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Mystifier lyrics

Album: Goetia [1993]

 01  Aleister Crowley And Ordo Templi Orientis
 02  An Elizabethan Devil Worshipper's Prayer Book
 03  Caerimonia Sanguilentu (Goetia)
 04  Beelzebuth
 05  The Realm Of Antichristus
 06  The True Story About Doctor Faust's Pact With Mephistopheles
 07  Cursed Excruciation
 08  The Baphometic Goat Of Knights Templar In The 12th Century
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Aleister Crowley And Ordo Templi Orientis
he is the wicked man of shaven head
the personification of evil
never again will appear a man like him
he is proud of himself and his disciples contemplate him

i'm the master therion. 666. the great beast. the iniquous. the satanist
listen to me singing my satanic hymns with my ordo templi orientis
the imperfect man searching for the perfect evil

do what you wilt. it shall be the whole of the law

a toad croaks crucified at my altar.a woman writhes chained on my lord's table
I sodomise women and animals in my ceremonies. my tortures and sacrifices are
to glorify the evil. an animal sacrifice is good but a human sacrifice is best

sacrifices, degradation, obscenity, wickedness, deification, rituals, drugs
i'm the devil
pervesity, mockey, sex, debauchery, evocations, sorcery, spells
i'm the perpetual
i'm aleister crowley & ordo templi orientis

evil by evil. my ceremonies can never stop
evil by evil. the great beast prepares to attack

I ask to my scarlet woman:"quid velis?"
she tears to pieces her vest and says:"ad sacrificium, offerre corpus meum"
after she lies bare on lord's table.I raise the dagger!!!
she writhes, groans and yells
my disciples caper to the table and shout:"laus satani!!!"

the deification
"ad gloriam. ad majorem lucifer gloriam"

oh angel of light. lucifer. star of the morning of intelligence. venus.
oh thou fallen from heaven.I, the sinistrous man, aleister crowley, violated
the whole ethical code and biblical priciple known by man in thy honor
I salute thee, oh lucifer, with this sacrifice and these words because thou
protected my impure soul from the light of goodness
I can hear the funeral chant of my burial.a black mass
my disciples chanting my satanic hymns for mankind
hail god lucifer!!! bring me the evil light!!!

total injury. total disgust.I could be in the material world
but i'm fine here. i'm among friends. the evil spirits

put satanakia, tarchimache, fleurity, agalieraps,
sargathanas, nesbiros, syrach
i'm the devil
bechard, frimost, klepoth, khil, merifild, claunech, musifin
i'm the perpetual
i'm aleister crowley & ordo templi orientis

evil by evil. the right man in the right place
evil by evil.I hope you follow my advices

I follow the left hand path
I perform my rituals in hell
I dominate the black arts
I hold the key of mysteries
i'm going to return to this world with my god and his angels lucifer!!!back to top
An Elizabethan Devil Worshipper's Prayer Book
my black book of demon's doctrine
writing in latin on fine paper and bound in leather
my diabolic parchment with some cabalistic symbols,
magic circles and sortileges
my precious book which I use to do my exhortations and
a variety of black magick rites
to satisfy my excitations and carnal pleasures
immoral book of conspiracy with satan

two candles of human fat illuminate my altar
the great omnipotent goat sits on the pentagram
in my left hand a magick sword of black handle
and on the table a golden chalice with blood

my satanic ritual is beginning

in my prophane ceremony of submission to the evil
I perform it dressed as the devil
my disciples devote themselves to terror, joy and sensuality
I prepare the hosts of communion with flour, excrements,
pus and blood of menstruation
they use it as artificial anus and vagina
they copulate it ferociously
shouting that they're sodomizing jesus and deflorating the virgin

I recite the words of spell
from my black book of a lost time
a sacrifice to the omnipotent
my satanic ritual has just begun

crumbing the consecrated host
and blaspheming yhvh
mandrake root, juice of aconite and unholy water are my artifacts
profanation and bestiality

by the face of the unholy majesty and
by the beasts in front of the throne
I conjure them
oh princes and demons of darkness

lucifer, bacchus, sucubus,
astarte, incubus and belphegor
I summon you!!!

I know that you are here!!!back to top
Caerimonia Sanguilentu (Goetia)
trois-echelles, charles ix's magician, was accused of witchery by inquisitors
he confessed to the king that he given himself over to a demon
who enable him to perform prodigies
he asked to the king: "am I forgaven?"
the king forgave him for his misdeeds

but if he had a relapse
the king promised his cure on the gallows
he did a relapse and was hanged in due course
he swore to the king avenge by the uncontrollable power of black magick
a malign disease will abate king charles ix

the years were going and now the king is on his dying bed praying against death
on the twenty eighth day of may fifteen seventy four
near the dying hour, the king consults necromancers about his disease
he said:"remedy or magic either will be able to cure me!!"

the necromancers examined charles ix and were troubled with him
they think the king was bewitched by a malign work (goetia)
only the bloody ceremony can reveal the cause of disease
but there's hardly chance to king can recover

the necromancers perform a ceremony at midnight in the presence of the king
a young jew is brought all dressed of body linen prepared to communion
on an altar in which the image of satan treads on a crucifix
a necromancer consecrates two black and white hosts

the white host is given to the jew
after he is thrown at stairs from the altar and is decaptated by necromancer
now his head is placed upon the black host on the paten
the demon is invoked to answer through jew's head

the necromancer asks to charles ix to put a question mentally to the head
a moment of panic and expectation
the dead lips agitate and say:"vim patior"
finally the answer is given also mentally to the king who falls to back
and shouts:"remove this head from here now!!!"

on the following day at dying hour, the king repeats those words said
by him in the ceremony
in the hands of death, he sweats blood and dies
trois-+chelles' prediction was accomplishedback to top
i'm black as the night
i'm black as the death
i'm black as the other side of the moon
i'm black as the darkness

i'm their shadows
i'm the pulse of their hearts
I pump blood through their bodies

I can feel their breathings
I can touch in their hearts
I can take possession of their souls
I can feel the fear in their eyes

i'm the black fallen angel of the plague
flies attack!!!
kill them all!!!

i'm the prince of demons
the lord of flies
i'm karma of the human beings
i'm a fever without cure

do you know what you say?
do you wanna die?
you will die!!!
in nomine deum nostri satanas
i'm not a fever
i'm the lord of flies!!!
the prince of demons
no fever... the lord!!!
no, i' don't agree with you
you will die!!!back to top
The Realm Of Antichristus
while the night falls a gloomy mist covers the earth
the wild child will come to light
the holy symbols tremble and the glitter of joy is sad
the lord's son of evil soon will be among us

antichristus will come. the bells begin to ring solemnly
antichristus will come. the satanists wait for their deity

at midnight was born the prodigal son of evil
the satanists show to the wild child his new realm
he rejoices and promises the elixir of imortality to us
yhvh and jesus christ prepare to battle against antichristus

antichristus arrived. he chalenges his apponents to fight
antichristus arrived. yhvh and jesus christ hesitate face the invitation

yhvh commands his kerubs
jesus christ commands his angels
antichristus commands his demons
kerubs and angels attack and murder some demons from antichristus' battalion
he becomes furious and calls for the mighty gods of evil

lucifer sends unseen demons fulminate the angels
pazuzu blows and throws dust in the eyes of the kerubs
behemoth uses his brutal force against the kerubs
astaroth murders the last live kerubs
beelzebub sends a bunch of flies to molest the angels
asmodeus tramples the angels with his chariot of fire
moloch devours the remains of the angels and the kerubs
belial announces the victory of the realm of antichristus

look as the rust corrodes the golden palace of heaven
the rays become frozen in the hands of yhvh
jesus christ prowls alone in the vale of tears
antichristus salutes the mighty gods of evil

antichristus won. the bells ring solemnly
antichristus won. the evil deity says loudly:
"my triumph over yhvh was an example to others"back to top
The True Story About Doctor Faust's Pact With Mephistopheles
the prologue at heaven the archangels, god and the devil
the choir of archangels sing harmonic verses in glory of god
but there's a dissonance among them
the devil is going to talk with god about his creatures from earth
who are searching ways over the human condition
god become startled and defends his creation:
"a good man knows by hear his certains way"
the devil asks him:"can you tell me one of those good men??"
godthinks:"my servant, faust"
the devil laughs scepitic and invites god to make a bet for faust's soul

the charlatan, the doctor faust, fatigued with theology and philosophy
a profound disgust with life and strong inclination towards death
he thinks commit suicide, but he finds another solution
the prohibited arts of damnable science may deliver him from his anguish of mind

in his gothic room looking the sign of cosmos
the doctor faust summons for the spirit of earth
he beats irritated on the magick book and contemplates
the sign of the spirit of earth
he pronounces the mysterious vocables to summon the spirit of earth
he lights a red flame and the spirit of earth appears on it

the spirit on red flame dialogues with faust and disappears
a damned dog with fiery eyes and a terrible mandible appears

f:"don't growl damned dog. what do you trace?"
d:"didn't you summon me?!?"
f:"who are you (spectre) to invade my house?!?"
d:"i'm mephistopheles. the spirit of earth. the devil"

the crucial moment arrived
mephistopheles promises the joy of life to faust
he doesn't hesitate and signs the pact
the apostasy is complete

f:"clouds accumulated above me. the full moon hides its brightness.
ardente rays move around my head. oh mephistopheles, spirit who I summoned,
my heart devotes itself for you. please, satisfy me and reveal me
all secrets of the universe which I don't know"

m: "hail doctor faust!!! I promise you unlimited wisdom and pleasure
you can usufruct entirely what was him promised for twenty years
but, after it, your soul will be mine"

mephistopheles and the doctor faust go to seek adventures
faust knew the pleasure by suffering of love and sin
after twenty years the pact is concluded
the servant gives himself to his new master
mephistopheles grasps him and tells him:"god could help you, if he wanted to"

a heaven without hell. the dream of faustback to top
Cursed Excruciation
i've suffered in the name of god
his words serve me as consolation
for a life of martyrdom and pain
i've lived like a slave of my god

o satanas save my soul
free me from this nightmare
i'll obey your laws
I won't underestimate your wisdom

now i'm going to break the ten commandements made on stone
and despise the seven words of christ
o satanas, now I want only serve thee
thou art my new lord who will instruct me

o satanas save my soul
free me from this nightmare
i'll obey your laws
I won't underestimate your wisdomback to top
The Baphometic Goat Of Knights Templar In The 12th Century
in a night within the woods from saint-jean d'angely
philip IV and clement V meet to cinspire
against the knights templar ambition, avarice and luxury
the templars become rich in order to purchase the world
the knights templars reder divine honors to a head of goat a monstrous idol

the grand master of templars, jacques de molay,
rides on his horse to the temple
they are the templars in their ceremony of reception
they give obscene kisses on the back parts of their grand master
spit blood upon the image of christ and deny god's holy scriptures
and the holy ghost's splendour

they adore a brazen head with carbuncles for eyes
that is the symbol of the bearded idol
a demon on form of goat

the baphometic goat

"we do pacts with our bearded idol and
have intercourse with female demons
we sin against the father by falsehood
and against the son and the holy ghost by hatred and debauchery
we were jesuits who failed
we hate the roman catholic doctrine
we were accused of heresy
we perished in flames of inquisition"

in flames, the grand master cited the king and pope to appear
in that same year in god's tribunal
they'll be save by their idol


the monstrous goat baphomet is present in god's tribunal
the king and pope, who died in that same year, tremble face baphomet and god
baphomet saves jaques de molay and his companions from the flames of redemption
the king and pope fall dowm desastrously from heaven's tribunal
to the depths of endless abyss

the knights templar pay homage to their idol
terrible. evil. baphometic goat
our enemies will suffer eternally
terrible. evil. baphometic goat
we are the mighty knights of hell
terrible. evil. baphometic goat
baphomet greets us with obscene gestures
terrible. evil. baphometic goat
ave baphomet!!! morituri te salutant!!!back to top
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