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Necrolust lyrics

Album: XII Faces Of Evil [1995]

 01  Satanic Desire
 02  Towards The Darkness
 03  Wicked God
 04  Religion Of The Masses
 05  Graveyard Face
 06  Designed For Satan
 07  Inside The Soul
 08  Unholy Monk
 09  Between The Gates
 10  Defeated The Abyss
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Satanic Desire
It's darkness time now
It has begun
Father of evil
You've got run
He tears the body
Squeezes the brain
Blood ritual
Terrible pain
Father Satan thirsty of life
Turned by his mind to the mad
As human he comes back
Hunger grows
Joy of death
It's darkness time now
It has begun
Might of the god
You've got to runback to top
Towards The Darkness
When your soul will be free
You'll find the key
The gates of hell will be opened
So, you'll be set free

In the settlement of hell
No one will make slave of you
Knell before the darkthrone
You'll become his slave
But the master of your own
Master fallen to the ground
It's better to be king in hell
Then servant in heaven!back to top
Wicked God
Sacred city of Satan
Awaits when you come
When you came there come?
You are genocide
They buy your religion
You crest their souls
Show yourself in power
You are god without soul!
You are god without pity!back to top
Religion Of The Masses
The religion of the masses
Rears the people that are easy to be managed
It causes their weak sense of dignity
One who yields to stresses and pressures falls in
Depression and loses his ego
Then, everyone rules over that man
...Religion of the masses
He'll deepen to the nothingness
It is not sufficient defence
Nothing more is left
Lost humanity...Religion of the masses.back to top
Graveyard Face
The flames of grave candle
Expire as well as your life does
He was born and he was to die
Waiting for an ageless sign
The graveyard face flows over like stream of blood on these graves
Watching this
I feel the regret of the pity
The flames of candle-that's my life
While it's burning
I'm alive
But small wind
Maybe smallest one can break
The ties of the blood.back to top
Designed For Satan
The servants of hell
Possessed by mad fury
We are doing demon's orders
Living in the lawless world
We are wasting our life day after day...
Bewitched thought of murder
That's the demand of death.
Satan commands to kill
Thinking of our action
Soon, you'll reach your end
Then leave the soul in his hand
Your choice is death
You won't lose I.back to top
Inside The Soul
I'm mad, possessed by evil
I desire your death
And I spit at god
I'm the evil
Rebelled against the world
I'm the herald of your death
I do choose your failure
The begetting sin
Possessive desire
I'll take the power
Speaking out my nameback to top
Unholy Monk
He knows...
There is no salvation for your souls
He's anxiously waiting for next victim
Torn and bloody bodies will be the Satan's gift
Hiding in gloomy fog
He is hungry souls
The hell he send
All of you there is no paradise
If he's sharp claws reach you
If terrible fear overrules you
Then spread the glory of he's and wait your deathback to top
Between The Gates
I saw life in hell
I saw people to the crosses
Hell-by them I have gotten
Between opening
And closing of the gate
I saw life with wolf's jaw
Pig snout in clergymans hood
The opend stomach of this world
Between opening and closing of the gate
Where the man dies once again
I saw the grave of my lifeback to top
Defeated The Abyss
There is horrible
Massacre around us
Monstrous hatred surrounds us
Diabolic act of evil
The time of punishment has begun
The madness is all
The prayers are hopeless
The pain of the body has vanished
God didn't listen them
That's time of ultimate death
Everything is happening
Before a throne...
Those who have fulfilled
His claims can be free now
The rest I sent to the hands of executioners
Being sentenced to the eternal deathback to top
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