never see you it'll be too soon,
One eye Jack,gotta watch my back,
See you 'round, guess I better,
Shut you down (3)
Steal your thunder,turn you round,
Listen up 'cos I'm telling you,
Magic moments were way too few,
Like to stay, but you got too weird, Don't look right
Since you grew that beard,
** Repeat
Tell you babe, what I'm gonna do,
Leave this town and I'll leave you too,
Don't manna see your face no more,
Don't come 'round knocking at my door.
** Repeatback to top
16 years old when I went to war,
To fight for a land fit for heroes,
God on my side,and a gun in my hand,
Counting my days down to zero,
And I marched and I fought and I bled
And I died & I never did get any older,
But I knew at the time, That a year in the line,
Is a long enough life for a soldier,
We all volunteered,
And we wrote down our names,
And we added two years to our ages,
Eager for life and ahead of the game,
Ready for history's pages,
And we fought and we brawled
And we whored 'til we stood,
Ten thousand shoulder to shoulder,
A thirst for the Hun,
We were food for the gun,and that's
What you are when you're soldiers,
I heard my friend cry,
And he sank to his knees,coughing blood
As he screamed for his mother
And I tell by his, side,
And that's how we died,
Clinging like kids to each other,
And I lay in the mud
And the guts and the blood,
And I wept as his body grew colder,
And I called for my mother
And she never came,
Though it wasn't my fault
And I wasn't to blame,
The day not half over
And ten thousand slain,and now
There's nobody remembers our names �
And that's how it is for a soldier. �back to top
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