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MxPx lyrics

Album: Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo [1998]

 01  Under Lock and Key
 02  Tomorrow's Another Day
 03  The Final Slowdance
 04  I'm OK, You're OK
 05  Cold and All Alone
 06  Party, My House, Be There
 07  The Downfall of Western Civilization
 08  Invitation to Understanding
 09  Fist Vs. Tact
 10  What's Mine Is Yours
 11  Self Serving With a Purpose
 12  For Always
 13  Set the Record Straight
 14  Get With It
 15  Inches From Life
 16 The Theme Fiasco
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Under Lock and Key
There's something crazy, something strange about
The way I'm lazy and how I go about
Giving my time and how I reason
Do all my problems have to do with how I reason?
Don't feel bad if you haven't figured out
Cause I'm not mad there's really no need to shout
There's really no way you could have estimated
That you would ever in your life be so frustrated

If you knew what was good for you
You'd lock me up and throw away the key
You don't need me and no you never will
You never did as far as I can tell

Should I wake up and explain myself to you
Or should I not care and sleep the whole day thru
Finding the sense in everything
Is like going thru my head to find a diamond ring.
Living day by day is all that I can say
Something someone to believe in might be the
Other way
We can't know for sure until we open the door
Inherent choices, choices I can't take anymoreback to top
Tomorrow's Another Day
I don't want to let my life fly by
Do you ever stop, stop to wonder why?

And time flies by
When everything is ok
It just turns out that life ain't that way
Big decisions overwhelm me and I know
Nothing's free

When I don't think of, think about much
People die and we don't know why
I could use some understanding
Human contact, sign that contract

I don't want to let my life fly by
Did you ever stop to wonder why-ever stop to
Wonder, wonder why?

And time stands still when no one understands you
When you don't quite understand yourself
But just know this that God is faithful
Even if you don't have faith yourself

There's nothing quite like being sure of
What's inside your heart
It's mostly simple but not so easy
To know just where to start

Today didn't have to be this way
Tomorrow is another day
Another chance to make things right
A chance to make sense of last night

A chance to fully live your life
I don't want to, I don't want to, you don't want toback to top
The Final Slowdance
You're taking all the space up in my head
With all the things that we could do and
All the things that could be said
It's hard for me to understand
The way I feel about you and the way it
Made me feel to hold your hand

Am I running out of time or am I at the
Starting line?
I know I missed the mark yet I just need some
Sort of sign

My words don't come out easily
So I will tell you honestly
No one wants to spend
Eternity alone....back to top
I'm OK, You're OK
What's going on tonight? is everything alright?
I hope that nothing's wrong. I haven't seen you
In so long.

I'm away, you're here to stay and I'm away and
You're ok
You're here to stay and I'm away, you're here to
Stay and I'm ok

What exactly do you do, when I'm not with you?
What exactly do you say, all the time that I'm away?

You tell me nothing's wrong
Seems like I've been gone oh so long
Nothing seems to have changed
Yet the familiar things seem all so strangeback to top
Cold and All Alone
I know I'm mean but I'm real sorry
I didn't mean to make you cry
I feel so bad by then it's too late
You're hurt, I'm mad, is this goodbye?

I've dug down far too deep
I've dug down far I'm losing sleep

You know its hard you know I'm trying
To understand to do what's right
I don't like to see you crying
I don't like it when we fight

I've dug down far too deep
I've dug down far I'm losing

Cold and all alone
Out there on your own
Cold and all alone
Living on your ownback to top
Party, My House, Be There
It's about time for a party at my house
And it wouldn't be the same without you
No not at all, as I recall
You've got what I need

Bring along yourself and don't forget that smile
And plan on staying a while
Till Summer turns to fall, as I recall
You've got what I need

You said you were leaving
I said you were crazy
You said that you had some things to do

I'll see you in a while
And don't forget that smile
What else could there possibly be to do?back to top
The Downfall of Western Civilization
What do you call yourself?
What did you call me?

Excuse me but you don't know me
And I sure don't know you neither

Who are you and where did you go?
You think you know but you, just don't knowback to top
Invitation to Understanding
Come on understanding visit me for once today
I'll be grateful, you don't even have to stay
It must be hard for you to get over to my
Side of town
I know there's many people like me to be found

If you come knockin' at my door
And I am not around
Foolishness came by and we're downtown
Please don't leave
Please come on in and make yourself at home
I know you're probably used to being alone

Everyone keeps telling me you're something that
You're not
But I know if I met you I'd like you a lot
What exactly does it take to bring you to my door
By the time that you arrive I won't live here no more

What can I do? there's no one here but me
And nothin' on tv
Where could you be? I really wouldn't know
Where else you might goback to top
Fist Vs. Tact
Mxpx - Fist Vs Tact

I've dwelt long on the past and I just can't take it anymore
I struggle in vain at last, I've managed to board
Up the windows and lock the door

Persist to resist, fight back
Not with a fist, with tact
Ideas in actino, with passion
Passion commitment, dedicationback to top
What's Mine Is Yours
As soon as I figured out that you wouldn't be there
As soon as I figured out that you didn't care
I try to do what's right, I try to keep an open mind
I try to do what's right, but your so unkind

You don't own me
They've abolished slavery
And I can't wait for the day when things
Turn around
You don't own me,
They've abolished slavery
There's conciseness for your actions
I know cause I'm paying for mine now

The piece of paper you have says that you
Can get into my pocket
But you can't get inside my heart or my mind or
My head
Money doesn't mean to me what it obviously
Means to you
Cause I would never steal from kids that dont
Have a clueback to top
Self Serving With a Purpose
Next time my heart breaks in cold rage
I'll be on your page
Waves of misunderstanding crashing
Demanding passage through

Dont tell me I've changed
Dont tell me I've changed

You've got your rights
Dont mean it's right, ethical or sane
I'm not your type your beholding me
Dont remind, regret

Still desperate is as desperate does
Self served purpose, grasping straws
Ugly hate and ill breed heart
Misunderstanding from the startback to top
For Always
If we help each other out along the way
Then maybe everything will be ok
Who decides if you'll succeed?
Who decides those things you want and need?

Looking back on all those years
All the smiles and all the tears
I never want those memories to fade
What we have done what can we do
We search our whole life for the truth
For always and always and always

I know sometimes well disagree
But no one here can absolutely see
Were just learning as we go
There's nothing in this world we just don't know

Honestly not interestedback to top
Set the Record Straight
Did we ever have an understanding?
Did we ever have anything at all?
Not that I recall
You were really never there for us but then
We were never really there for you
It's true, the rest is up to you
You say we won't, we might
We thought about it twice tonight
And if we don't seem too broken hearted
That's because we're glad we've parted
I think we've had enough for two

Well I believe in second chances
I believe this world is gonna end
But I would do anything to set the record straight

If you would believe

Will someone think about the heartbreak?
Will someone realize there has been a mistake?
No one cares enough to listen
No one cares enough to rationalize
Just believe the liesback to top
Get With It
Kid quit it, get with it
Kid quit it, get with it
You're getting on my nerves
Is that what I deserve

I know I can't play guitar
So kill me quickly
And I'll be glad I'm gone

You wouldn't be so cool
If your friends ran off without you
And left you with your pants down

You're nothing but a lonely clown
With out a circus
A sheep that's lost the flock
Your nothing but a lonely clown
With out a circus
We're just here to rockback to top
Inches From Life
There's something wrong inside of us
It's important to discuss
A narrow mind a hardened heart
And this is just the very start

Frustration gets the best of me
So I don't speak coherently
We are are taught to go along
We need to figure out it might be wrong

You oughta know you can be inches from life
And never live at all
You oughta know that our pride is our downfall
There's no need to stand up tall

No one knows what's going on
Even those who cause oppression
Most of which don't realize
Uneasy smiles and blackened eyes

Could it be there's something real
Not always known but you can feel
The presence of an absolute
That our lives cant substututeback to top
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