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MxPx lyrics

Album: Let It Happen [1998]

 01  Never Learn
 02  Begin to Start
 03  Swing Set Girl
 04  Sick Boy
 05  Oh Donna
 06  Small Town Minds
 07  First Class Mail
 08  Can't See Not Saying
 09  GSF
 10  Thoughts and Ideas
 11  Easier Said Than Done
 12  Rock & Roll Girl
 13  Important Enough to Mention
 14  Elvis Is Dead
 15  Lifetime Enlightenment
 16  Let It Happen
 17  Hot and Cold
 18  So Kill Me
 19  Suggestion Box
 20  Creation
 21  Want Ad
 22  Honest Answers
 23  Late Last Night
 24  Biased Bigotry
 25  Circumstance
 26  Do Your Feet Hurt
 27  Move to Bremerton
 28  Chick Magnet
 29  Sorry So Sorry
 30  Cristalena
 31  Southbound
 32  Life in General
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Never Learn
Why am I in love with a girl who treats me oh so badly?
Why am I in love with a girl who made me feel so sadly?
I can't get over you. don't know what I should do.
You leave me feelin' down, then you come back around
Why am I in love with a girl who treats me oh so badly?
Why am I in love with a girl who made me feel so sadly?
I thought I was over you I still don't have a clue
Why you came back this way and you got me up today
Why am I in love with a girl who treats me oh so badly?
Why am I in love with a girl who made me feel so sadly?
I guess I never learn I don't wanna learn
Guess I never learn I don't wanna learn
Why am I in love with a girl who treats me oh so badly?
Why am I in love with a girl who made me feel so sadly?
I don't know why
Don't know why
Why?back to top
Begin to Start
They say to me don't be hangin' on.
If you won't go on, do I want to?
I'll pray to see I'll pray to know
Provide for me won't let it go.
Life confuses me (life confuses me) can't find my way
Out of here I think I'd rather stay. (rather stay)
I think I'd rather stay.
When do I begin to start?
Begin to let you into my heart?
Why so sad when I look at you
'cause I'm away. I know I feel it too.
Life confuses me (life confuses me) can't find my way
Out of here I think I'd rather stay. (rather stay)
I think I'd rather stay.
When do I begin to start?
Begin to let you into my heart?
They say to me don't be hangin' on.
If you won't go on, do I want to?
Life confuses me (life confuses me) I can't find my way
Out of here I think I'd rather stay. (rather stay)
I think I'd rather stay.
Life confuses me (life confuses me) I can't find my way
Out of here I think I'd rather stay. (rather stay)
I think I'd rather stay.back to top
Swing Set Girl
It doesn't make any sense to me
I was in the park, almost too dark to see
I just couldn't help but stare
Just me and her no one else was there

She's my swing set girl
She makes my heart sing
She's my swing set girl
I love to watch her swing

I know those kinda girls don't go for guys like me
So I guess I haven't got a lot to lose
But I just can't help wondering
What's she gonna say to meback to top
Sick Boy
Sick boy in his faded blue jeans - sick boy
Black leather jacket seen - sick boy
Always in trouble with the law
Don't ya know? owayo - sick boy
He carries a switchblade knife - sick boy
Likes to get into fights - sick boy
He'll go drinkin' with the boys
All night long. owayo - sick boy
Naa naa naa naa - sick boy
Owayo - sick boy
Naa naa naa naa - sick boy
Owayo - sick boy
He rides a big motor bike - sick boy
He combs his hair up just right - sick boy
With tatoos up and down his arms
Don't ya know? owayo - sick boy
He's got a girl wrapped around his arm - sick boy
With his street-like charm - sick boy
He'll hang out with her all night
Don't ya know? owayo - sick boy
Naa naa naa naa - sick boy
Owayo - sick boy
Naa naa naa naa - sick boy
Owayo - sick boy
Such a sick boy
We're all sick boys
I'm a sick boy
Naa naa naa naa naa naaback to top
Oh Donna
Oh donna, oh donna oh donna, oh donna
I had a girl. donna was her name.
Since she left me, I've never been the same.
'cause I love my girl. donna, where can you be?
Where can you be?
Now that you're gone and I'm left all alone.
All by myself to wonder and groan.
'cause I love my girl. donna, where can you be?
Darling, now that you're gone, I don't know what I'll do.
Yeah and time had all my love, for you.
Oh donna, oh donna
Oh donna, oh donna
I had a girl. donna was her name.
Since she left me, I've never been the same.
'cause I love my girl. donna, where can you be?
Where can you be?
Oh donna, oh donna
Oh donna, oh donna
Oh donna, oh donna
Oh donna, oh donnaback to top
Small Town Minds
You're the least of my problems, I won't give you the time
You're the least of my worries you're not worth your weight
I'll bet everything I have that you'll be there
To have what you call fun - but I don't care
Small town! small minds!
This means you!
Small town! small minds!
You don't have a clueback to top
First Class Mail
She says I'm negative I just can't see
It's her negativity depressing me
Maybe I'm anti-american me
I don't think the problem is nationality
It's your point of view
She see's these things through dogma's narrow eyes
You question my integrity, but I can't question yours
I have joy in what I know
But her interpretations bring me sorrow
How can I act like nothing's wrong
And not communicate what's going onback to top
Can't See Not Saying
It's been so long, I feel so out of touch
Thoughts cloud my heart and head
I think I think too much
The narrow path I follow, is it the right way?
I keep on dwelling in tomorrow
I should be living in today!
I'm having trouble with my thought process
And I'm no engineer
All the road to my brains are there
And the directions just aren't clear
I can't sit back and let all of this go
Want you to feel what I feel and to know what I know
I can't see not saying what's on my mind
Are all things meaningless and a waste of time?back to top
You didn't have to be so mean to me
I guess now I see how it's gonna be
I'm joining gsf, I've made up my mind
Forget this thing called love, it's a waste of time
Girls ain't no good anymore, anyway!
Not for one second have I understood
Why they do what they do, why they say what they say
Always happens to my friends, always happens to me
It's taken me 18 years to finally see
She said can we just be friends?
It's just not working out.
Another broken heart that I can do without

It's a waste of time - a waste of time!
I can do without! without I can do withoutback to top
Thoughts and Ideas
Are you intellectual?
Do you really think you're in control?
You know what you believe, illogical,
You don't percieve what are we doing here?
Our lives aren't even worth a can of beer
If the absolute does not exhist
You're just another number on a list
You refuse to take some one elses thoughts & ideas
It might point out your mistakes
Then you'll have to change you criteria
Take the time to reflect
The status quo before you reject
The opportunities given to you
How can there be an issue of morality?
If there is no absolute, everthing is relativeback to top
Easier Said Than Done
No one here is innocent as far as I can see.
It happens each and everyday condoned by you and me.
Is if right to take the very best only for yourself.
Thinking of no other one only of yourself.

I was lost then I was found
But my selfishness still brings me down
Was blind but now I see
This selfishness in front of me

Now I'm thinking about doing the right thing everday
It's really hard to do but it's easy to say
By myself I fall but in him I stand
Everytime I doubt he shows me againback to top
Rock & Roll Girl
I don't know what to do, I don't know what to say.
It hurts me to let go when she looks at me that way.

Oh did she see, what she's doing to me?

I thought that she was mine, I guess I was wrong.
It seems she's changed her mind, looks like she's moved along

Couldn't understand what she was trying to say,
I finally figured out that I was in her way, now I'm okay
She wasn't too down with rock and roll scene,
She wasn't too down with the pain that it brings, oh yeah.
She sprouted wings and flew away.back to top
Important Enough to Mention
They all wanna talk when I'm not around
But when I'm back in town they're no where to be found
They got things to say about things they don't know
And don't to show of intellectual conversation

Words will often hide the truest form of intention
I can see what you all lack inside isn't important enought to mention;

They won't deal with themselves wasting time doing something else
Temporary indoor fun they never go out into the sun
My freedom to express has never been reasked more
Since when is it their chore to tell me what to live my life for

I know that you wanna hear
I'm gone for good
I know you want me to leave
You won't get rid of me that easy

Your hurting words
In the end they'll mean nothing to me
All your lies
In the end your hungry eyes will see
Nothing to me....back to top
Elvis Is Dead
That voice inside my brain
Elvis talking to me again
I think I'm going insane
He says that he's my friend
But I know what he said
Is a lie cause elvis is dead
Now I know that what I see
Can't be him 'cuz this guy's skinny
Why can't I see that elvis is me
And I oughta know it
Need to change I'm way too strange
And I shouldn't show it
I got too much time to drink
And no coke to think
Elvis talked to me today
He told me what to sayback to top
Lifetime Enlightenment
You want something you take it
Can't hide from God can't fake it
He knows your heart he knows mine
You've only got a lifetime

Have you no integrity?
Your wasted mind, your apathy
Same old high school mystery
You're too dumb & blind to see

You've already made up your mind
You don't care you don't wanna find
The truth will hit you like cement
Too bad too sad it's too late for your enlightenmentback to top
Let It Happen
I want someone to love
A girl that when I think of
Will put a smile on my face
I want to hold her hand
Want her to understand
There's got to be a better place

Than this world cause this
Is the best time of our lives
Should I be thinking about that now
She turns my world around
I let it happen everytime

I want a lot of things
Selfishness always seem to bring
All the pain back in my mind
Which way to go
Answers to questions I don't know
There's better things that we can findback to top
Hot and Cold
What day is this so I can sing
The kind of day you start recycling
You feel so good you could explode
Or stand around out by the road

Sometimes it makes me sick
Yah I'd rather puke
Or get poked with a stick
Than see your face

Then I think of the decision I made
That makes me happy all over again
Just like birds to the sky and fish to the sea
I'm as happy as can beback to top
So Kill Me
Losing my mind
You've lost yours long ago
Wasting your time
You want me to go

So when you feel like killing me
Just go ahead cause I'll be there for you

Go ahead and try to understand me
I'll try and understand you
It's not hard to be demanding
Cause this is all so newback to top
Suggestion Box
So many unanswered questions
About those who hate so much
Most of which are mislead
Most of which are untouched
They resort to violence
To forcefeed their fascist views
All we see is blood stained boots
For no real reason on the news
Is there ever a second thought
That slips on through their mind
That this is sick and wrong
That this is so unkind
No tolerance for ignorance
That's the way it should be
I'll try not to judge you
But I know there's two sides to see

There's much more to me, why can't you see
There's two sides to seeback to top
You don't understand my views, or what it is I see
Nothing you say is news cause you wouldn't listen to me
You take my words out of context, your message of wrong is right
What are you gonna tell us next, that dark is day not light?

Creation! is proof enough for me
Something that's there for everyone to see

You watch the wrong example then conclude a falacy
Your hasty generalization is there for all to see
My actions you speak of is easier said than done
The hope that God see's in you has got you on the run.back to top
Want Ad
I need the kind of girl that knows a girl that
Likes to wear my clothes somone who always
Buys me coke someone who laughs at all my
Jokes that's the girl that I want to see fall in love
With me that's the girl that I long to know oh
How I love her so I'm looking for a girl who
Writes me songs and talks to jesus all day long
And the way she does her hair no one else
Can compare I'll probably meet her at a show
When I look at her I'll know that she's the
Perfect one for me and with her I will always
Be the one for meback to top
Honest Answers
I'll try to shed some common sense, situation so intense
Many questions, don't know whys & all the lies got tempers risin'
There's 2 or 3 sides to it all, but just one truth if I recall
Looking to & thinking through, the word of God infinite, true
If you want honest answers, I know you do, so say it's true
We all want honest answers, something true, it's nothing new

You're threatened by what you don't understand, and it's time
Give up yourself, why won't you stop facading? this wicked world

So set in the ways, you've been taought day after day
This nations brainwashed, without a clue, still they know not what they do
I can't cast the stone, cause iv'e got problems of my own
But I'm discussing, being real, this just the way I feelback to top
Late Last Night
Late last night so many thoughts were going thru my mind
Since the fall selfish, sophist people; I guess that means us all

We all have fallen short that's no surprise
But why must we refuse to open up our eyes

We're so scared we might find something better than we are
Deeper means life has got a purpose it's intrinsically in allback to top
Biased Bigotry
It's so easy to find the faults
In everyone else & not look at myself
I'm geting used to not having to
Look at the facts of where I'm at

You don't know me so don't judge me
Your biased bigotry can't control me

God's son my judge only he & not you who ar you
You see my skin God see's my heart deep within

The way I see the way it seems to me
I won't agree you can't live my life for meback to top
Are you happy with your life?
You make just enough to scrape by
You pay the rent, and your check is spent
Where did last weekend go
You wasted all your flow and you dont
Remember where it went

Drinking smoking cigarettes
Working but you're still in debt
Thinking losing self-esteem.
How can this be, happening?

You might have the temporary, superficial happiness
That you buy with money you don't have.
Do you tell yourself, it's just the first time or maybe the last time
Which is your circumstance

Life is not a job or a career.
Living is not smoking and drinking beer
A gift to receive and not to take
The free thinking choice is yours to makeback to top
Do Your Feet Hurt
Can I call you sweetheart or even baby doll?
If I had your number, you'd be getting a phone call
Can I leave you a message on your machine?
Letting you know that you're the bomb
And you blew up on me

Are you anxious to see me
After your next class?
Do you care when I tell you
Step around that broken glass?

Can I see you after you get out of school?
I won't even mind if you treat me cruel
Take a ride on my vespa, I'll take you home
I'll climb up to your window and read you a poem

I know that you believe in the one true God above
And that's why you're waiting
For your one and only love
Do your feet hurt? did you fall from heaven?
'cause you've been running through
My mind all day
My mind don't mind

I don't know what to say or do
I can't eat when I'm with you
Goodnight sweetheart I gotta go
And you won't come to my next show?back to top
Move to Bremerton

When I meet a special girl,
She always lives somewhere else in the world.
Don't want to call her on the phone,
I want to talk to her when I'm at home.

Drop out of school and run away,
Quit your job, you've got a place to stay
Pack your bags and hitch a ride
Bremerton's a good place to reside

Move to Bremerton, we'll hang out,
Move to Bremerton 'cause you wanna,
Move to Bremerton, will you be mine?

Move to Bremerton until the end of time

I'll change the street signs you drive down
So you'll end up in my town
I'll redraw the maps all one by one
So they'll lead to Bremerton

If you cut your hair and bleach it too,
You gotta know that I'll have a crush on you.
I'm a sucker for a short haired girl with a pretty smile
She gots to have ideas, yeah, and she gots to have styleback to top
Chick Magnet
(people talking)
Well he's a chick magnet, if ya know what I mean
The way the girlies just go to him
Well ya should've seen
The guy yeah, he's got style and it's plain to see
Smooth shoes and cool tattoos
Hair pomped as tight as can be

He ain't got a girlfriend
No one to sing this song to
He's gotta settle down
If he meets that special girl soon

He knows just what to do
When it comes to the girls
He writes them poetry
And he picks them flowers
He knows just what to say
When it comes to the ladies
Knows how to make a girl smile
How to drive a girl crazyback to top
Sorry So Sorry
I should have stayed in bed today
I couldn't think of a positive thing to say
My friends all hate me now
I was selfish and realize now
I have it a little time
I thought about it a while
Ask to forgive and forget
Crack a joke and a smile
It's hard to say you're sorry
When you know that you were wrong
The weight of hurting words
We often carry on
The annoying things I don't mind so much anymore
I've learned to tolerate the annoying four
I won't let the sun go down
When I've made a mistake
I'd make right what I've wronged
And give more that I takeback to top
Cristalena, ya she's so cool
Crsitalena, she's out of control
Half the time she don't know where she's at
Cristalena don't know much about that
But you know, and I know cristalena
But you know, and I know where I've seen her
Cristalena, she's in her own world
She's always happy as a littly girl
Cristalen's nice unless she's annoyed
Cristalena happens to like boys - but not me
Cristalena, where'd you go?
Don't even know where you've been
Cristalena, won't you stay?
Please don't go away, won't you be my friend?back to top
It's all the same
Same old town witha different name
That's fine by me
There's only one place that I wanna be
Southbound on i-5
And windows down and music on the stereo
I'm drivin' and I'm dreamin'
There's no place I'd rather go
Staring at white lines on the side of the road
(playing every night with the occasional fight)
Been on the road awhile
I gotto get back to a place with style
Hang out, havin' fun
I gotta get back to the beach in the sunback to top
Life in General
I don't understand what's going on in my life these days
Everything upside down turned around
Won't waste my life, no way
And I don't know why
I can't see clearly?
I can't think 'cause it's too early
So many doubts frequent my mind all the time
Our lives in general are one in the same,
But there's no variations
Our lives in general are on in the same
But there's no difference of opinion
In my younger years, I used to be so free
But I don't know what's happening to me
We all know by now that time's the enemy
It controls us, tells us where to be
Don't know, don't care
If you need me, I'll be right hereback to top
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