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Nocternity lyrics

Album: Cogito Ergo Macto [1998]

 01  Four Forces Come Forth
 02  The Bards' Burden
 03  Forged In The Blackest Of Metals
 04  Cogito Ergo Macto (The Assassin's Ballad)
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Four Forces Come Forth
I call thee forth,
Adversary from the South!
Accuser! Thou who restraineth not thy mouth!
Ever opposite, mighty Lord of fire,
O Satan, grant me that which I desire!

Come forth, lightbringer, Angel from the East!
Thou whose beam penetrates the thickest mist!
O shining-most of stars, Spirit of the air,
Lucifer Morningstar, grant me thy glare!

Thine is Earth's mastery, Prince from the North!
Ruler of the field's beasts, I call thee forth!
One without master, whom no one can tame,
O great Belial, answer to thy name!

From whirlpools emerge, Dragon from the West!
O raging sea, grant me that which I quest!
As thy name is pronounced loud by these lips,
Come Leviathan, serpent out of the deeps!back to top
The Bards' Burden
In the madness of day we scream
Yet no matter how loud
One can never surpass the din
Of the roaring crowd

In the dead of night we weep
Yet even then no one will hear
For all are too asleep
To notice our tears

So we turn our pain into song
To touch their hearts
Yet it's not until long
After we depart
That any among
Them acknowledges our artback to top
Forged In The Blackest Of Metals
Undeniable technique precisely executed
Under the thick fog of frantic beats:
Turbulence of endless fall.

A sonorous chaos dense enough
To overcome the outside cacophony;
Whence emerges the melody, subtle yet sublime,
Joined by a voice resembling nothing human.

"Noise" to dirty ears, the message is clear:
Utter contempt for the lesser's judgement,
Unyielding reluctance of submission
To the appreciation of inferior sensibilities.

Disregarded as inextricable by the profane,
Used only to the obvious and cheap;
Exclusive of sensitive souls who perceive
How ephemeral the prevalent is.

Forged in the blackest of metals known to men
On boilers burning with Hell's own flames
The fiery sword of song and word is raised
And the world's foundations set ablaze.back to top
Cogito Ergo Macto (The Assassin's Ballad)
"Not by rancour does one kill but by laughter."
Nietzsche's Zarathustra

Murder is not a crime as taught:
The only crime is to get caught.
Murder ought to be planned and thought
From every angle.

Sin? The sin is to be meek.
Cowards turn the other cheek!
One can't afford to be weak
Here in this jungle.

For wolves, to slaughter sick sheep
Is an act of citizenship.
It's a moral duty to strip
The vile from their lives.
Eye for sight and tooth for jaw:
My reading of the jungle's law.
Even when it's served cold shall
My vengeance arrive.

Murder is not a crime as thought:
The only crime is to get caught.
Though this days 'tis better to kill
One too many than one too few...back to top
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