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Nasum lyrics

Album: Really Fast [1993]

 01  Left In A Dream
 02  Uneventful Occupation
 03  Reasons?
 04  Disforest
 05  Self Vilification
 06  Red Tape Suckers
 07  Re-Create The System
 08  Rens
 09  Hurt
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Left In A Dream
Fooled by your fallaciousness
and your ingenuous mind
Inflatable thoughts bursting
by just one touch

Left in a dream
with your growing shit

Greed, covetousness
all that's in your filthy mind
Your corporation,
my suffocation

Left in a dream
with your growing shitback to top
Uneventful Occupation
Working eight hours a day
but for what cause?
My assignments are jokes
but I must obey laws

Uneventful occupation!

My salary is one tenth
of the big man in command
This is his bright idea,
this is his land

Uneventful occupation!back to top
Environmental chaos
Bombs falling down
Strong feed of the weak
No justice've ever been done

Religion shows it's ugly face
Masses opressed by lies
We seek to find the reasons
but there's no reason why...

There's no reason why!back to top
Please...don'tback to top
Self Vilification
Back-stabbing yourself to get the others attention
Insulting yourself to recieve salvation

Why? From what do you hide
Can't you see that your problem is deep inside
Don't blame others for you violation
And end this self vilificationback to top
Red Tape Suckers
Red tape suckers!back to top
Re-Create The System
How can union ideas be in question
when the world slowly withers?

Re-create the system!

Inquiry leads
to false prevarications

Re-create the system!

I feel your rope tightening
around my neck

Re-create the system!

As the suction for profic
drags us into the unknown

Re-create the system!back to top
Rens!back to top
Hurt inside, reaching out
Sadly rejected, feelings cast aside
No one to turn to, all I do is cry
Cry, cry, cry!back to top
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