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Motorhead lyrics

Album: No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith [1981]

 01  Ace of Spades
 02  Stay Clean
 03  Metropolis
 04  The Hammer
 05 Iron Horse
 06  No Class
 07  Overkill
 08  (We Are) The Road Crew
 09 Capricon
 10  Bomber
 11  Motorhead
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Ace of Spades
if you like to gamble,i tell you i'm your man
you win some,lose some,it's all the same to me
the pleasure is to play,it makes no diffrence what you say
i don't share your greed
the only card i need is
the Ace of spades
the Ace of spades

playing for the high one,dicing with the devil
going with the flow,its all a game to me
seven or eleven,snake eyes wachin' you
double up or quit,double stakes or split
the ace of spades
the ace of spades

you know i'm born to lose,and ganbling's for fools
but that's the way i like it baby,i don't wanna live forever
and dont forget the joker

pushing up the ante,i know you like to see me
read'em and weep,the dead man's hand again
i see it in your eyes,take one look and die
the only thing you see,you know its gonna be
the ace of spades
the ace of spadesback to top
Stay Clean
I can tell, seen before,
I know the way, I know the law,
Can't believe, can't obey,
Can't agree with all the things I hear you say,
Oh no, don't ask me why,
I can't go on with all these filthy white lies, Stay Clean

Don't you know, all the time,
You got yours and you know that I've got mine,
Grab a hold, don't let go,
Don't let them rob you of the only thing you know,
Oh no, no-one else,
Got the right to make you sorry for yourself, Stay Clean

So you see, the only proof,
Of what you are is in the way you see the truth,
Don't be scared, live to win,
Although they're always gonna tell you it's a sin,
In the end, you're on your own,
And there is no-one that can stop you being alone, Stay Clean.back to top
, the worlds collide,
Ainīt nobody could be on your side,
I donīt care,I donīt care

Metropolis is something new,
Ainīt nobody got their eye on you,
I donīt care,I donīt care

Metropolis, the worlds collide,
Ainīt nobody on the other side,
I donīt care, Iīm not thereback to top
The Hammer
Let the killer go, donīt let your mother know,
Donīt go out tonight, donīt even try to fight,
īCos I can see, Iīve got the thing you need,
And Iīm here to stay, itīs gonna be that way,
Donīt try to run, donīt try to scream,
Believe me, The Hammerīs gonna smash your dream

Iīm in your life, just might be in your wife,
Could be behind your back, I might be on your track,
And it might be true, I might be onto you,
Iīll scare you half to death, Iīll take away your breath,
Donīt try to see, donīt try to hide,
Believe me, The Hammerīs gonna make you die

There ainīt no way, youīll see another day,
Iīm shooting out your lights, bring you eternal night,
And your eternal tricks, begin to make me sick,
The only thing I know, is that youīve gotta go,
Donīt try to hide, donīt look around,
Believe me, The Hammerīs gonna bring you down,

Believe me, The Hammerīs coming down!back to top
No Class
Shut up, you talk too loud,
You donÂīt fit in with the crowd,
I canÂīt believe you exist,
IÂīve crossed you out on my list,
Too much, too soon, youÂīre way out of tune,
No Class

Way out, youÂīre way out of line,
No buddy I canÂīt spare a dime,
Fade out, baby thatÂīs right,
No bark and even less bite,
Your perfect smile, betrays your lack of style,
No Class

Too late, you canÂīt catch up now,
You face the wrong way anyhow,
I know you ainÂīt got the brain,
To come in out of the rain,
Too bad, no magic, IÂīm afraid youÂīre very tragic,
No Classback to top
Tabbed by "Sollaz" at

Only way to feel the noise is when it's good and loud,
So good you can't believe it's screaming with the crowd,
Don't sweat it, get it back to you,
Overkill, Overkill
On your feet you feel the beat, it goes straight to your spine,
Shake your head you must be dead if it don't make you fly,
Don't sweat it, get it back to you,
Overkill, Overkill
Know your body's made to move, you feel it in your guts
Rock 'n' roll ain't worth the name if it don't make you strut,
Don't sweat it, get it back to you,
Overkill, Overkillback to top
(We Are) The Road Crew
From The Bite The Bullet Compilation, Where The Tape IS Still Rolling
After The Song Is Over...

Another town another place,
Another girl, another face,
Another truce, another race,

I'm eating junk, feeling bad,
Another night, I'm going mad,
My woman's leaving, I feel sad,

But I just love the life I lead,
Another beer is what I need,
Another gig my ears bleed,
We Are The Road Crew

Another town I've left behind,
Another drink completely blind,
Another hotel I can't find,

Another backstage pass for you,
Another tube of super glue,
Another border to get through,

I'm driving like a maniac,
Driving my way to hell and back,
Another room a case to pack,
We Are The Road Crew
Thats Right...

Another hotel we can burn,
Another screw, another turn,
Another Europe map to learn,

Another truckstop on the way,
Another game I learn to play,
Another word I learn to say,

Another bloody customs post,
Another fucking foreign coast,
Another set of scars to boast,
We Are The Road Crew
You Bastard!

Lemmys Talk:
Yeah fuckin' brilliant


Right, Next...

You what?

Next one after that then....back to top
Ain't a hope in hell,
Nothing's gonna bring us down,
The way we fly,
Five miles off the ground,
Because we shoot to kill,
And you know we always will,
It's a Bomber

Scream a thousand miles,
Feel the black death rising moan,
Firestorm coming closer,
Napalm to the bone,
Because, you know we do it right,
A mission every night,
It's a Bomber

No night fighter,
Gonna stop us getting through,
The sirens make you shiver,
You bet my aim is true,
Because, you know we aim to please,
Bring you to your knees,
It's a Bomberback to top
- Motorhead

Sunrise, wrong side of another day,
Sky high and six thousand miles away,
Don't know how long I've been awake,
Wound up in an amazing state,
Can't get enough,
And you know it's righteous stuff,
Goes up like prices at Christmas,
Motorhead, you can call me Motorhead, alright

Brain dead, total amnesia,
Get some mental anasthesia,
Don't move, I'll shut the door and kill the lights,
And if I can't be wrong I could be right,
All good clean fun,
Have another stick of gum,
Man, you look better already,
Motorhead, remember me now Motorhead, alright

Fourth day, five day marathon,
We're moving like a parallelogram,
Don't move, I'll shut the door and kill the lights,
I guess I'll see you all on the ice,
I should be tired,
And all I am is wired,
Ain't felt this good for an hour,
Motorhead, remember me now, Motorhead alrightback to top
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