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Mystifier lyrics

Album: Wicca [1992]

 01  ...Our Exultation...
 02  Osculum Obscenum
 03  Cursed Excruciation
 04  An Elizabethan Devil Worshipper's Prayer Book
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...Our Exultation...
we are those from the empty birthplace and undead flock
we are those who the arrival the stars foresee and dread
we are those with the heart forged by black coal
and let intact the glorious goal of satan's soul..back to top
Osculum Obscenum
in amazing and cold nightfall
among megalithic monuments
a neophyte is initiated in pagan religion
the ritual of initiation of the novice
to become member of the satanic cult
it will be made by a highpriestess
he'll be conceived in the coven
he shall deny his baptism
and the creator of the earth and heaven
an obedient kiss in satan's anus
it will be his real proof of fidelity
to the old followers of the satanic cult
the highpriestess calls the gods
from north, south, east and west
to present themselves in the ceremony
now she puts a bandage in the eyes
of the novice and moors his hands to back
and together enter in the diabolical circle
he promises obedience at the cult for all his life
the highpriestess presents the neophyte
to the prince of darkness
but an obedient kiss in satan's anus
it will be his real proof of fidelity
to the old followers of the satanic cult
the oath
i deny jehovah and all other religions
i offend, blaspheme and provoke them with all my disgust
i have faith at the demon
my devotion and offer my sacrifice for him
i solemnly vote and promise all my descent to the devil
i swear at the demon provoke so much insanity
around the world as much as possible
i swear in devil's name never reveal the black arts
and if i break this oath
i want that all my power come against myself
osculum obscenum
after the devilish oath
he practices the osculum obscenum
and choose a maiden
to delight her at sabbathback to top
Cursed Excruciation
i've suffered in the name of god
his words serve me as consolation
for a life of martyrdom and pain
i've lived like a slave of my god

o satanas save my soul
free me from this nightmare
i'll obey your laws
I won't underestimate your wisdom

now i'm going to break the ten commandements made on stone
and despise the seven words of christ
o satanas, now I want only serve thee
thou art my new lord who will instruct me

o satanas save my soul
free me from this nightmare
i'll obey your laws
I won't underestimate your wisdomback to top
An Elizabethan Devil Worshipper's Prayer Book
my black book of demon's doctrine
writing in latin on fine paper and bound in leather
my diabolic parchment with some cabalistic symbols,
magic circles and sortileges
my precious book which I use to do my exhortations and
a variety of black magick rites
to satisfy my excitations and carnal pleasures
immoral book of conspiracy with satan

two candles of human fat illuminate my altar
the great omnipotent goat sits on the pentagram
in my left hand a magick sword of black handle
and on the table a golden chalice with blood

my satanic ritual is beginning

in my prophane ceremony of submission to the evil
I perform it dressed as the devil
my disciples devote themselves to terror, joy and sensuality
I prepare the hosts of communion with flour, excrements,
pus and blood of menstruation
they use it as artificial anus and vagina
they copulate it ferociously
shouting that they're sodomizing jesus and deflorating the virgin

I recite the words of spell
from my black book of a lost time
a sacrifice to the omnipotent
my satanic ritual has just begun

crumbing the consecrated host
and blaspheming yhvh
mandrake root, juice of aconite and unholy water are my artifacts
profanation and bestiality

by the face of the unholy majesty and
by the beasts in front of the throne
I conjure them
oh princes and demons of darkness

lucifer, bacchus, sucubus,
astarte, incubus and belphegor
I summon you!!!

I know that you are here!!!back to top
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