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Nevermore lyrics

 1995 Nevermore
 1996 In Memory
 1996 Politics Of Ecstasy
 1999 Dreaming Neon Black

· "Again it poured over me in waves.
· "And I will build this in her name.
· "For some there are no choices"
· "I know she can hear me still.
· "I know what it wants now...the void
· "My perfect reflection swims
· "Sometimes bitterness is all you can hold on to,
· "The darkwave came again last night.
· "Time has no meaning for me. She is gone,
· "Welcome to the fall"
· "What has been put asunder
· "Why is this happening to me? Why have
· Garden of Gray
· Next in Line
· Optimist or Pessimist
· The Learning
· The Seven Tongues of God
· What Tomorrow Knows

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