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Nasty Savage lyrics

Album: Indulgence [1987]

 01  Stabbed In The Back
 02  Divination
 03  Xxx
 04  Indulgence
 05  Inferno
 06  Hypnotic Trance
 07  Incursion Dementia
 08  Distored Fanatic
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Stabbed In The Back
Living for the unknown
Only searching for trouble
Cheating and stealing from your best friend
No more job, all you do is no good
Running from the police
For stealing a car
Mug a lady of a hundred and five
That only has a dime
Who's the next victim - stabbed in the back
Terror doom, destruction - stabbed in the back
Misleading lies - stabbing in the back
Who's the naxt victim - stabbed in the back
solo - Ben, Dave, Ben, Dave
Evil thoughts eross your mind
As you buy a gun
Rob a supermarket
Leaving no visible trail
Shoot and kill a man
For a twenty dollar bill
Causing misgrief to all the woman you meel
Don't even know who's your son
Giving blood as donor
Knowing that you have AIDS
Always think you're right
But you're really wrong
Living for the unknown
Only searching for trouble
Cheating and stealing from your best friend
No more job, all you do is no good
Parents don't want you
Pay for you to leave the house
Frustrations grow stronger
These past few days
Who's the nextback to top
Eight forces of change
Hidden knowledge you gain
Time present, time past
Are both here in the future
Problems of life
Through divine chanels
The meling of opposites
The purpose remains
Symbolize the shimmering water
The wheel of the law
It's destiny
Rejoice with neither fear nor favor
The inquisior's art work is not what it seems
Lovers sought to divine
Winning the affection of their beloved
Six parallel lines with enigmatic sayings
Unbroken traditios, it's a game of chance
An unending journey through the sky
Unfolding the story so preeise
Your answrs, hopes and fears
For what you don't expect
Deal the advisory message
This is the ritual of divination
solo - Dave, Ben
Deal the ...
Themes of reneval you may rejoice
though triumph may bring it's own defeat
Confusion of your misery
Confirm the reading already taken
Search for the answer of ressurection
Rejoice with neither fear nor favor
The inqusitor's art work is not what it seems
Deal the ...back to top
Take a trip down lover's lane
Take that trip, it's time to play
Adult entertaiment, you must be of age
Come and get wild, climb out of your cage
You feel like you're under the spiked hell
The crack of the whip gives great thrills
She soars to heights, loves her delights
The foreplay is gone, the seduction is on
She's the ultimate pro who puts on the show
As she had me tied she molested my mind
Exciting herseep, I could have cried
Now I know how she loves to be wild
In her pants
solo - Dave, Ben
You took a trip down lover's lane
Now you're gone, you won't be the same
Cinema fantasies, night clubs and shows
All the women, you never can know
(C) 1987back to top
Forbidded fruits are the sweetest
Your true messiah
Is frightened by shadows
As he tries to unwind
Whispering wins
Irresistable illusions
A coin in the well is a wish
Serve and suffer, scorn for scorn
Things could be a lot worse
When you think your down regressions
Take a look around
Razorblade maze
Shelter from your pain
There's a cyclone in your mind
It's throbbing it's the end of the lie
But here and now
Life is a great indulgence
Hell is paved with good intentions
But this is our time of joy
solo - Dave , Ben
Before the wild wind's whistling lash
The startled storm cloud reared on high
Singing songs to please myself
All at once things seemed to small
Your griet and mine must interwine
solo - Ben
My eyes trace the horizont
Winter brings another death to a year
Give a free course a choise
It it's denied it's more intensified
Shades of blue or just the shadow of the mind
Sufferdeath but could not die
So here upon my back I'll lie
Gaze my fill into the skyback to top
solo - Ben, Dave
Poles lie twisted in the ruins of Warsaw's shattered line
The Wermacht's strenth has left it's mark with lightening speed and power
The West responds uneasily to face another war
The Axis lords plan their assaults for their territory gains
From frozen arctie wastes the battle rages in the in it's fury
To blazing desert sands the land is overrun with blood
On land and sea in the air the swords of nations clash
The West is stabbed a vicious blow and writhes in agony
solo - Dave, Ben
Continental Europe falls under Axis occupation
But England stands infallible despite a constant rain of fire
The Deutsch luftwaffe fail as the RAF stands strong
So the Fuhrer's eyes look to the east to Russia endless plains
solo - Dave, Ben, Dave, Ben
The Russians lines collapse as panzers smash the Easten Front
But far too large a battlefields ends all hopes for victory
Outmatched by vicious weather, Moscow's walls remain secure
And an army's strength and might lie dead and frozen in the snowback to top
Hypnotic Trance
Hello my friend relax comfortably in your seat
Look into the spiral
Don't let nothing else distract you
As you watch you become very sleeply
Even thuogh you hear every word I say
You're in a hypnotic trance
Stay asleep till I ack you to awaken
Now's the time to expierence your unconscious mind
I control the speed of your heartbeat
With the movement of my hand
You're in a hypnotic trance
solo - Dave, Ben
You are not afraid to tell me anything
Regions of your brain are controlled by my
You have now escaped from reality
I control the direction of your emotional reaction
solo - Ben, Dave, Ben, Dave
You have forgotten everything
Since your eyes have closed
Now I know your hidden fantasies
Things which have never been reveal
I control the power of your mind
Make no effort to remember or forget
Is it just a dream when I snop my finger
You're in a hypnotic tranceback to top
Incursion Dementia
Purity of intention
sudden invasion
Of adolescence
Driven by her convictions
At seven
She saw her first vision
From the heavenly voices
Invoking vanity
Her guilt was hag ridden
As she whipped herself
Until the blood ran free
Saint Catherine
Showed all the signs
Beyond the threshold of pain
She believed in mystical marriage
The future is the child of the past
It's a spiral staircase of ecstasy
Incursion dementia
Incursion dementia
Saint Catherine
Showed all the signs
solo - Ben, Dave, Ben, Dave, Ben, Dave, Ben
Incursion dementia
Incursion dementia
Incursion dementia
Incursion dementia
Her climax was reached
At catatonics fits
Nor cloud she long
Endure them nowback to top
Distored Fanatic
The image has lack of proportion
Changed from the true
Seemingly frozen
Deep inner well of inspiration
Illusions of love
Can't you feel affection
You're breathing faster
You lose your temper
It's a master stroke seduction
Seduce and destroy
And it burns your mind
The burden of indecision
Like the chains of winter
It eats your strength
Foaming out your own shame
Now you know life's no game
But will you ever be the same
The mood now has changed
With greather the power
It cramps and twist
Oh, how you need the pain
Principle of destruction
Kinked up with disquise
Tendency forces
Exposed in this
Tourist Trap
solo - Dave, Ben
To think you believed you know it all
It was artful keeping you anxious
Ritual of submission
Suffering pain and degradation
With every breath that's drawn
Her gracious blessing
Was erotic cruelty
A perpetual blessfull
The altar of subjection
Stimulate and amuse
Insanity when a person enjoys
Hurting someone else
But it's really hurting himself
You're a distorted fanatic
You love to hurt yourselfback to top
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