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Mystifier lyrics

Album: The World Is So Good That Who Made It Doesn't Live Here [1996]

 01  Give The Human Devil His Due
 02  A Chant To The Goddess Of Love - Venus
 03  The Death Of An Immortal (According To The Astral Light)
 04  Idolatry
 05  The Barbarian Duelling With The Wise
 06  Moonick (Why Does It Never Rain On The Moon?)
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Give The Human Devil His Due
attack fire against fire, when your enemies attack you
throw the first stone, before something hit you
you well know that the best defence is the attack
and shan't rest until hear the enemy's last breath
peace just will come, when you triumph over the last one
eye by eye
tooth by tooth
you shall retribute evil by evil
ashes to ashes
dust to dust
the one who has made more victims will be named the new god
sometimes, i've given love and haven't received anything back
you are confounding human feelings with merchandises
i've seen, all my life, the people doing thus
why don't you follow your own instinct of discernment ?
but i've followed it!!
the focus of tyranny and hate
more despotic than the megalomaniac god
but he isn't a god and he is lacking his strength
now he feels the shock of the negative discharge in his mind
now i am here submerged in this mud. i am the worst!!
an old and useless trash full of wrinkles
face our destiny watch my sad example
the world of fatality that we are creating for our fellow beings
revive yourself as me
our greatest fault is the fear to admit our wrong
hindsight won't help me to recover the time i've lost
the doors are closing. wake up !
i must open your eyes to the truth
the chances are against us. stand up to
the man is born as a pure and wise animal,
but the society blinds him and taints him
if he become contrary to it, he'll suffer, like me, the consequences
threatened, imprisioned, tortured, humiliated, doomed, killed and
no god, no devil, no one can save us from the human justice
eye by eye
tooth by tooth
destroy the false conceptions which they've trained you
ashes to ashes
dust to dust
happily, for our luck, the sun rises for all
it's never too late to go off the course of our lifeback to top
A Chant To The Goddess Of Love - Venus
when thou startest to shine in the east
early in the morning
my eyes sparkle like diamonds with great anxiety to see thee
then thou risest wonderfully
my eyes flow that holy human water. the nectar of the gods
in thy reverence
please, don't think that my tears are snares to catch thee
i do would like to imprision thee in a bottle
to have the pleasure of contemplate thee every morning
to live my last days under thy care
the mindless ones try to profane thee
they are caught in the web of ignorance
whose the net of threads they will never be able to get rid of
for the joy of few thou hastn't degenerated
becoming our vice, our food, our water,
our blood, our hope, ourselves
turn thy face to earth, cast us a merciful look,
enlighten these poor children lost in this vale of misery
thy worshippers chant in adoration
thou art immortal
imagine if the women were like thee
thou art immortal
perhaps the earth could be a good place to live
thou art immortal
who created thee was with the dirty hands
thou art immortal
of blood, milk, sugar and oil
thou art immortal
thou art red meaning blood and life
thou art immortal
thou art white meaning pureness
thou art immortal
thou art sweet meaning goodness
thou art immortal
thou art black meaning the occult
i neither wanna put thee to sleep with my song
nor catch thee in the bottle
i love thee and want thee free
freedom is the essence of our eternal love
we know the secret of immortality
please, never leave me alone in this dark and sorrowful world
o great magickal agent of my dreams
who inspirest me and enlightenest me
rise up, express thy internal and external attributes
be red, white, sweet and black
i wouldn't hesitate in choose thee the most beautiful
among the goddesses
remove thy veil - the clouds. show us thy face and graceback to top
The Death Of An Immortal (According To The Astral Light)
there are two ways according to the laws of the universe
one starts when the another ends
one is limited and the another is unlimited
you just know the second passing through the first
now between the sword and the cross
we shall meet it with courage
sed lex. dura lex
a friend of mine
he died with a thousand of dreams in mind
to climb the stairs to heaven with honour to meet his imaginary god
a man who made never for himself and other people
is he worthy of a so wonderful end ?
the law of the return - the law of the laws
it has always warned us about our insanity
now listen to the sentence for our omission
hey! have a look as your corpse is so dirty
hey! have a look as your spirit is so weight
black was your past, is your present and wiil be your future
the earth rejects you
the heaven has closed its gates
prowl, carcass and spirit, through the darkness
and reflect about your sins
why must i pay for my faults now ?
i'm still alive. first, you should doom them
i'll be the last one
i don't wanna be an example for them
i don't wanna die on the cross
it's a fruit from that same old tree
contaminated and full of worms
the cure ? let's not talk about it
the fear of the unknown dismays them
sometimes the result comes late
but the consequences are worst
disincarnated still acting as a spiritless
which sentence is worst than this ?
the death of an immortalback to top
as the earth has seen the sunlight coming and going (clear and dark)
i've seen my idols coming. i've seen my idols going
one more great gain (my happiness)
one more bitter loss (my sadness)
my losses were always, unhappily, greater than my gains
lost in this maze
so many pathways to be followed
what's the best solution for a senseless life?
a terrible thing is a man who dies no accomplishing his goal
but the worst is one who lives without it
i hope to get something to fill this void in me
how can i occupy my mind and relieve my life from suffering and anguish
loneliness and disgust. martydom and guilty ?
what a shame. what a human waste .
don't say that it's lack of own love
senseless life of perception
that's the way of living which i've chosen for me
conjuring the dead and adoring their images
reality and fantasy confound themselves in my mind
gods, angels and saints
they've never told me what to do
creatures of stone
they don't move and tell me nothing either
i would like to materialize all my dreams and adore them
if there are dreams that are worth a life
there are lifes that aren't worth a dream
christ knew that the human race likes to adore the dead
they were needing a so called god
thinking of the immortality he died to
be adored. be contemplated. become an idol
candles, crosses, statues and the bible
they haven't got sense for me any more
i'll break all of those chains
which have hindered me for all of those years
will god comprehend me?
please, tell me
will my idols comprehend me?
help me!!
now, i guess, i'm my own god
nobody tells me what i shall think and do
will i be able to walk with my own legs?
during my existence, i've made nothing for myself
if they punish me..
i'm afraid
if that void grows again
i'll regret and die
"how may i help you, if you don't know what you want ?"back to top
The Barbarian Duelling With The Wise
surrealistic visions of the new empire
the center of the world
to dominate the race. to control minds
to suffocate the mass
limited intelligence. prejudices of all forms - the method
to create a subrace of feeble-minded - their goal
in name of god, retrocede thee noxious creature
i am the cancer growing in your entrails
respect the holy laws of the supreme being
supreme in your kingdom of fear and lie
who art thou? atheist, satanist or what?
i'm the nightmare which you had never dreamed
i curse thee, in name of my lord
changing the course of the wiser men's dream from the past
a world without boundaries, without wars, without leaders
creating a reality which only serve for yourselves
destroyers for the black poor
saviours for the white rich
oh shut thy face. i've heard enough
the truth sounds like thunders in your ears
we are dying, our empire fell through
but the wounds still aren't healed up
we are victims, lucifer deceived us...
don't use it as a scapegoat to justify your crimes
i beg thy mercy for my excesses
listen to the voice of one who you've hurted for centuries
free from you - now we can breathe
free from you - now we can think
free from you - now we can dream
free from you - now we can act
triumph without blood
victory without corpses
may we deal my defeat with thy victory to live together again ?
it's a small world for me and you
all the heroes are dead. what doest thou wanna prove ?
i shall free the last birds from the cage
damned be thy existence and who have created thee
your senseless words sounds like a joke for me
but, i still can save thy soul. just give me all thy wealths
why, simoniac ? i am free from you !!back to top
Moonick (Why Does It Never Rain On The Moon?)
alone in this room without light
i don't know, if it is day or night
they've drugged me day after day
my friends are the phantoms of my nightmares
but i will try to solve this problem
someone shall hear my pitiful cries
wrapped in this endless silence
if you are hearing my plea
please, bring me the key
open that door - take me out from this place
save me - if you may not do it, i'll commit suicide
i think that's the only way to escape from this
none from heaven has heard me
i've turned my back to them
if someone anywhere help me
i will pawn him my considerable love know-how
this is my only wealth which i can barter for my freedom
illusion - this is one of the many drugs i've used
imagination - it is the way to survive in this
horrible and empty place
am i dreaming or becoming crazy ?
a source of light is growing
from the corner of the ceiling
that is coming to me
i'm trembling with fear
the apparition scares me
does that bring me something
to rescue me from this desolated isle ?
if it is a dream, i hope don't awake
i'll face the unknown
to return to the world
to recover my sanity
to see again my parents
to meet again my friends
be as the destiny likes
"i'm the moon.
the key which will open that door for you
my messenger azaradel will teach you a moonick spell
now, close your eyes, sleep and dream
reveal him your occult desire"
"at midnight. when the moon be full
face her and whispper the following words:
"as thou influencest the tide and men's mind,
open the doors of the destiny for me
as thy face shinest in the dark
my desires shall realize"
matter and spirit are incompatible
i don't know if it'll accomplish
but, who knows ?"
every door is opening
the spell became true
he is free to fly high
higher than his dreams
bright as a star
the loneliness torn me into pieces
but thou hast helped me
now i am here to fulfil my promise
now, you close your eyes. why ?
because i'm going to make rain on the moonback to top
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