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Night In Gales lyrics

Album: Sylphlike [1995]

 01  Bleed Afresh
 02  Sylphlike
 03  Avoid Secret Vanity
 04  Mindspawn
 05  Flowing Spring
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Bleed Afresh
i walk on ways of sadness
to see the frustration of truth
hope that it will be endless
to see that i am real
you say iīm a sacred one
one to devastate
my soul will bleed afresh
my echo is one of few
thoughts full of helplessness
captured and deceased
a god should never be so blind...
but thereīs a time when
everything falls apart
wonīt someone tell me
that iīm just created
wonīt someone tell me in time
wonīt someone call a break
of breath in my ear
i took this way into reality
to see the frustration of truth
war of the merciless
wonīt they understand
what i feel
i just touched the
chain of the moon
a chain that beats me down
my soul will bleed afresh
my soul has seen the viewback to top
the god that left, for me
the kingdom of denial
reflects my restless lust
my lust for solitude
into the wisdom of lakes
into the wisdom of clouds
...i like to fall in
for a dying heart
to terminate all this fear
what will it know within me
to terminate all this
sylphlike sadness
thoughtful at the skies of silence
waiting for a wish of despair
a lifetime is at its end
loneliness takes place
in this ruin
the labyrinth of my mind
my hands they will
never react again
drifting into this part of me
where all life ends
i will be the stormy sea
to set me free
what will it know within me
to take me out of this
sylphlike sadness
rising to the emerald world
to burn forever
forever burn
to get the mercy of wrath
in memory
wisdomback to top
Avoid Secret Vanity
a limitation to vanish
is desenvatet by semblance...of banish
struggle for fatal strength shall rise
my vanity is just usurpation through violation
concealed to descent
itīs my time to fly through born horizons
bells chime
born in flesh
...pray for mystery
itīs the revelation
my throne of elevation
you my god...the life gets my thoughts
you my god...give my reincarnation
you mygod...take me to the garden of origin
you my god...of upcoming downfall
with my hands i can feel eternity
went to empty skies to assume the history of eternity
consumed genocide made this part
mightiest apocalypse rise !
sound of invisible time
sing last soulsī songs
get the speech of my repertory
i came to live
avoid secret vanity
just heard the burden of wrath
colours of selection to renew
struggle of fatal strength shall rise
my vanity is just usurpation
through violation...back to top
the evanescence of responsibility
sudden outward cease
the deliverance of mindspawn
quantum quiescence
for the paragon of heinousity
insecure inuendo
parsimonious feelings
initial injustice
despot by dawn
senseless scorn
exodus i see
ogre with fear
eternal education
not to think
mandatory illusion
your profound life
deception is born
sieged swarm
emotional experience grows
by daydreams
for innocent life which is lost
in their pride
mental animosity to awake
forever anaesthetized
by eternal silence
...seems to end in
journeys to disappointed centuries
am i guilty that truth hurts ?
am i guilty ...
forbidden abandoned lifeback to top
Flowing Spring
iīm sinking through gates of time
future to past
everlasting dreams
reality to dreams
everlasting time
travelling the beauty of shadowed eyes
into the grace of the stars
through fusion of elements i am
my drawn energy
my outer dimensional phenomena
scary...what is it for ?!
the tales of flowing springs
creature creates creature
follow the path of the nameless
my force, my soul is frozen
by the end of time
i was born in the flowing spring
i am lifeless
i will be eternal
my affinity is my weapon
fire circles cross my way
to the worlds, the deserts
the material will become the entry
to the place beyond
the relief of the mountains is only
the decay of my mindstreamback to top
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