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Motorhead lyrics

Album: Iron Fist [1982]

 01  Iron Fist
 02  Heart of Stone
 03  I'm the Doctor
 04  Go to Hell
 05  Loser
 06  Sex and Outrage
 07  America
 08  Shut It Down
 09  Speedfreak
 10 (Don't Let 'Em) Grind You Down
 11  (Don't Need) Religion
 12  Bang to Rights
 13  Remember Me, I'm Gone
 14 (Don't Let 'Em) Grind You Down
 15 Lemmy Goes to the Pub
 16 Same Old Song, I'm Gone
 17 Young and Crazy
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Iron Fist
Dark night nothing to see
Invisible hand in front of me
Scared to death thereīs someone near
Scared to move but you canīt stay here

You know me, evil eye
You know me, prepared to die
You know me, the snake-bite kiss
Devils grip, the iron fist

Flying horse donīt make a sound
Flying hooves donīt touch the ground
Walk in circle lose your track
Canīt go on but you canīt go back


Moon eclipse and you know why
Ghost rider in the sky
Beast of evil devil hound
Tooth and claw they pull you down

CHORUSback to top
Heart of Stone
You seem to think that it's a game
I wish I could recall your name
You tell me how I should behave
Sling your hook I ain't your slave

Leave me alone
Get off the phone
I've got a heart of stone

You play emotional roulette
I ain't seen no winners yet
You know you're dancing in the dark
Stay away, I ain't your mark

Leave me alone
Get off the phone
I've got a heart of stone

In every game you hold the ace
But you ain't even in my race
You'll never realise just why
It's just been hello goodbye

Leave me alone
Get off the phone
I've got a heart of stoneback to top
I'm the Doctor
I know the way you feel I know it ain't too good
I know it feels like there's detergent in your blood
But don't you worry, gonna make you feel alright
I'm gonna lift your black depression, help you through the night
I'm your man, you know I'll help you if I can
Cos I'm your Doctor

I know you're desperate, I really sympathise
I see the morbid horror flicker in your eyes
But rest assured I'm gonna help to ease your pain
I'm gonna put a thousand tiny implants in your brain
I'm your boy, I'll make you undulate with joy
Cos I'm the Doctor

Don't get too depressed, I've found a way to help your case
A little hypodermic sends you into outer space
You'll feel much better when you take these little pills
I'm gonna give you 60 bottles, I believe in overkill
Heart attack, you know you're never coming back
Cos I'm the Doctorback to top
Go to Hell
Ya told me that ya wanted it
I knew it wasn't true
Turned out to be the facts babe
You know what you can do
You can go to hell, you can go to hell
Goodbye for you

Wrapped around your little finger
Under you thumb too
You know that I'm a singer
I'm singin' just for you
You can go to hell etc.

I guess I betta get movin'
Lotta things I gotta do
I realize it was a waste of time
Talkin' sense to you
You can etc.

Hope ya got my little message
I hope you hear me
I thought ya might've been the answer
Obviously crazyback to top
I'm a loser
I'm a loser, that's what they said
That's what they said
Now I got their women in my bed
You buy me a drink and you wish that I was dead

I'm a loser
I'm a loser and I don't know their names
I don't know their names
Call me a superstar, play that game
Cost you a million just to sign your name

I'm a loser
I'm a loser they turn me around
Turn me around
Big wide smile gonna bring me down
They don't know your arse from a hole in the groundback to top
Sex and Outrage
Seize the time
There's only minutes left to zero
Just got a little taste
I gotta get some more
Just me and you

Teenage, backstage, sex and outrage

It's like I got
An outboard motor in my bloodstream
And all you've done tonight
Is walk in through the door
No lie - all true

Teenage, backstage, sex and outrage

I think you know
Exactly what I'm trying to get at
The way you move yourself
Should be against the law
It's up to you

Teenage, backstage, sex and outrageback to top
500 Can't connect to (connect: Unknown error)back to top
Shut It Down
Sometimes you misunderstood
The way I see it, don't do no good
Sometimes you can't raise no help
Wind up ahead of yourself
I swear I get so tired of aggravation
Believe me baby it's nowhere, nowhere

The same old thing
The same old thing
I just wanna
Shut it down
Shut it down

On your feet or on your knees
You're only shooting the breeze
Words are cheap and talk is free
Turns out to be a rabbit with me
I'm gonna ace you out
No more confusion
Begin to make me nervous, nervous

[Chorus etc.]

I don't think you understand
Ain't no-one holding your hand
You're only skin and bone
You're born broke and you die alone
Free rides are over now
No more Mr. Nice Guy
Believe me baby it's over, over

[Chorus etc.]back to top
Got to hurry, got to hurry
I don't believe you worry
Take it back, take it back
You know you can't do that
Don't want no sleep
Up for a week
Yes, I'm a speekfreak, speedfreak

Way too fast, way too fast
Gonna be the first and last
Shoot ya down, shoot ya down
Flamin' Wreck you hit the ground
Up for a week
Don't need no sleep
Cos I'm a speedfreak, speedfreak

No regrets, no regrets
You can't afford'em yet
Comin' down, comin' down
Over, under, sideways, round
Up for a week
Playin' Hide and Seek
Cos I'm a speedfreak, everlasting speedfreakback to top
(Don't Need) Religion
I Don't need no blind belief,
I Don't need no comic relief,
I Don't need to see the scars,
I Don't need Jesus Christ Superstar,
Don't need no Sunday Television,
Bet your life you don't need religion.

I Don't need no time for prayer,
Don't save no knee-pads for me up there,
If your head's alright,
Ya don't need binoculars to see the light,
You don't need no miracle vision ,
Bet ya life I don't need religion.

I don't need no Santa Claus,
And I Don't believe in fairies no more,
I Don't need to go to confession,
I'm already trying to fight depression,
I Don't need no exorcism,
Bet ya life I don't need religion.back to top
Bang to Rights
Took her to a bar, I though I'd covered all my tracks
Thought I had it made, I felt daggers in my back
You came walkin' through the door sailed into the attack
Don't seem to be my night
You got me bang to rights

I ain't gonna fight it baby, there ain't no excuse
Don't know what to tell ya, but I hope you don't cut loose
It don't matter anyway, my head is in the noose
You got me stitched up tight
You got me bang to rights

I can tell you ain't exactly listening to me
I just wish that I could thing of some place else to be
I'm gonna make it up to you, just you wait and see
My future ain't too bright
You got me bang to rightsback to top
Remember Me, I'm Gone
I can't believe it, that I lost you,
Coulda made it happen, but it didn't come true,
Some other guy got you home and dry,
Only been the one, same old song,
Remember Me, I'm Gone

You're such a beauty, one of my best,
Could've stopped me running, could have beat the rest,
Now another face occupies my place,
Guess I'm not the one, the same old song,
Remember me, I'm Gone

I miss all the good times, you know your name,
You ain't mine no longer, it' a crying shame,
Now your old man got you in the slam,
Must have done you wrong, same old song,
Remember me, I'm Goneback to top
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