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Napalm Death lyrics

Album: The World Keeps Turning [1992]

 01  The World Keeps Turning
 02  A Means To An End
 03  Insanity Excursion
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The World Keeps Turning
No way forward or back, in stalemate, we stagnate,
life cycle is an automation, instinctively, we race to get ahead?
And now our virgin minds are raped.

Another insignificance to join the rat race.
Self indulgence within our grasp.

We're taught but torn.

The sanctity of life, so vulnerable,
the world keeps turning - we spin out of control.
Guided, or could this mean misguided, no time for questions,
preoccupied with pressing on, the world keeps turning -
we overdose on overdrive.
Superior species with inferior ideas.

We overload our bodies and minds,
respect this world while committing suicide.
Poison trait.

We're the cause not the cure,
our methods will surly drag us down.
Guided, or could this mean misguided,
our virgin minds are raped -
the world keeps turning -
we overdose on overdrive,
we spin out of control.

in stalemate, we stagnate!back to top
A Means To An End
presumed hysterical for showing alarm.
Wise man? Fuck you!
In the hands of wasters,
a means to an end.
Cast over us appraising eye,
blind ours with nonsensical science.
Don't need silver tongue or your feeble gestures.
Spin the coin, roll the dice,
the law of averages is irrelevant 'cause
the outcome's always the same.
Too many distortions in truth.
Too few solutions come to light.
Stand back, watch the bullshit fly!
Always the same!
Win the hearts of the nation with great expectations
while focusing efforts on discrediting others.
Always the same!
The naivety of trust could be a means to an end.back to top
Insanity Excursion
Dragged down deep in the shit,
an unemotional vacuum.
Fatigue replaces concious thought.
Awareness ends.
To carry a cross we cannot bear.
Falling hard without an end,
chaotic insight of times to come.
Pressuring insane demand.
The tightening noose of the consumers
might snaps in time.
To feed the fire or feel the flame.
Falling hard without an end,
chaotic insight of times to come.
Relentless and leaning,
no fair warning.
Falling hard.
Pushed against before we stand.
Chaotic insight, which way to turn?back to top
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