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Necrophagia lyrics

Album: Draped in Treachery [2005]

 01 Cannibal Holocaust
 02  Burning Moon Sickness
 03 It Lives in the Woods
 04 Baphomet Rises
 05 Chainsaw Lust
 06 Cannibal Holocaust
 07 Christianity Has No Chance
 08 Possessed (From Within)
 09 Banished Rhythmic Fate
 10 Contemplating the Pitch Black
 11 View of a Desolate Wasteland
 12 Swallowed by Black Mass
 13 Accepting the Rise of Satanism
 14 Unspoken Vows of a Midnight Offering
 15 Draped in Treachery
 16 The Woods Own Countless Voices
 17 Poisoned by the Blood of Christ
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Burning Moon Sickness
ritual mutilation
each worse than before
my reason to exist
blaspheme in endless gore
perversion fueled in lust
carried out at will
dominating urge
through the eyes of the dead
I kill
skinned alive
now left to rot
flesh consumed
with vomitous bloodclots
like a fulci nightmare
twisted and grotesque
take my hand
the touch of death
through the eyes of the dead I kill
inhuman beast
regurgitating laughter
as I choke on bile
consumation of the dead
god forsaken necrophileback to top
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