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Napalm Death lyrics

Album: The Code Is Red...Long Live the Code [2005]

 01 Silence Is Deafening
 02 Right You Are
 03 Diplomatic Immunity
 04 The Code Is Red...Long Live the Code
 05 Climate Controllers
 06 Instruments of Persuasion
 07 The Great and the Good
 08 Sold Short
 09 All Hail the Grey Dawn
 10 Vegetative State
 11 Pay for the Privilege of Breathing
 12 Pledge Yourself to You
 13 Striding Purposefully Backwards
 14 Morale
 15 Our Pain Is Their Power
 16 Morale (multimedia track)
 17 Silence Is Deafening
 18 Slaves Shall Serve
 19 Blood Fixing the Bled
 20 Mondo Medicale
 21 Storm of Hatred
 22 Eaten
 23 Dying Divinity
 24 Harnessing Ruin
 25 Deadly Nightshade
 26 Being Nothing
 27 Silver Plated Advocate
 28 Bleed by Example
 29 Gasping for Air
 30 Destruction (Of the Race of Men)
 31 Last Journey
 32 One More Kill
 33 Visions of a Blind Order
 34 Ominous
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