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Myon lyrics

Album: Heaven's Garden [1999]

 01  Heaven's Garden
 02  Point Of View
 03  Fatal Way
 04  Every Other Day
 05  I Wanna Be
 06  Can You Forgive Me
 07  Broken Arrow
 08  Transvestite Dance
 09  Lonely
 10  How Can I Cry
 11  Dancer
 12  End Of Time
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Heaven's Garden
The Theme Of The Song Reminds Us That Everybody Is Free To Speak Their Mind.

Now That You?Re Gone Out Of My Life
My World Is Empty Without You
Nothing Left And All The Memories
Make My Heart Bleed
The World Is A Lonely Place Now
Too Much Sadness Too Much Pain
It Makes Me Insane
I Pray My God Who Ever He Is
I?M Gonna Find You By My Side
Through The Gates Of Heaven I Flow
Im Heading T?Wards The Light
The World Is A Lonely Place Now....
I'll See You In Heaven?S Garden
I?Ll Get Finally Piece Of Mind
I'll See You In Heaven?S Garden
We?Ll Be Forever Unified
No One Knows What I See
Or What I Feel Inside Of Me
Im Gonna Do What Ever It Takes
Before My Heart Breaks
The World Is A Lonely.........
I'll See........back to top
Point Of View
I Don?T Listen To Those Lies
I Don?T Belive Them Anyway
I Just Close My Eyes
And Let My Mind Wander Away
What In Hell You Try To Do
Keep Your Mouth Shut Im Not A Fool
You Better Fade Away Of My Sight
After All You Know That I?M Right
What On Earth They Try To Do Us Here
Fuck Them All I Dont Care
Don?T Try To Turn My Head Now
It?'S My Point Of View
. If You Dont Like The Things I May Say Now
Run Away I Ain't Gonna Make Or Force You To Stay
Take Your Things And Disappear
Fly To That Place You Left For Here
You Better Fade Away Of My Sight
After All You Know That I'm Right
What On Earth ........
Dont Try To Turn My Head Now.....back to top
Fatal Way
Strong Story Telling How Dangerous Drugs Are - Fatal

You Had Your Choice You Got To Live With That
Your Life Is Taken By The Wraiths Of Lethal Ecstasy
Gutter Calls On Their Dark?N? Stony Halls
Forgotten By The God Of Us Who Died Crucified
Poison Burns It?S Running Through Your Veins
Demons Haunt Forever Fools In Their Chains
No Escape You Got To Live With That
Hell Is Here, Fuel That Hate ,You Should Be Afraid
Devil?S Hand Sweeps Your Throat You Take The

Oath Of The Goat
Burns Your Flesh With A Flame Your'e Part Of The Game
Dealers Of Sorrow Take Too Much
It?S Killing Day My Fatal Way
Run Like A Dog Kill Like A Beast
It?S Killing Day My Fatal Way
Believe Me Now Just Listen To Me
Don?T Waste Your Life Or Time
For Some Shitty Little Crimeback to top
Every Other Day
Powerful Ballad With A Progressive Attitude

Neon Signs And Fading Echoes
Confusing Me
Blinded By The Loneliness
I Still Can?T Be Free
I Have Lost Everything
I Ever Had
Everything That You Gave Me
Turns To Sand In My Hand
All My Love Just Fades Away
When The Sun Turns To Rain
All My Dreams And Hopes Are Gone
When My Love Turns To Pain
Every Other Day
I?M Just Looking For A Reason To Stay
Every Other Day
I?M Lookin For The Reason
Lost And Lonely I Was
And I Am Again
Thrown Away All My Feelings
Every Other Dayback to top
I Wanna Be
Laid Back Love Song, Sounds Especially Great Live

I ?Ve Been Waiting For You Thousand Years
Crying Seas Of Bitter Tears
I ?Ve Been Running Through The Painful Past
But I Found You At Last
I ?Ve Seen Too Many Nightmares
Missing Someone Who Cares
I ?Ve Been Livin In The Dirty Streets
Full Of Strangers And Creeps
Now I Have Someone Someone Who Loves Me
I Can Go Somewhere And She'll Be Waiting There
Hey Girl I Wanna Be With You Tonight
Hey Girl I Wannabe With You
Hey Girl I Wanna Be With You Tonightback to top
Can You Forgive Me
Drummer Matti Torro's Will Never Explain These Lyrics ...

Twentyeighth Floor The Window Is Open
I Close My Eyes And I Feel The Breeze
This Luxury Suite Is Too Much For Me
For Who Am I Livin? For
Tonight I Make My Move
I?Ll Go Out And Run To You
Neon Figures Surrounding Me
And I Scream Again And Again
Can You Forgive Me
I Wasn't There When You Needed Me
Forgive Me
I Wasn?T There When You Needed Me
Another Day Somebody Calls
I Try To Answer Blood's Rushing In My Veins
Am I Awake Or Am I Dreaming
There Is No One Here
Tonight I Make My Move.....
I Deny My Lies And I Realize
My Life Is Not The Same As Beforeback to top
Broken Arrow
Originally Inspired By A Movie With A Same Name, The Theme Develops In The Opposite Direction

Too Many Secrets So Hard To Reveal
Heathen Preachers I Just Can?T Believe
I Don?T Need No Prayers I Don?T Need No Lies
They Hide All The Answers And Blind Our Eyes
. No God No Hope And Heaven Is Only The Joke
What Is The Meaning Of This Life
Is It Only Sacrifice
They Suck Your Soul Out Of You
They Break Your Homes,There?S Nothing To Do
They Are Charming They Are So Sweet ,In The Name Of God
Planting The Devils Seed
Where Is The Truth, What?S Behind The Scenes
Where Is The Answer, Who Holds The Key
Death And Destruction Hiding Somewhere Behind The Men
Grip Of Sorrow Won?T Let You Go
When The Nations Are Falling And The Children Are Dying
No Healing Hands, When The Angels Cry
Do We Have Nothing Left That We Could Do
Oh No We Cannot Rest, It?S All Up To You
Who Knows The Secret Of Broken Arrow
Who Dares To Believe For Our Tomorrowback to top
Transvestite Dance
Story About The Male Neighbour, Who, At Night, Turns Into A Woman

Hot Tight Leather High Heels And Chains
He Looks Like Lady ?I'm A Woman? He Claims
Queen Of The Night The Kinky Thing
Kiss After Needle A Little More High
Psychedelic Passion He Flies In The Sky
Hunter Or Game Do You Wanna Try
With Belts And Stripes He Ties You In His Bed
No Candles No Romance Only Transvestite Dance
He Walks Alone He Walks Alone
Dancing On His Transvestite Danceback to top
Sami Huotari's Heartbreaking 'Symphony', After He Broke-Up With A Lovely Girl ...

Gotta Tell You Story That Made Me Feel Real Jazzed
I Met A Girl With Curls And The Evil Cast
She Gave Her Love ?N? Made Me Act Like A Fool
Now I?M Here, Lonely, Aint That Cruel
Now I?M Lonely Please Come Back To Me
I?M Crying But You Just Can?T See
So Many Times I Tried To Tell What I Feel
But Every Time My Words Got Under Your Heel
I Blame Myself I Ever Let You Go
Now I?M Here , Lonely As You Knowback to top
How Can I Cry
Very Emotional Ballad About People Ignoring What's Going On Around Them.

All The Time I Feel
Sorrow For You
Why This Happens To You
You?Re An Innocent Angel
Television Tells A Sad Story
A Fairytale Without Glory
So Many Questions In Your Eyes
So Many Answers Winged With Lies
First They Give Then They Take
Time Won?T Heal The Wounds What They Make
How Can I Cry If I Don't Know Your Name
Feelings Inside Me
Pray That You Stay
All The Time..
How Can I Cry.....back to top
The Song Was Written After The Boys' Night Out At A Topless Bar...

If You Need Some Action , I Know The Best Place In This Town
Just Around The Corner Lives A Girl Who Makes The Sun
There's No Way To Phone Her, You Can Always Knock Her Door
I?Ll Give You The Secret Word And She?S Crawling On The Floor
Dance Dance My Girl
Dance Dance
Dance Dance My Girl
Dancer, One Night Queen Tonight
Dancer, Dont Let Her Out Of Your Sight
Dancer, Eat Her Alive With Your Burning Eyes
Take A Really Good Look Now , You Won?T See Her Again
Forbidden Pleasure Maker, Oh Yeah My Woman
Is She Real Or Phantom, Or Only Trick Of You'r Mind
I?Ll Give You The Secret Word And You'll See Love And Grindback to top
End Of Time
The First Version Of This Song Was An Acoustic Ballad.
It Turned Out So Well, We Decided To Add This Version As A Bonus Track ...

Close Your Eyes, Tell Me What You See
Emptiness, Or Only Just Me
I'm Still Waiting, I Can?T Explain
Why My Only Love Left Me In Pain
I Don?T Want Believe Tomorrrow
I Can?T Stand Living Out My Life
And I Fly, I Can?T Stay
My End Of Time Takes Me Far Away
Where I Go Now I Just Don?T Know
I Have Lost Your Love And Now You?Re Gone
I'm Still Waiting , I Can?T Explain
Why My Only Love Left Me In Painback to top
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