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Nighthatred lyrics

Album: Hell's Blood [1999]

 01  Bloodred Moon, Satan
 02  My Darkness In The Enchanted Forest
 03  Satans Dreaded Face
 04  Emotions Of The Blackbeast
 05  Shadowcastle Lord
 06  Murder
 07  The End Of All Times And Lands
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Bloodred Moon, Satan
And stars rose on the misty skies, and moon shadows fell on the black snow,
the deathly pale light streamed as a blood. Cold evil wind, ash-smelled wind
flew through the veil of midnight, yearning to eternity...
I'll see the dark fires of the ancient times again, I'll come to the mysterious
boundless woods of the Middle Ages, to the high vault of the trees and whisper
of night, to the majestic silence and autumn leaves curling in the air...
O, The King of Evil, Woods and Darkness, mighty Lord of Winds.
Our pride, honour and wrath will parse over the iced forest,
when we will see the sign in the moonless sky... Soon...
The sparkling flame of sharp steel will kiss my veins.
And beautiful moments of my malice lasts forever, and times collapsing into the drops
of the black poison under the red moon...
In the hall of frozen evening rain,
piercing into ground by the ice nails,
I create my worlds and destroy them with firestorm and rage,
in the black robe, bearing destruction and death... O, Satan...back to top
My Darkness In The Enchanted Forest
The gusts of the malicious black wind tear down the golden leaves from the
curved branches in the enchanted forest, cold whirlwind brings dark, touches
the ground with hatred, sets fire wrath in the souls... Bestial wrath of the battle.
O, Lord of the Night, Bringing Honour and Pride, I see the winter shades going
away, as the ships leaving for the evening sea, accompanying with the ravens
screams. Under the silver moon in the crying clouds... My incinerated heart
is bleeding... Winds and storms were summoned from the past by the art of evil
wondering and the blasphemous lust of midnight, and they will stay here till the
end of times, collecting the power and malice. In the darkness, among the
black stones. The trees whispered, curved the bared trunks... Night came
to me, in the crown of dark blue skies, glorified by the spirit of cold storms.
And Darkness.back to top
Satans Dreaded Face
The black dimension of poisoned spheres is awaiting
for my hatred,awaiting the coming of it's Lord.
Under a storming skies it comes, puncturing the rotted
cunt of jesusy as a spear. The fucked crucified dog is dying.
And bloody blisters crawling on the walls, when the thousand
words of power are spoken. Throung my mouth. Infernus Vobiscum.
Et cum Aeternum... Screaming demons appearing. Appearing... The
signs on Satan's dreaded face, leading me into the darkness.
Evil is in His eyes. Satan, Thy force is in all majestic atcs
of dark blasphemy, devastation and neverending war.back to top
Emotions Of The Blackbeast
My stormwings carrying me towards the Morningstar.
Towards the towers of hatred. Gardening the emotions of
the Blackbeast, I summon them through the Gates of Seven
Scarlet Stars... My countess, my longing, touch this
flickering, swirling mental flame with rememberance. Lick
the GOAT, lick the dead sacrifice. With desire. Taste
the blood, the black burning blood of night's hatred. And
speak - "I'm here". Hear my praise for the moon raising
now... In the winterabyss.back to top
Shadowcastle Lord
I am Eternus, the Lord of the High Shadow Castle. In the land of mists the
gray mane of midnight rain whips it's mossy stone walls, which stand amidst the
black forest. And the silver stars look through the narrow windows. I, the lonely
king, embraced with pride, sit on the ice throne, bearing a black sword, without
pity, in my hand... The shadows of the dark pain, full of madness, burn my eyes...
And the eyes char and crust with ice... Blood, red blood... Giving me life... And hatred...
The bloodthirst comes to me at night, whirling as the stab-wound of the moon upon
the face of severe black stormclouds... In the sky rainbows twist the fiery wings of
hate, and the scarlet fires burn in the wood, when I, being in a wolf's skin, run
under the branches strewed with cold raindrops, and the death flies with me...back to top
Disbalance of cosmic rewards driving me to vampiric
summoning of my victim. I raise my arms and spoke the
nine words. The Gate is yearning to open, and I whisper,
I scream again and again... And things mortal and
immortal are changing, maimed and twisted by silverstream.
The lack of yearning may perverse the point, but
now all must be completed. Again I reveal my knife as a
tongues of freezing flame, ripping the universe, outgoing
from my aura. Now he consumes my emotions and will,
sending back the force. The cold dark fragments is
drifting to the blade. Now we may KILL without fear, doupt
and pain, erasing the life of the screwed jesus' creatures.
Performing the one of the dark doings.
There are the part of blasphemy in it.back to top
The End Of All Times And Lands
The end of all times and lands shall be...
When the Moon crosses the battlefields of Mars, a bee
will fly through a fog and flame over the Megiddo. And
a bee will sit to my opened mouth in crusted blood and
golden dust. In the sunset. Humans is only the flesh, is rarely
beautiful, often not. Their "souls" is only the food for the
black Eagle. I'm rising over them and I may crush them
as a worms in a dead flesh with their pathetic desires and
lives. They devour all around itself, they waver, multiply, creep
and die. At the end of all times and lands... I received the
strength of Our Father. And I'm keeping away emotionally
and see them as they crawl to the end of all times and lands.back to top
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