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Neutral lyrics

Album: When Angels Are Neutral [1994]

 01  Smile
 02  Neutral
 03  Extreme And Unreal (Meet You Now)
 04  When Angels Lie
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Tell me about the daylight
Tell if you sure you've ever seen it
Something is strange around you
Something has changed... can you feel it?
Thousands of empty eye-holes
Silently waiting for your answer
What can you really tell them?
They are not angels to take you back
Whom do you want to save here?
All of them mad and don't need you
All their life they worship
But they're not ready to meet their Idol
Now they're standing silent
Promise to turn your life into smile
But later, the fascination
Of your life will be the smile of a madman

You'd better not to believe them
They have no principles and doubts
You're just a raw material
Stench of your innocence teasing their scent
Soon they will find you guilty
You won_t justify their believes
They will present you smile
And then crucify your bleeding shadowback to top
They serve no lords
They prey wrong gods
They hide their eyes in dust
For their defense
They see no sense
In what you love so much
The only thing
They can accept
Is their neutral dreams
They live for war
But when they die
They say they die for peace
For you to prove
Your holy truth
There is another place
They look at you
But what they see
Is just a shadow face
The neutral thoughts
In neutral world
Is more than just a disease
They live for war
But when they die
They say they die for peaceback to top
Extreme And Unreal (Meet You Now)
New values and dreams
New passions and rules
New actions and thoughts
You're so much surprised
Your mind_s paralyzed
Your essence is dead
Your mission complete
Feel nothing but pain
And empty again...
It's more than a mistake
And crowds enjoy
The beautiful view
The end is the same
Disgusting and mad
Extreme and unreal...back to top
When Angels Lie
Angels... Your angels...
Love you... Love you...
Surround you... Touch you...
Your skin... Your skin...
Angels... Your angels...
Still love you...
Razors... Blind razors...
Love you... Touch you...
Your eyes... Your skin...
Bleeding... Bleeding wild...
See nothing... Feel nothing...
This is what they call Heaven...
This is what they call Paradise...
But still love you...
Who are they..? Lock the doors...
Your doors... Leave you outside...
To make you neutral... Leave you outside...
Tell you lies... Lies...
Where is Heaven..? Where is Paradise...
Angels... Your angels... Still love you...
Leave you outside...
No heaven... No paradise...
When angels lie... when angels lie... when angels lie... lie...
Still love you
No. Heaven. When. Angels. Lie.
Lie...back to top
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