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Nasum lyrics

Album: Smile When You're Dead [1994]

 01  Sawder
 02  A Look At Society
 03  Fucking Murder!
 04  Black Visions (Scarecrows Ii)
 05  Escape
 06  See The Shit (With Your Own Eyes)
 07  Restrained From The Truth
 08  No Chance
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Blandishments and fawning - your daily routines
Your officious appearences will destroy the scene

You can't impress me with your sawder!

Your entangling look and the misleading words you say
have upset me badly and now you'll pay - MAKE WAY!

No sawder can save you now!back to top
A Look At Society
So take a look at our society
Computer controlled technology
Development is all that counts
Money, profit and amount
Every face is so constrained
Just so they can win the game
Infuriating religious lies
Feeding on the weak minds
The weak minds!

You're so fucking influenced by propaganda
To live your live and set your standards
Let me hear you make your decisions
Without your fucking television
And when the TV set is broken
Not a word from you will be spoken
'cause then your mind will be like nothing
So you just might be dead - you fucking thing!back to top
Fucking Murder!
You treat animals for food and clothes
But none of you are starving or freezing
In the most horrible ways you torture them
Just to get that little piece of information

You stupid fucks!
What the fuck have you done
that makes you so superior?

Millions of animals suffer and die
In test which results are slanted
Can't you see that all these tests
Have no relevance for human needs?

You stupid fucks!
Why can't you see that
it's all coldblooded murder?!back to top
Black Visions (Scarecrows Ii)
Open your eyes - what do you see?
A world in ruins and a corrupt society
Is this how our future will be?
Masstarvation and sicknesses - reality!
Unified thoughts means nothing to me
As the scarecrows control mortality
When will they act for humanity?

My vision of the future isn't bright
It's a world where everything is black
Where the politicians do the best to fool you
And where society stabbs you in the back

Now raise you head, and raise your voice!
A fight against the system is what we need
In the future world you won't have a choise
You will suffer as the scarecrows breed
A concrete city with programmed beings
On the last human the scavangers feed
A fading sun and empty buildings...

My vision of the future isn't bright
It's a world where everything is black
Where the politicians do the best to fool you
And where society stabbs you in the backback to top
Put me to sleep or take me away
I don't want to be a part of this sick societyback to top
See The Shit (With Your Own Eyes)
Now rise, now rise, now rise above the lies
And see the real devil in disguise
Be prepared to read between the lines
Wake up and see the shit with your own eyes

Face the truth and confront reality
Can't you see the evil eye of your society
Life is more than a "wife-car-house" dream
Face reality and one day you will see

Now rise above the lies
and see the shit with your own eyes!back to top
Restrained From The Truth
In the struggle for power, some
facts are put in glorious disguise
With methods so foul, reality is
hidden behind fucking bunch of lies!

The corrupt leaders are only fooling the youth
The future generations are restrained from the truthback to top
No Chance
The world has no chance
The MNC's continue their slaughter
Too many factories
Too many cars pumping shit into our air

Humanity is shit
We don't really deserve to survive!

We have to shut them down
And re-establish the ecological balance
We once had...
Or the world has no chance...back to top
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