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Naglfar lyrics

Album: Diabolical [1998]

 01  Horn Crowned Majesty
 02  Embracing the Apocalypse
 03  12'th Rising
 04  Into The Cold Voids of Eternity
 05  The Brimstone Gate
 06  Blades
 07  When Autumn Storms Come
 08  Diabolical - The Devils Child
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Horn Crowned Majesty
Oh, glorious morning-star, my pridefull light
Cast down in the abyss lord of fire, lord of night
Unveiled in a vision
Poison my heart and soul
Come forth and set your child free
Kill all once pure inside me
You call from shadows
You haunt me throughout my sleepless nights
The demons nightsky prophecy
My soul is thee…
Horn Crowned Majesty
Oh, beautiful nightshade, lightbearer so bright
Great father of death and sin, transform day to eternal night
Come forth through the shadows
Fill me with hate and pain
Infernal masterplan
Set free a soul insane
I call unto thee Thanatos
I rest in your embrace Hypnos
Blackhearted faceless
Thy name is might
Bringer of storms and plagues
Lucifer, angel of light
Darkest of sorcery
Complete my destiny
Fill my heart and soul
Horn crowned Majesty...back to top
Embracing the Apocalypse
Scorching heat brings tears to my eyes
As I follow the shadows
Down below through the moonlit abyss
Riding the winds of damnation
Posessed by the hell-fires
Enthralled by its glow
Receiving sulphur salvation
As I hear the crying voices of countless lost souls
Embracing The apocalypse
The heavenly realms once divine
Will crumble to dust as I return with fire
Punishment in its purest form
Cleansing this world with my powers newborn
Lamentations from the blessed
They're lying in their graves
Pale white cheeks and broken wings
With their virgin hearts impaled
The sweet sound of angels crying
Descends from above
Their bodies torn, ripped from wing to wing
Saturate the Heavens with Their Blood
Posessed by the hell-fires
Enthralled by its glow
Unleashing sulphur salvation
As I hear the crying voices of countless lost souls
Spheres will collide in cascades of fire
That Open the gates to ancient realms
From beyond the stars and the abyss that yawns
The cursed gods are returning from their graves
It's the dawn of The Apocalypse...back to top
12'th Rising
The veil of nocturnal beauty
Drowns the daylight flames
And so IT broods beyond the depths
of the horizon never seen by the eyes of man
Awakened by the twilight's kiss
The nightly rebirth of evil
The paleness ITself has risen
From IT's slumber to reach out in IT's full shape
The midnight strikes again
The wicked ones has returned
December rises the damnation
Like a black burning dagger IT ripps the sky
Heaven weeps so feeble, as IT glows
Sunset has brought this shadowcast
Sunset brings the sign
Which causes the final summoning
of ravens, serpents and even the owls
The choir of wolves echoes,
the eclipse is now complete
Thousands of throats is howling to praise IT's supreme infernal glare
"Scarletburn... Evening mist...
Stormwinds of death come forth!"
The gathering of nightfall's beings
impaled the morning grace
The dawn lies raped, shredded and strangled
and so does the afternoon
Light's erased, and with the darkness IT lurks
smiling, glowing so proud...
(REPEAT CHORUS)back to top
Into The Cold Voids of Eternity
A chilling wind grasp my soul as I walk through the twilight gates
Choirs of grief are heard from the spirits of the ancient breed
Now I know what lies beyond, now I know my fate
To dwell in the fathomless depths of eternity
Into the cold voids of eternity
Landscapes clad in the frozen veils of dusk
Spiritual forests and naked fields - they greet me infernally
And so I saw demonic forces rising from the chasms below
Once dreaming but now awake, as they storm out through the gates
Bewitched by their splendour I soared with the foul
Carried by their demon wings
Darkness embraces me, with stygian supremacy
Into the cold voids of eternity
Witchadorned - chaosspawn - mighty ones grasp this world with hate
Scorch the slaves with the flames of your burning eyes
The weak shall mourn and weep as they squirm upon their stakes
Pain enthroned in a blaze of everlasting fireback to top
The Brimstone Gate
I have seen the most beautiful light
Since my birth It's been possessing my mind
I've lashed myself, I have opened my veins
Cursed my blood in grief
As a shadow of death, the repaer from the tales of past
I've been lurking in the shades of Thy creation
Feared by most, hated by all, loved by none
A destiny in solitude
Pariah I am, rejected by my race
I shall triumph at last
I damn myself to fire eternal
And on the day of commotion I shall rise
And walk into my sulphur kingdom
Entering the brimstone gate
I hate the soil I walk, despise the earth that gave me birth
A hungry yearning for the homecoming at Lucifer's domain
And now the portals open wide, am I a fool if I not try?
To enter realms of dark supremacy through sorcery
I call on hell, arise from your dwell
And grant me the gift of which I pray
To enter the gate, at last seal my fate
My unhallowed father to greet…
(REPEAT CHORUS)back to top
Your final moon sets
On this night you shall die!
Your pathetic merciful god, where is he now?
He didn't listen to your cry…
We will come to you like thieves in the night
To extinct, to erase you
Filled with pure darkened wrath
Filled with passion to murder
Sons and daughters of christ
On the night of all nights die!
Feel the kiss of the scythe
In your horror-filled eyes it gleams bright
You will fall to your knees
Call to god for salvation
Raped by blades straight from Hell
Behold Satans creation!
As you drown in the dark
Feel the pain, feel the torture
You got quenched by the scythe
By the powers of Death's might
We will come to you like thieves in the night
To extinct, to erase you
Raped by blades straight from Hell
Filled with passion to murder
Sons and daughters of christ
Of the night of all nights die!
You got quenched by the scythe
By the powers of Death's might
Your final moon sets, now you know you will die
Face our powerful bloodstained blades
Meet your maker? No!
We will send you straight to Hellback to top
When Autumn Storms Come
Nightchildren bring my words
Howling them through the dark
The time is here for my return
With the shadows I walk
Twilight shrouds the earth
As always when I'm here
Night spreads her wings for me
They call me father
I Have Come To Reap
Flowers wither where I walk
Dying of my caress
Summer sheds her tears
As I kiss her to her death
Pulling her dying remains
Into my cold embrace
No more colors but mine
Exquisite and foul are they
I Grant You My Dead Seed
My heart is made of thorns
I spread my frost as a monument of my rebirth
I bear stormwinds in my soul
And I scatter these storms to enslave the earth
Autumn Is My Nameback to top
Diabolical - The Devils Child
I stared into the broken mirrors of the universe
Dragged further unto the grasp of obscurity
Called by voices, called towards sin
As a black shape of death he sweeps across the land
Leading mankind into damnation
Mother earth screams out in vain...
... as we desecrate her clean soil with evil
The mighty mountains tremble and fall
and light is no more
A shape of black ripps the sky
The spawn of infernal empire, on demonwings he rides
He masters the storm and the rains
Diabolo, the chosen, the tribes of earth shall praise Thy name
I have seen the earthly gardens of blood
seen the proof of his might
New-born children unaware of the dark eyes of the night
As a black shape of death he sweeps across the land
Mother earth is extinct, behold the prince of pain
See the dawn of Satan's rise
See the dawn of Satan's riseback to top
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