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Naglfar lyrics

 1995 Vittra
 1998 Diabolical
 2001 Ex Inferis
 2003 Sheol

· 12'th Rising
· Abysmal Descent
· As The Twilight Gave Birth To The Night
· Black God Aftermath
· Blades
· Dawn of Eternity
· Devoured by Naglfar
· Diabolical - The Devils Child
· Embracing the Apocalypse
· Emerging from Her Weepings
· Enslave The Astral Fortress
· Exalted Above Thrones
· Failing Wings
· Force of Pandemonium
· Horn Crowned Majesty
· I Am Vengeance
· Into The Cold Voids of Eternity
· Sunless Dawn
· The Brimstone Gate
· The Eclipse Of Infernal Storms
· Through The Midnight Spheres
· Unleash Hell
· Vittra
· When Autumn Storms Come
· Wrath of the Fallen

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