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Neutral lyrics

Album: ...Of Shadow And Its Dream [1998]

 01  The Legend
 02  Song Of Shadow And Its Dream
 03  The Grief Mistress
 04  Playroom
 05  Diamonds In Your Hand
 06  Red-Yellow Autumn Funeral
 07  When Silence Comes To Close My Eyes
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The Legend
Among the ruins of the past
I am the first. I am the last
Who's laying on the bones of those
Who've found their rest in ancient dust
They brought themselves into this land
Forgotten pleasures, burning sand
The scorching moon was deaf and blind
To all the cries that filled the night
They all have paid the cost of crime
And touched the easy flow of time
Forgotten faces, voices, lives
All disappeared in decline
And I remember them so brave
On their last journey to the grave
They walked like heroes and noone
Knew that their fate already done
And then the heaven turned to hell
It burned them like a demon's spell
The Earth has raised its fiery depths
To send them terrible farewell
The sand was red and hot from blood
And full of bodies torned apart
They whispered prayers to the skies
And died with widely open eyes
And now the silence rules the place
Still keeping secrets of distress
Nobody waiting them returned
Noone to weep for or to praise
They've faced what they were looking for
Destruction, loneliness and war
And all their hopes are in my hands
But they don't need them anymore
Among the ruins of the past
I am the first. I am the last
Who's laying on the bones of those
Who've found their peace in ancient dust
I'm whispering prayers to myself
And singing silent song of death.back to top
Song Of Shadow And Its Dream
Under wither trees, under silent moon
Weightless like a breeze I will see you soon
Lonely slave of death, tired exhausted grin
Shadow is myself and emptiness - my Queen
So can you see again coldly shining swords
Can you hear the pain and hangman's final words?
So, guide me in the dark
And bless me with your sword
And death will be a luck
In this disgusting world
So, walk with me along
My sweet nocturnal realm
And sing a fatal song
Of Shadow and its Dream
I've been never blind: you was so young that days
The guards will never find your bloody scarlet trace
What color is your love? Is it gray or black?
The axe is raised above your graceful tender neck
I have so many masks...they all repeat your smile
I'm waiting in the dark to start my sacred trial
So, guide me in the dark
And bless me with your sword
And death will be a luck
In this disgusting world
So, walk with me along
My sweet nocturnal realm
And sing a fatal song
Of Shadow and its Dreamback to top
The Grief Mistress
I hear time howling
In the gray tunnels of ages
Like hounded dream I'm crawling
Through the rusted grills and cages
The Gates with statues weeping
With faces blackened wild
I'm passing slowly creeping
Leaving all them behind
On their ruined towers
Where wishes die denied
The bloody axe and flowers
In weird dance unite
I see indistinct pictures
They're real as my fear
Pale-faced, thin-fingered creatures
On rusted grills appear
With terrifying bellows
In dirty clown suits
One plays the broken cello
Another plays the flute
Their tunes are hymns of sadness
Insanity and grief
And guiding light of madness
Is their true belief
And then appears the Lady
Dressed like a princess dead
And snakes with eyes still faded
Have wrapped around her neck
And tears sweet and golden
Have burned her tender skin
She left all sins forgotten
And whispered: "Let me in..."
Her whisper paralyses
And makes illusions fall
Insanity arises
And shines above them all
My curse, my ancient fellow
Made of concrete and tile:
Black widows, lovely gallows
And Joker's deadly smile
Are left for me in cages
With horrors of my dreams
And funny dying angels
With burning violins...back to top
In my playroom windows shut
Purple carpet, smell of slaughter
Waiting for the game to start
Setting all the toys in order
Shadows dancing on the walls
Weird sounds drill my ears
Playing with my pretty toys
Seeing death in their tears
Moony circle, yellow hole
On the blackened midnight curtain
What about your mortal soul
Is it still remain uncertain?
Death is just an open gate
Dive inside it, cross the border
Welcome to another state
Welcome to the Empty Quarter
Door is open, please come in
Toys are waiting for you coming
Join my endless suffering
Feel how slowly time is running
Would you like to have some drink?
Take a seat in rocking chair
Blood is colder than you think
Taste a bit and don't beware
So much horror you will feel
Noone felt so much before you
You will see how I can kill
Locked inside my paranoia
Thoughts and fears all hide away
Bloody stains on dirty ceiling
This is how I like to play
Having fun I like this feeling...back to top
Diamonds In Your Hand
Nothing left for me
In this temple devastated
Weaving destiny,
Image easily created
On the icon cold
In the freezing breath of fear
Everything foretold
Seems to be so deadly near
Is it not enough
For my soul ripped and vanished?
Misery and love
All inside destroyed and vanished
You remain the same
Just like time has stopped forever
I forgot your name
But I can't forget you...
"So read my lifebook to the end
And draw my death on yellow sand
And build an altar on the shore
And bring me flowers... nothing more
And stand alone in candlelight
And pray for wisdom night by night
And then you'll see nightmares and dreams
That slip across the bloody streams
And Goddess' tears and Demon's eyes
That burn like flame but cold like ice
So...take the diamonds from his heart
And throw them into streams of blood..."
Wisdom, talk to me...
Bloody drops reflect your features
You could never be
So alive and so religious
In the secret place
You can keep your priceless treasure
Sorrow on your face...
Sign of tragedy and pleasure...
You can laugh and play
Drowning in the dancing water
You can melt away
Calling from the Empty Quarter
Diamonds in your hand
Shining like the Goddess' tears
Everything must end
Everything must disappear...
"I've got your soul so depressed
I'll soon come back to take the rest
Last diamond falls into the sea
There's really nothing left for me
The broken altar, flowers dead
The Goddess' laughter, Demon sad...back to top
Red-Yellow Autumn Funeral
The naked forest gallery...
In loneliness and misery
I'm here to feel the final breath
Of autumn symphony of death
The quiet wind voice sadly calling
Dead leaves like dead lives slowly falling
Two-colored dress on branches weak
We'll all be dead...and death's so quick
The ceremony is about to start...
Red color means the spell of blood
And yellow - vanity of gold
Both soon will cover ground cold
It's not the only way - to live
To love, to shelter, to forgive
To find the signs of any sense
In life's disgusting violence
I hear the call of autumn tune
I see the blind eyes of the moon
They look at me, and silent cries
Play sorrow in the gloomy skies
Away from life..away from lust
From poisoned chambers of the past
I walk away from

The sky is burning, blistering
My magic amber mystery
The nature's weird parody
On comedy and tragedy
My senseless hopes and dreams and fears
All turning into rainy tears
I want them very much to stay
But they, alas, so far away
Nothing to keep...So, should I sing
My strange romance of suffering?
But something pure left in these
Enchanted mesmerizing trees
So hide me in your golden woods
Embrace me with your rainy floods
And throw me in your leaves of flame
In disappointment and shame...
I celebrate my secret fall
I'll stay within this autumn call
Just lonely shadow will remain
As a symbol of my endless pain
This world is what I will forget
But something I remember yet
The beauty's final carnival
Red - yellow autumn funeral...back to top
When Silence Comes To Close My Eyes
"I'm laying in the golden sea
The secret dream enclosed within
Where is no difference between
The real life and fantasy"
"You're laying in the crystal lake
Where in the shades pale moonlight sleeps
And snow-white lilies touch your lips
And all the memories awake"
"I'm walking through the tears dry,
The granite slabs that gripe my heart...
All airy bridges fall apart
And blazing surface makes me cry"
"You're walking through the mirror walls
In Sleeping Castle of my dream
Where ghosts rejoice in purple gleam
And boundless dome of heaven falls"
"I feel the odour of demise
And Silence comes to close my eyes..."
"I'm sliding in the cloudy skies
No hope, no fear, no delight
I'm falling in the jaws of night
With burning wings and sacred lies"
"Your wings will turn into the stones
That all be gathered into one
And twinkling beam of fading sun
Will drop on it black velvet rose"
"I see a tiny hand with knife
The empty cradle full of nails
And angels, whispering fairy-tales
As epitaph to all my life..."
"You'll find another paradise,
Another dream, another role
The wind will hide your lonely soul
When Silence comes to close my eyes"

"...when Silence comes to close my eyes..."back to top
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