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Nasum lyrics

Album: Regressive Hostility [1997]

 01  Dis Sucks
 02  The Leak
 03  Eviscerated By The Fiend
 04  Shambler
 05  Lack Of Ammunition
 06  The Machines
 07  LÅT Inte Asen Styra Ditt Liv
 08  Going Nowhere
 09  Generation Ex
 10  The Soil Bleeds Black
 11  Hail The Chaos!
 12  Fuck The System
 13  The Spiral Goes Down
 14  Shortcut To Extinction
 15  Vows
 16  Hate Division
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Dis Sucks
Dis sucks! Making it the easy way ripping of a sacred style
ain't punk to me - it ain't punk to me

Can't you fuckin see?
You're a fucking joke!

Warcover / warlyrics / wargasm!
When did you last see a warsite?
Dis that / Dis this / Dis sucks!
Discharge rules - you don't!back to top
The Leak
The final gap the bridge to where
The people will stand and cry out in despair

The leak (x4)

We've always been beaten for a thousand years
Now it's time for payback it's time for revenge

The long awaited revolution is at handback to top
Eviscerated By The Fiend
Eviscerated by the fiend (x4)

Society - is pointless

Eviscerated by the fiend (x4)

Society - means nothing to meback to top
Solid walls of rock surround me
Steamy lights, a ring of fire
They shoot to kill, kill for the thrill
The dance around me in the crypt of decay

Shambler - the shambler is waiting for me

The earth quakes while I break
Tension grows as I suffocate
Beneath the surface, beneath the catacombs
I have now explored so many times

Shambler - the shambler laughs as I bleedback to top
Lack Of Ammunition
Ammunition?back to top
The Machines
Commercialism and materialism shaping your society

As the machines control your lives! (x2)

You're raised by a TV-screen - free will disarranged

As the machines control your lives! (x2)back to top
LÅT Inte Asen Styra Ditt Liv
Spring medan du hinner innan hela världen rasar ihop
Spring dit ditt hjärta brinner för det du tror på för det du gör
Skrik när du hälsan har när du ligger där är det redan försent
Bär ditt namn med stolthet låt hela världen få veta vem du är

Låt hela världen veta vad du tänker
Låt ingen hindra dig i det du gör
Ifrågasätt varje steg de tar
Låt inte de jävla asen bestämma över ditt livback to top
Going Nowhere
Born and raised the clock is ticking, what will you do with your life?
Confused and scared trapped in a stalemate, destined to a life in anxiety

Life will stagenate - going nowhere!
Time to change - going nowhere!

Employed and married the clock's still ticking, is this what you wanted with your life?
Afraid of living, afraid of dying, hide your face in despair

Going nowhere!
Life will stagnate - going nowhere!
Time to change - going nowhere!back to top
Generation Ex
Senescent moralisation
Senseless segregation
Sententious self-centricity
Sentimental and patheticback to top
The Soil Bleeds Black
Lords of nature come take our lives
We don't deserve the promissed land
We're ready to embrace the end
We've decieved our inherited legacy

We've slaughtered all the forests
We've turned all water black
We've poisoned all air to breath
And made ourselves undignified

Lords of nature
Come take our lives
We've raped your creation
The soil bleeds black...back to top
Hail The Chaos!
Hail the chaos! (x1000)
Hail the fucking chaos!

Eternal disorder, growns inside of me
I salute the turmoil, about society I could care less!back to top
Fuck The System
This is the end, yes this is the end
While I watch you burn, my friend
You crawl in self-pity and selfishness
While I am in favour, you eat from my hand
But - when my luck has turned
You turn your back on me
And say that I would have done the same...

Fuck your fucking generation
Fuck your talk of re-creation
Fuck traditions - we're in charge now
Fuck the system like it fucks you
every fucking dayback to top
The Spiral Goes Down
Push yourself to the limit of exertion! (x3)
Push yourself!

No need to kick back
No time for ignorance
Motionless stupid fucks!
Your discountenance is repulsive

Push yourself to the limit of exertion!
The spiral goes down and you will follow
Push yourself to the limit of exertion!
The spiral goes down, and you with it

No need to kick back
No time for ignorance
Motionless stupid fucks!
Your discountenance is repulsiveback to top
Shortcut To Extinction
A conscious punk but only by appearence
In real life eyes are closed mouth is shut
Complains and empty words forms your ideals
Action, not words, solves the problems in the world

Ignorance - is a shortcut to extinction
Armaggedon breeds on your disabilityback to top
...take your vows somewhere I don't care where
I don't feel like playing your game
I am free and I will always
be the same man that you now can see
I will not vow!back to top
Hate Division
Hate division! (x2)

Victims of war - refugees from peace
The quest for reconciliation is in vain
A ruined land - a resisting population
Their future's crushed by false expectations

Hate division! (x8)

A valuable culture nearly eliminated
What was strong is now divided by hate
Armed revolution - massacre and slaughter
There's no solution in war, only suffering

Hate division! (x8)back to top
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