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No Use for a Name lyrics

Album: Making Friends [1997]

 01  The Answer Is Still No
 02  Invincible
 03  Growing Down
 04  On the Outside
 05  A Postcard Would Be Nice
 06  Secret
 07  Best Regards
 08  Revenge
 09  Sidewalk
 10 3 Month Weekend
 11  Sitting Duck
 12  Fields of Athenry
all No Use for a Name lyrics

The Answer Is Still No
The Answer Is Still No - Making Friends - 97

I couldn't understand why you left me
standing here
flickering out like a candle in the wind
the memories are laced with shame
there's no intention of working out the
problem that remains the same

Little children standing in the hall
Never taught them anything at all
if you were young again, would you do
it different?
or make your way just trying to
find the fiction in the fact of life?

Try to believe the words that you said to me are true
but something else assures me I'm not through
been denied so many times and so I'm told to
sit back and ignore the truth
enjoy the ride

Never took a hand with her to school
take a guess then tell us who's the fool
and you're not supposed to be my responsibility
one day you'll regain your pride
and realize life is too short not to try...

Does anybody care?
Does anybody...?
Does anybody care?back to top
This conversation sickens me
please let me out, I'll take the bus
and though I try to understand,
I didn't know
How can you say that I'm a fool
when all I do is help
well I guess I'm a fool but I know that I'm
not your pawn
that feeling is dead and gone

Pretend you're invincible and no one
can save you from yourself
pretend you're a super hero
a fucking zero
trying to save the world

Please don't remind me of the past
it's much too late to work it out
and though I see the positive, I hear the doubt
go off and hide your life away, these
words are obsolete
and I'm crazy to think that you'll wake up
and come around
the silence is made with sound

Pretend you're invincible, there's no one
to tell you that it's wrong
they're all just as scared as I am
it's over someday
soon it won't be long

Invincibleback to top
Growing Down
Making Friends - 97

He doesn't know what's wrong it's been
this way for much too long
and nothing could be easier than
blaming this on her
kicking in the womb she brings it up he
leaves the room
walk away all he has to say you got
what you deserve

It's your fault I don't think that it's even mine
and I guess there's not much in his little mind
It's a shame when it happens everyday

He doesn't stop to think that every
bottle that he drinks
is just an additive to ignorance hence
problems that exist
lay down on the bed and dream of
glory days instead
not egocentric attitudes solved problems
with a fist

I don't understand why he can
get so mad
she don't want it either but it's
too late dad
It's not right and I doubt next time I'll
think twice

Pretend that they're lovers but she feels like a slave
how could I even know?
she's sinking to the bottom and he can't feel her pain
too late cause the seeds were sown

Growing down instead of up where you belong
always weak when you're requested to be strong
it's a shame when it happens everyday
You're growing down
you're growing downback to top
On the Outside
I'll see you on the outside and we'll never be the same
after all that's happened what is it that we've gained?
I've made mistakes before and never lived them down
after all you've done for me i'm bound
(don't say another word)

To see you on the outside where we can both be sane
(you're speaking for yourself)
I'm bleeding on the inside a place you might have been but now I
know I'll (never be the same)

Well I heard you got a new place and it's far away from here
reality has sunken in now confirming all my fears
not gonna track you down but it's too late to stop
thinking 'bout the time that we have lost
(I'm happy without you)

I'm tryin to forget you and everything we had
(we didn't stand a chance)
we're miserable and it's true we haven't learned a thing
but now I know I'll trust no one else

(There's a time when we were back and forth, it wasn't easy)
I guess we're back where we belong
one thing is for sure, it wasn't strong

I'll see you on the outside where we can both feel same
(you've never been more right)
I'm dying on the inside, you're never coming back
and now I know whatever we go through
my heart is stuck with youback to top
A Postcard Would Be Nice
Making Friends - 97

Lost yourself it didn't take much time
it wasn't hard to find
now that you've been to the edge,
stood and looked down from the top
and found it wasn't worth the pain,
a selfish way to say
I'm the only one that counts and
happiness is out

Really insecure, disguising what's inside
you're not cool to me
I won't wait in the back of the line

No one knows exactly where you went
the money has been spent
sent the search team,
I'm about to call it off
feel you close when you're so far away,
a straw inside your vein
as it sucks the life from you
I watch it all come true

When it happens like a million
times before
I won't close my mind but I refuse to
open the door

Feel the world caving in you had so
much left to give
Is it worth the tide you turned
all the people that you burned?
So lng to your little friend this is how
the story ends
I'm the only one cause nobody cared anyway

Hate yourself just like I thought you
would, it didn't do us good
I'm afraid of being right so before we
say goodbye to you
come down from off your throne
and let the truth be known
we all know you're not insane,
it's how you play this game

Really insecure, disguising what's inside
it's not cool to me when the game is a fake suicideback to top
- Making Friends - 1997 - Fat Wreck

Father works the late shift,
mother drinks herself to sleep
brother's outside fiending with
a match and gasoline

They told her lies and gave her
no hope for tomorrow
and all the fairy tales just fade away
the brightest day of all the one that
she's been needing
turns to gray

The boyfriend calls her crazy,
teacher bores us all to sleep
and friends are in the bathroom
speaking just like enemies

Nobody understands her heart
that's left there bleeding
the dirty secret living in her mind
they'll always tell you that you lit the fire
you're feeding left behind

Always there to make you think that
you're no good
there's nothing wrong with what
you've done
they just wanna lift you up and throw
you down
and make you stop when all
you wanna do is run

Nobody understands the shame that
you've been feeling
the dirty secret living in her heart
it must be hard to put the pieces back
together, torn apartback to top
Best Regards
Best Regards - Making Friends - 1997 - Fat Wreck

Don't take it so hard,
we're not against you
It's really not that bad,
It's just that they
want you to think that it is
I'm over the past but I can't defend you
so I'll say it one last time before I leave
that life behind

It's easy to abuse the friends that end up screwed
just take one for the team, I hope you're happy

It's hard to believe that once
there was something
there's something to be said for sinking
the ship that I wanted to sail
you don't have a clue,
you never can and never will
but I'll suck it up and lie,
with all my dignity and pride

These words can't say it all,
you're feeling ten feet tall
and stronger everyday,
I've learned to walk
I've learned to walk away

So easy to confuse another lie that's true
you'll find out for yourself,
I hope you're happyback to top
- Making Friends - 1997 - Fat Wreck

Covered up your insecurities with everything
showing everyone exactly how you think
made no difference, I can see right
through your best disguise
you look like someone else, it doesn't
matter where you hide

You wanna empty clips on everyone around
and burn their fortress to the ground

Socializing makes you sick from
drinking everything
and if looks could kill
we'd surely all be dead

maybe sticks of dynamite would solve
your problems now
underneath my feat, was if
something that I said?

You wanna empty clips on everyone around
and burn their fortress to the ground

Someday soon you'll have your way and
everyone will leave you all alone
you laugh at everyone's mistakes
trapped inside a mind you call home

You wanna empty clips on everyone around
and burn their fortress to the groundback to top
- Making Friends - 1997 - Fat Wreck

Sitting in the lazy chair,
the channels look the same
I realize that the roof is stable
and start to feel ashamed
it's cold outside but dont ask me
the weather's fine in here
ask the man around the corner
who lives his life in fear

Two hundred pennies,
forty ounces later he's okay
he doesn't have the pressure
to think about the next day
but I bet it's something cold
and hard and grey

Complaining and whining all the time
I never seem to quit
always lying to myself,
A shoe that always fits
never is a long time and
it seems like I'm a clock
ticking like a time bomb,
someday soon his life will stop

I listen to the radio but
nothing good is on
my friends are calling up but I'm
pretending I'm gone
we're all pieces in a chess game
he's a pawn

I wonder how it turned out like this
no one seems to care
the scale has tipped me fortunate
is this what we call fair?
but I've never had the mind to know it
never had the guts to show it
I know one thing, his dream is my nightmareback to top
Sitting Duck
Sitting Duck - Making Friends - 1997 - Fat Wreck

I read the morning paper, someone had just died
In big bold letters so it comes as no surprise
Im looking at a story 'bout violence,
a word from a lawyer in his defense
this time we got the jury by the throat

I turn the television on to get away
a quick reminder that we have to
swallow every word they say
learned another lesson in history,
written like a murder and mystery
to me it's just another way
of disguising the past

Fear is not the way to make it work and be as one
it's too late the damage has been done
so fly your flag and make your statments,
hold on to your pride
and live your life for others that have died

This is the end of what we know,
Where do we go?
don't look for solace in some shallow
ignorant late night talk show
think about your problems every now and then
discover that we're limited in the end
sometimes you've got to close your eyes
start thinking for yourselfback to top
Fields of Athenry
Fields Of Athenry - Making Friends - 1997 - Fat Wreck

By a lonely prison wall I heard a young girl callin'
Michael they have taken you away
For you stole Trevelyn's corn
So the young might see the morn
Now a prison ship lies waiting in the bay.
Low lie the fields of Athenry,
Where once we watched the small free bird fly
Our love was on the wing, we had dreams and songs to sing
It's so lonely round the fields of Athenry.
By a lonely prison wall I heard a young man calling
Nothing matters, Mary, when you're free
Against the famine and the Crown
I rebelled they cut me down
Now you must raise our child with dignity.
By a lonely harbour wall she watched the last star falling
As that prison ship sailed out against the sky
For she'll live in hope and pray
For her love in Botany Bay
It's so lonely round the fields of Athenry.back to top
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