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Naglfar lyrics

Album: Ex Inferis [2001]

 01 Of Gorgons Spawned Through Witchcraft
 02  Dawn of Eternity
 03  Emerging from Her Weepings
 04 When Autumn Storms Comes
 05  The Brimstone Gate
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Dawn of Eternity
[Originally performed by Massacre]

Winter ice - terminal frost
Closing eyes of equinox
Dimensional change - darkening skies
The sphere is shackled till dusk

Prophet dreams - ride the winds
As black holes open for devouring
Universal chaos in the realm of time
Surface of earth - covered in rime

From beyond enter the horror
Of a dark and hideous nature
The fall of man is now at hand
Awakened from an ancient slumber
The immortal ones return
The earth is theirs ones again

Stricken, cursed - frozen damnation
Man's fall to perpetual domination
Time trapped in between stages
Frigid return to the chamber of agesback to top
Emerging from Her Weepings
Scorching heat brings tears to my eyes
As I follow the shadows
Down below through the moonlit abyss
Riding the winds of damnation
Posessed by the hell-fires
Enthralled by its glow
Receiving sulphur salvation
As I hear the crying voices of countless lost souls

Embracing The apocalypse

The heavenly realms once divine
Will crumble to dust as I return with fire
Punishment in its purest form
Cleansing this world with my powers newborn

Lamentations from the blessed
They're lying in their graves
Pale white cheeks and broken wings
With their virgin hearts impaled

The sweet sound of angels crying
Descends from above
Their bodies torn, ripped from wing to wing
Saturate the Heavens with Their Blood
Posessed by the hell-fires
Enthralled by its glow
Unleashing sulphur salvation
As I hear the crying voices of countless lost souls

Spheres will collide in cascades of fire
That Open the gates to ancient realms
From beyond the stars and the abyss that yawns
The cursed gods are returning from their graves

It's the dawn of The Apocalypse...back to top
The Brimstone Gate
I have seen the most beautiful light since my birth
It's been possessing my mind
I've lashed myself
I have opened my veins, cursed my blood in grief...

As a shadow of death
The reaper from the tales of past
I've been lurking in the shades of thy creation
Feared by most
Hated by all, loved by none, a destiny of solitude

Pariah, I am rejected by my race
I shall triumph at last
I damn myself to fire eternal
And on the day of commotion I shall rise
And walk into my sulphur kingdom
Entering the brimstone gate

I hate the soil I walk, despise the earth that gave me birth
A hungry yearning for the homecoming at Lucifer's domain
And now the portal's open wide, am I a fool if I not try?
To enter realms of dark supremacy through sorcery...

[repeat chorus]

I call on Hell, arise from your dwell
And grant me the gift of which I pray
To enter the gate, at last seal my fate
My unhallowed father to greet...

[repeat chorus]back to top
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