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Necrophobic lyrics

 1993 The Nocturnal Silence
 1993 The Call
 1996 Spawned By Evil
 1997 Darkside
 1999 The Third Antichrist

· Awakening...
· Before the Dawn
· Demonic
· Die By The Sword
· Enter The Eternal Fire
· Eye of the Storm
· Father of Creation
· Frozen Empire
· He who Rideth in Rage
· Inborn Evil
· Into Armageddon
· Isaz
· Nailing The Holy One
· Nightmare
· One Last Step into the Great Mist
· Rise of the Infernal
· Sacrificial Rites
· Shadows of the Moon
· Spawned By Evil
· The Ancients Gate
· The Nocturnal Silence
· The Third of Arrivals
· The Throne of Souls Possessed
· The Unhallowed
· Unholy Prophecies
· Where Sinners Burn

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