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Necrophagia lyrics

Album: Legacy of Horror, Gore and Sickness [2000]

 01 Borld Funeral
 02 Lust Of The Naked Dead
 03 Semorage
 04 Ready For Death
 05 Ancient Clumber
 06 Black Apparition
 07 Blood Thirst
 08 Rental Decan
 09 Communion Of Death
 10 Return To Life
 11 Bitchcraft
 12 Autopsy On The Living Dead
 13 Death Is Pain
 14 Communion Of Death
 15  Insane For Blood
 16 Rise From The Crypt
 17 Hill
 18 Chainsaw Lust
 19 Demonic Possession
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Insane For Blood
confusion starts to fade
I lay in a pool of blood
cold chills under my skin
a sign my life's coming to an end

cloud of mist
I travel at light speed
the tunnel of life escaping me
burning grip takes hold as I die

sulfuric gas collides with acid rain
my body burns
everlasting pain
a lost soul searching for domain

I beg for mercy
my torture never stops
endless hemorrhage
suffering for the sins of life

forbidden pleasure
the rite to live
a time to die!back to top
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