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Neutral lyrics

Album: The Dream That Destroys The Dreamer [1996]

 01  When I Melt Down
 02  Malice In Wounderland
 03  Sweet Dream... Dead Dreamer...
 04  A Small Piece Of Reality
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When I Melt Down
Something divides me
Cold as an ice touch
Gold as a sunshine
Something unites me
Something offensive
Ruins my patience
Something unstable
Frightening me so much
Under the pressure
Nothing bad happens
Something uncertain
Tries to exploit me
Alien whishes
Come closer and closer
Alien heart beats
Alien brain works
Who turns the clouds back?
I see them burning
Give me some more space
Make it less painful
Time-round circles
Turn into flowers
Give me some more love
When I melt downback to top
Malice In Wounderland
What's on the ground,
The ground that covers me?
What's in the moonlight?
Another sense to be...
What's waking inside
Inside this crystal sand?
It looks like a fairy-tale
With a very cruel end...
What's in the house,
The house that breathes so dark?
What's in the wounds
That kiss me like a shark?
What_s on the faces
Of masks there on the wall?
It looks like Wonderland
Where I'm just a doll...

How many lives
I've fired in my dreams...
How many times...
But sorrow still exists
The sense of guilt
With noone to be safe
It looks like a little girl
Playing in a grave...
My agony
Is shattered in despair
Where are the Angels?
Take me away from here!!!
Sometimes I feel
Something more than pain...
It comes and goes
And now it starts again...back to top
Sweet Dream... Dead Dreamer...
I see my dawn in funny bloody colors
They melt in innocence within my silver skies
One color's love... but pain and death - the others
Like thorns they grow in self-made paradise
I feel the sun that tears my black horizon
No matter how it happens and survives
My self is lost, it's purity's decisive
My soul is freezed and slowly-slowly dies
This dream is sweet... too sweet for me to trust it
It lasts without serenity and grace
It gives awards, but only cold and rusted
And puts a seal of horror to my face
So... guided by distress and fear only
I'm dancing silently to their discordant peel
Oh, love has never been so sad and lonely
And death has never been so easy-real...
So cold, so dark inside... Time slowly dies in ruins, driven by fear
My wounds are fresh and hurt badly... Can you tell me the reason for crying?
Can you show me the end of this torture? Let me touch this black horizon
Let me slide along these polished fields of loneliness
Silver flowers smell death, sweet air smells violence
I_m so scared but I'm free... Free from doubts, free from joy
From pleasure and mercy, from hope and betrayal
I'm free from silence and from the dream that destroys the dreamerback to top
A Small Piece Of Reality
World is painted red
Don't you understand
Love is nothing but disguise
Tell me pretty child
What do you see outside?
Burning idols, black sunrise...
Whispers in your head
Voices of the dead
Nothing human anymore
God is everywhere
Falling in betrayal
Bloody rivers sweep the floor
Try this pleasant piece
Of reality
Touch the dust of broken lives
Doomed to live in a horde
Say your final word
Meet your own paradise
When the last step up
Is the first step down
All the sufferings remain
Fear disappears...
Death will dry your tears
Golden Dirt will take your pain...back to top
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