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Nailbomb lyrics

Album: Proud To Commit Commercial Suicide [1995]

 01  Wasting away
 02  Guerrillas
 03  Cockroaches
 04  Vai toma no cu
 05  Sum of your achievements
 06  Religious cancer
 07  Police truck
 08  Exploitation
 09  World of shit
 10  Blind and lost
 11  Sick life
 12  While you sleep, I destroy your world
 13  Zero tolerance
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Wasting away
Carve your rights into your arm
So they won't get taken away
Trying in vain to figure it out
Always thinking this is a waste

Build it up high
The further to fall
Right down on you
Wasting away

Suffer more, suffer still
Found release locked away
No values anymoreback to top
Help to blind me, trying to burn me
Your hole not mine
I just need to keep you out
I want to think but I don't have time

Away from home
Learn to hate
Die for the land
Fucking wasteback to top
It would be the best
Everyone could go to hell
Turn into yourself
Always someone else

Don't need sympathy
Smile is nothing but teeth
I'll keep my integrity
Even if I have to sleep on the street

Look around what are you doing
You think God's inside you
Telling people what to do
You don't know who are you

Don't need sympathy
Smile it's nothing but teethback to top
Vai toma no cu
Trapped on the inside, you stare in
Who the fuck are you to tell us anything
Rotting right through pison inside
31 flavours of napalm to try

Fuck you and your plans
I live my life my way
Vai toma no cú
You scumbag, you waste

Tired of your ways, hate rising again
I know you'd life to see me put a bullet in my brain
I'm not gonna be part of your plan
Fuck your solutions cause nothing gets changedback to top
Sum of your achievements
Children burning crawling dying
Knowledge and science as toys
Splitting newtrons we make bombs
No advances

Sum of your achievements
Sum of your achievements
World was something to be proud offback to top
Religious cancer
So blind if you pray
Lost another day
Get off your knees
Do something for yourself

It'll teach you nothing
About the world today
Take the belief and throw it away

Throw it away
Throw it away / Destroy it all
Throw it away

The church and all it's glory
Is draining all your money
No Gods, no masters
Religious cancer

Throw it away
Throw it away / Destroy it all
Throw it away

Cancerback to top
Police truck
[Dead Kennedys cover written by Biafra/Ray]

Tonight's the night that we drive the truck
We're goin' downtown gonna beat up drunks
Your turn to drive I'll bring the beer
It's the late late shift to one to fear
And ride, ride how we ride
It's roundup time where the good whores meet
Gonna drag one screaming off the street
And ride, ride how we ride
Got a black uniform and a silver badge
Playin' cops for real, playin' cops for appeal
Let's ride, lowride
Pull down your dress here's a kick in the ass
Let's beat you blue 'til you shit in your pants
Don't move, child gotta big black stick
There's six of us, babe so suck on my dick
And ride, ride how we ride
Let's ride, lowride
The left newspapers migth whine a bit
But the guys at the station they don't give a shit
Dispatch calls 'Are you doin' something wicked?'
'No siree, Jack, we're just givin' tickets'
As we ride, ride how we ride
Let's ride, lowrideback to top
[originally by Doom]

Animals murdered in pointless tests.
-Torturing natures defenceless creatures-back to top
World of shit
Violence is what you breed
Racism is what you breed
Hate is what you breed
What do you expect me to be ?

Peace brother, fuck you bastard
I don't need your false friendship
Freedom is a bunch of shit
This is world of shit

Misery is what we see
Murder is what we see
Ignorance is what we see
What do you expect me to be ?back to top
Blind and lost
Never learn, never learn
Have to be part of something
Never learn, never learn
Follow the leader, you'll fit in

Where's your thoughts
Where's your mind
Blind and lost

Never think, never think
Have to be just like they are
Never think, never think
It's alright, give up your lifeback to top
Sick life
A dark room is my world
Life no longer turns me on
Forget my friends
That already forgot me

Love me, dig me, cause I hate myselfback to top
While you sleep, I destroy your world
Shut the fuck up, take the pain
You can never understand
I'm the one, you rejected
I'm the one, you wont forget

While you sleep, I destroy your world

Getting sick of all this
You're no use to me
Your only crime is you're an easy target
Open your brain and I'll destroy it

While you sleep, I destroy your worldback to top
Zero tolerance
So you think you're the chosen one
So you think you're the master race ?!
Racist violence
Ain't anarchy

Are you trying to destroy
Anyone who's not like you
But in the perfect world
You'll be the first to go

Your leader is dead and gone
He, the one who never won
Go back and trace your history
You're no different than your enemy

You talk about pride
Then why do you need the hide ?
Behind a mask, you never question
Your blind obsession

Zero tolerance

You say you're going to kill the Jews
Asians, Latinos and blacks
Racially different
Equally ignorant

Why don't you re-think
It's happened before, now it's happening again
We've come to the point of...
Zero toleranceback to top
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